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The Vision episode #66 - 10 of 10 pages

I can’t thank Jana and Dominique enough! They pointed out how the pictures and washbowls change in the bedroom scenes, and the fact that all of a sudden Mark is in his nightshirt without having any time to change. They certainly got the ball rolling. Then I noticed there are other things that appear and disappear or move between bedroom scenes. So I took what they came up with and added my own observations to make this chart. After the initial setup, I only note when there is a change in the set. Some things did stay the same for a few bedroom scenes. And sometimes you can’t tell, so I’m going to assume the prop’s placement stayed the same.

Initial bedroom scene

Initial setup

Lucas carries Mark into the bedroom

Indian drumhead on the wall

Oil lamp is to the left of the picture

Around 20 books are under the drum head

There is something dark behind the books

Mark’s bed is against the wall

Mark has one pillow

There are two washbowls and two pitchers

(One set by Mark, one set by the window)

Both pitchers’ handles are on the right side

Mark is wearing his daytime clothes


Subsequent scene descriptions

Subsequent changes

Mark yells, “Watch out, pa!”

Lucas walks back into the bedroom.

Indian rectangular framed picture on wall

Only four books are below the picture

Books directly in front of the paneling

Odd looking rectangular black area above the books—a hole, maybe?

Pitcher is inside of washbowl by window

Pitcher by window’s handle is facing left

Pitcher and washbowl by window have moved father to the left on the table

Pitcher on table by Mark is gone

Bowl by Mark has towel draped over side

Mark’s bed is away from the wall

Mark is wearing his nightshirt

Mark yells, “Shoot him, Pa!”

In close ups of Lucas, the window curtains behind him are parted,

but not in the wide bedroom shots

Stack of towels now on table by window

Pitcher handle is facing right

Lucas is sitting in a chair by Mark’s bed

Dr. Henneken, Hattie and Lucas walk into the bedroom. Dr. examines Mark and announces he needs tubs of ice

Stack of towels by the window are gone

Pitcher/bowl by window are at table’s center

Washbowl on table by Mark is gone

The oval portrait is above the books

Something is propped up against the corner closest to Mark’s head. A bow, maybe?

Mark has two pillows

Chair Lucas was sitting on is gone

Mark says, “Who are you?”

There are two washbowls, one on table by Mark, one directly in front of Lucas and Hattie, sitting on a small table. It might be the table that was by the window. We never saw anyone bring it to Mark’s bedside. 

There is no towel draped over washbowl by Mark.

Lucas pleads, “Please don’t die, son.”

Washbowls on table by Mark and in front of Lucas and Hattie are gone

Chair by Mark’s bedside

A towel is draped over the chair’s back

Curtains are parted slightly in the wide shots

(there are no close ups of Lucas in this scene)

Around 20 books are under the oval portrait

There is something dark behind the books

Mark says, “I’m so hot.”

Chair by Mark’s bed is gone

Oil lamp is to the right of the oval portrait

Lucas dumps the slush on Mark—Hattie and Dr. Henneken distribute it.

The towel with the fringed edges that was on Mark’s chest in the previous scene is now on his legs.

Lucas notices that Mark is sweating

Lucas is sitting in chair by Mark’s bedside

Chair doesn’t have a towel on the back

Mark asks Lucas if he lost his razor

Bow (?) propped up against corner is gone

Indian rectangular framed picture on wall

Only four books are below the picture

Books directly in front of the paneling

Odd looking rectangular black area above the books—a hole, maybe?

Compresses removed from Mark, now the sheet and blanket are over him

Oil lamp is to the left of the Indian picture

Oil lamp is extinguished. (Shouldn’t we have seen him blow it out? It seemed like just a little time elapsed between this and the previous scene.) 

Washbowl on table by Mark, with towel draped over the side

Other notes:

It’s damaging to the plot line to see those washbowls. Nils offered no advice what to do for Mark. So an observant viewer is seeing them before Dr. Henneken starts treating Mark.

While arguing about who was going to get Dr. Henneken, Lucas points his rifle at Nils. Nils is standing by the bedroom wall that contains the door. A rectangular frame is behind him. But in the close ups of Nils, the oval portrait frame is behind him! The same one that later in the episode is on the adjoining wall—the wall that’s to Mark’s left.

When Dr. Henneken is riding up, is that birds chirping in the background? Even though this is the exterior with the fake painted scenery? This part was actually filmed on a soundstage, right?

Is Dr. Henneken riding Blueboy?

There’s inconsistency between the wide shots of Mark and the close ups throughout the episode. In all the close ups, Mark and his pillow are right up against the wall. We can see the paneling. But in the wide shots Mark and his pillow aren’t against any wall, except for the very first bedroom scene.

When Lucas is semi-pacing around in the main room, he goes over and pounds the table by the front door. He turns around and Mark shouts, “Pa, the box canyon!” We can see that Lucas’ pants are dry. But when Lucas enters the bedroom, there’s a large wet spot on his left thigh pant leg.

When Mark shouts, “Pa, the box canyon!” they show a close up of Mark. He has the dark blanket up to his chin. But in the wide shots—when Lucas is telling him not to die—Mark is covered by the much lighter colored compresses. Also, the compresses aren’t quite up to his chin.

Mark’s last line in the episode makes me laugh. I imagine an outtake where Johnny says the line correctly, but Chuck answers, “Why are you touching my face, asking about my horse?”

The VisionThe Sharpshooter are the only two episodes where we see Lucas smoke a cigarette.
Thanks Ann Marie!

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