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The Vision episode #66 - 3 of 10 pages

I can't help but notice how important WATER is in The Vision. First it almost kills Mark, then it saves him.. and the different forms of water:

Mark dumps the soapy water on the Marigolds
The canteens are empty - no water
The poisoned water (by the way, what is the water FOR?) Do the people on the wagon train KNOW it's poisoned? If not they're all potentially dead ducks. If they know it, what's it for? Does stock get Typhoid?
Mark dumps the bucket of water he is carrying
The compresses are soaked in water
They get the slush and pack Mark in it
Mark's splashing in the "brook" (although it looks like a pond to me, don't brooks flow?) when he's with his mother
Mark hugs his mother and cries
When Mark's fever breaks he starts sweating, which could be a form of water, I guess.
Thanks Rhiannon!

When Dr. Hennekin goes in to see Mark, he's already taken off his hat and duster, but when he's at the edge of the canyon looking down at Mark talking about the rope not being long enough he has his hat and duster on. Thanks Rhiannon!

I love when Dr. Henneken says "Blessed sweat, it falleth like the gentle rain from heaven."
Thanks markisddg!

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