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Waste episode #143 & 144 - 3 of 3 pages

In Waste which is set in Mexico with Vito Scotti as the villain Alfonso, one of his henchman, credited only as "horse teeth man" speaks to Lucas in Spanish, something that sounds like "A Lo You". I do speak some basic Spanish, but was baffled by this line, even after listening very closely the last time. It was frustrating no end, until I asked my supervisor, Maria, what he might have been saying, as she speaks fluent Spanish. I set up the scene, and she knew instantly. "Al Ollo", pronounced "Al Oyo" meaning "to the hole!" (A el Ollo). Lucas was in charged with digging his own hole next to Micah's. Mystery settled. Gracias por ayudarme, Maria!

I thought Tony Rosa was perfectly cast for this small part. He was unforgettable with that perpetual toothy grin. I often sympathize somewhat with TRM's second banana villains. They are usually not the incorrigibles like their leaders.
Thanks wantafanta!

Right at the beginning, look at the scenery around Lucas, Mark, and Micah. It is hilly with tall grass. But the view from their vantage point is more desolate, more desert-like, and flatter for the most part. Then a little bit later they show another view from their perspective. It differs vastly from the first! It looks like the land around the McCain ranch! Short grass, hilly, and with trees scattered about. So itís very funny when they say they donít know where they areóand show that second bit of scenery. If that doesnít look familiar, they are REALLY in trouble!! Thanks Ann Marie!

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