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In 'The Jealous Man,' Lucas tells Mark that Margaret always knew her own mind. Sounded as if she was no shrinking violet, so I'm a bit surprised that Lucas seemed to have never considered whether she should have been allowed to vote. Also, in The Visitor, Micah asks Ann Dodd how long she'll be in town. Lucas tells Micah that she won't be around long enough to vote. Is this a blooper? Ann would have had to stay in town decades to be able to vote. Thanks Ava!

In the USA, women earned the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920.  Wyoming was the first state in the union to allow women to vote.

I am so use to seeing the hat rack in the McCain's house by the door as you see here in The Visitor.  

In End of the Hunt you see the hat rack outside of the bedroom door.
Not sure I have seen that hat rack any where else except by the door. How about you? Cowgirl!

 I found it odd that Ann's uncle's last name was Dodd - probably a blooper.  Dodd was Ann's married name (I'm assuming), so her uncle's last name should not have been Dodd! Thanks Michelle Palmer!

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