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Two Ounces of Tin episode #131 - 8 of 9 pages

These scenes are after Lucas talks Micah into going to County Court. As Lucas looks out of the window he noticed Corey riding back into town. He distracted Micah, he didn't want him to know Corey was back. 

Corey walked outside in time to see Micah ride out of town.
1. Notice in the first picture on the left, to the right in the back we see Joe Benson with his horse doing something to the saddle.
2. In the middle picture we see Joe Benson riding his horse with Micah in the background.
3. In the picture on the right, Joe Benson is still adjusting his saddle.
The middle picture was shot either before or after this scene and then added later.

One more thing..... I don't really think that is Micah riding out of town, his double maybe? Cowgirl!

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