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Waste episode #143 # 144 - 2 of 3 pages

When the 3 banditos are coming Lucas sees them first cutting across the street he tells Mark to get into position for the lantern lighting. When the two banditos knock off the bottles and open the door behind them is a wooden wall like they are in a hallway. But earlier Mark opened that same door and looked out right into the outside. How do we explain that? Thanks markisddg!

Micah was talking to Mark about his mother. Mark says he doesn't remember much because he was only 3 at the time.  In The Vision Lucas says..... "the year she died, you were six." Cowgirl!

Lucas tells Mark not go to the ranch...go right into town, and find Judge Hanavan and to tell him what happened.
The Judge has not been seen since The Photographer - episode #18 and never seen again.
But then who else would he tell Mark to get? Nils, Sweeney, Eddie?

What other episode do we hear Judge Hanavan mentioned, but did not appear in?
Was there any mention of any other judge in this episodes except for Judge Hopkins in The Bullet?
I always like the character of Judge Hanavan and wished we would had seen more of him. Cowgirl!

In Six Years and a Day Lucas has a pregnant woman at the house and says they need a doctor or at least a midwife because he has no clue how to deliver a baby. He has to sober up the doctor so he can do it. Lucas doesn't even try.
In Waste Lucas nonchalantly walks over to the pregnant woman and delivers the baby like he's done it all his life. Question: Did Lucas take a midwife's course in birthing? Thanks markisddg!

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