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The Vision episode #66 - 8 of 10 pages

 Later when Lucas comes back into the bedroom and says: “Please don’t die son, please don’t die.” The washbowl is now gone.

When Dr. Hennekin arrives he goes into the house and tells Lucas his son has contracted typhoid fever then he says to Hattie where is the boy. When he is examining him he calls him Mark. But no one has referred to him by his name unless the guy who went to bring Hennekin told him his name. Thanks markisddg!

It seems like someone did not know the difference between a Marigold and Daisy. they look completely different. When Mark dumps the soapy water - "look what you've done to your mother's flowers" they at least look kind of like Marigolds (if there's really such a thing as a long-stem kind).
When Mark wants to stay with his mother and she tells him he can't and has to go back to Lucas, when she says "give him this, until we can all be together again" it sure looks like she's holding a daisy. It would have been nice if she was holding a Marigold. Anonymous! 

     Taken from: Learn 2 Grow..... Marigolds can indeed grow tall: Tall marigolds are sometimes labeled African marigolds, and the dwarf kinds are often called French Marigolds. Neither is African nor French. Rather, they both originated from the southwest part of North America – in Arizona and New Mexico – and down through Mexico to Argentina and Guatemala. Tall marigolds grow anywhere from 15 inches to 4 feet tall with blooms that can reach up to 5 inches across.

Having read the above, it seems the writers were spot on for choosing that flower, but the props department – not so much. I don’t believe those are Marigolds, not because of their height, but because of the bloom itself. The flowers in this episode look as though they have been stripped of most of their leaves and the stems just stuck in the ground so its hard to tell conclusively. But the taller Marigolds have a large rounded bloom, as in this link. But I don’t think they are Daisy’s either. They actually look very much like Chrysanthemums. Again with no leaves to help confirm, it’s hard to say definitely. Thanks Doug from Framingham!

Aldebaran — Lucas states the new bull's name is Aldebaran. Its actually a great name for a bull since it is the red star that marks the right eye of Taurus the Bull in the night sky. The writer's attention to details like that is just one of the reasons I enjoy this show so much. Thanks Doug from Framingham!

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