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Did anyone notice that he almost knocked her hat off with his? I noticed those little things of course when you keep running it back three or four times. Thanks Lu!

Did you notice that when Lucas and Mark were getting ready to meet the stage Mark says: "You said that we were going fishing" and was upset they were going into town. Then after he meets Ann Dodd, he suddenly has to go to school? Thought that was odd.
Thanks Christine!

When they leave town of course we didn't see the horses BUT when they were heading home the buckboard had ONE HORSE pulling it. When he was talking to her he said he had to unhitch the TEAM. Well maybe he was so infatuated by her he forgot he had just one horse... Ha Ha. Thanks for the insight on this episode that shall now be my favorite. Thanks Lu!

 Did anyone else notice when Ann arrived on the stage, she told Lucas, "You're taller than I expected". If she's known him for years, and was Margaret's close friend, his height shouldn't surprise her. Maybe she meant, "taller that I remembered". Also, Mark wants to stay up later, since there is "no school tomorrow", yet he tells Lucas as he runs up after missing the stage, that he 'got the teacher to let him out early'. Bloopers? Or am I watching too closely??!! Thanks Mary!

Okay now let me see.....first Lucas & Mark got slicked up to meet the stage. Mark goes off to school after meeting the stage. After Ann cooked her goose.....and she & Mark were just finishing up the dishes is when Lucas told Mark he better get to bed. Mark said there was no school tomorrow. Lucas said they had a big day ahead of them. Ann chimed in with "for both of us." With that Mark said "Then you'll stay?" Ann said she wouldn't miss it for the world. So assuming Ann stayed a day like they had talked about and Mark missed saying goodbye to Ann, there could have been a day in between her leaving.

BUT she was only staying one day extra, so did they have a 6 day school week or did Mark just have a day off of school during the week? I guess we'll never know! So now is this a blooper or not?????
I think I figured this blooper out though.  In the visitor, they were going to have some sort of Founder's Day or something.  It's very likely that school was dismissed for the day to celebrate this event - that wouldn't have been uncommon back them.  When a community plans something, the whole community comes school would have been canceled, hence the entire episode took place during the week! Thanks Michelle Palmer!

I know that we've talked about (or I've read about) the fact that Lucas only had one horse attached to the wagon when he went into town that morning, but when he and Ann locked eyes inside his house later that morning, he said, "I guess I should go unhitch the team."
Excuse me for using my imagination here, but I was thinking of the director and maybe the conversation that was said.
Director:  Okay, let's get those horses hitched up so we can get this scene done!
Whoever:  Well, the vet's checking out the horses right now!  We only have one horse to use.
Director:  Well, how long will it be?
Whoever:  Could be a couple hours.  Go ahead and do another scene.
Director:  No.  They'll be too interested in watching Lucas and Ann to notice.  Let's just do the one horse!
(Okay, so I'm having a weird day!) Thanks Michelle Palmer!

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