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Which Way'd They Go? episode #167 - 2 of 5 pages

Paradise sure looks a lot like North Fork....."What say you?"
There was so many look a likes that I couldn't cover them all! Cowgirl!

What about the brand LMc? What would you have used for the brand? Would you have included Mark? How about McR—McCain Ranch? Maybe if the show went on longer we would have seen a different brand.
This was the first time we ever saw the/their brand. Cowgirl!

In the beginning of the episode when the deputy is hanging the Sheriff's Sale sign.....Ned Jackman calls him "Deputy"? How comes Micah's not the one to hang the sign? And since when does Micah have deputy, other then in times of trouble? Cowgirl!

*Does anybody know who this deputy is? No credited was ever given.

There were four episodes where they reused the footage from Eight Hours To Die — the part where Lucas rides down the shady lane to find Mark and Judge Burton. First, we see it in The Pet, after Haskins made himself at home in the McCain's’ house. The next time is Season 4’s Skull when Lucas couldn’t find Mark at their camp and rides off looking for him. Then the footage was also used in two episodes from Season 5. In Conflict, watch after Lucas is still disturbed about missing the cougar; he tells Mark he’s going into town to see the gunsmith. Also, in Which Way'd They Go? when Lucas is riding off to buy cattle. Thanks Ann Marie!

The shot of the moonlit sky from The Surveyors, right before Mark gets up out of bed, planning to sneak out was later reused twice in season 5. In The Guest, we see it before Mark notices Mario on the porch, follows Mario outside, and inadvertently scares him. Mario grabs the ax to defend himself. The other time was in Which Way’d They Go?, right before we see Lucas asleep by the campfire.  Thanks Ann Marie!

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