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After eating dinner, Mark and Ann are doing the dishes. When Mark accidentally pokes his elbow into the pie, there is a significant empty portion—about 1/3 of it is gone! As Mark tastes the pie stuck to his sleeve, he reacts like he hasn’t eaten any of it previously. But we know Mrs. Dodd baked it, and she’s only been in North Fork half a day. With the way Mark likes pie, are we supposed to believe that Lucas and Ann each ate a big piece right in front of him? Was it some kind of punishment? 
Thanks Ann Marie!

Gloria noted that the endings used the same footage, and Mark had a different jacket at the end of footage originally used in Sins Of The Father. But she didn’t say that Lucas had a different shirt on at the end of Sins Of The Father, making the stock footage from The Visitor really stick out. The button down shirt is a much lighter shade than the corduroy shirt. Thanks Ann Marie!

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