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The Vision episode #66 - 7 of 10 pages
Thanks Dominique for this whole page of bloopers!

The first time that Lucas carries Mark into the bedroom, there is a lamp sitting on the side table next to Mark’s bed. Also hanging on the wall to the left of Mark’s bed is a drum with an Indian head on it.

Then Lucas goes into the dining room, when he comes back into the bedroom just a half minute later, we see that Mark has managed to change from his clothes into his night shirt all by himself. Also there is a washbowl with a towel draped over it sitting on the side table that was not there just before. And if you look on the wall, the drum has been replaced by a picture in a square frame.

Then in the final scene with Mark and Lucas, the washbowl and towel are now back on the table along with the lamp, and on the wall the oval framed picture has now been replace with the original square framed picture.

When the doctor comes into the bedroom, the washbowl and the towel are now gone and only the lamp is on the table; also the picture on the wall has been changed to a portrait in an oval frame.

Now we have not only one wash bowl but two!

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