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Vaqueros episode #111

There are other similarities, but the point is that they started both seasons off with similar episodes.
Point well taken! Thanks Renewed Fan!

I was just thinking of all those shirtless pictures (sigh!!) and it dawned on me - no scars! He was shot several times, knifed and whipped - and there are no scars. Not to mention Chuck's head. I've lost count of the number of times he was knocked unconscious by a gun, or a tomahawk. If this was TV today, we'd be calling the CSI team because it appears one blow to the head can kill you today. Chuck was made of hardier stock!!

I was reading your blooper page again last night and read one fans comment on Lucas with his shirt off and he had no scares. I've noticed [don't laugh] but he has no underarm hair. Especially the episode where the bandits kidnap mark and hit Lucas in the throat, they tie his arms up to the tree and leave him hanging. Thank you again for your great site. Thanks Dianna of Tennessee!

I get a kick out of all the bloopers, so I thought I'd add one that I noticed years ago: At the end, where Lucas dives in & grabs his rifle & shoots all the outlaws, notice that his rifle is pointing all over the place-nowhere near where the bad guys are, but they all obligingly fall dead. Thanks Jane from Las Vegas!

Something I found amiss with the Vaqueros episode - although Mark thought his father was dead and probably cried himself to sleep every night, felt hopeless because he had become a slave to the banditos and saw no way (or reason) to free himself and get home, and traveled through the desert for about a week in a state of hopeless despair.... he sure was clean and well-groomed when he arrived in that little village where he was reunited with Lucas!! Thanks NewFANatic! 

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