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Here's a question about Waste. They're so lost they don't even know if they're in Old Mexico or New Mexico. That's pretty lost. So how come all of a sudden when Lucas is going to send Mark for help he knows EXACTLY how Mark can get home ~ the North Star. With all the life and death drama that was going on ~ and with all Mark's questions, when did Lucas have time to figure that out or did he have the idea tucked away the whole time? Thanks Rhiannon!

After Micah goes up the hill to see what he can see and Lucas and Mark follow the trail...when they come back Mark goes up the hill in search of Micah and Lucas finds Micah's hat with a fresh blood stain. How could his hat be there on the trail when Micah went up the hill and probably got assaulted up there.  Also why didn't he have a head injury according to Mark they "cut him up something awful." Thanks Markisddg!

Lucas, Micah and Mark found refuge in an old saloon, right. There is a back door and a front door. The front door however is locked on the inside. Mark is told to look out the back door to see if they are coming. They show Mark opening the door and looking forward out into the street and sees them out there. Then later Lucas is looking out the peephole towards the front of the building and out into the street.

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