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Which Way'd They Go? episode #167 - 3 of 5 pages

As Lucas is asleep by the campfire, his right arm is positioned differently between the wide shot and the close up. Notice in the wide shot how he has it about in the middle of his chest. But in the first close up, his hand is much lower, over his belt and next to the buckle. Then in the second close up, his hand is in a completely different position than previous shot. Now it's kind of between his chest and stomach. Also, take a look at Lucas’ hat in this second shot—right before he gets clubbed by one of Wade’s men. It is definitely tilted more towards Lucas' nose. Also, turn the brightness up on your TV or monitor. You’ll see something interesting. During this shot, Chuck kept his eyes open—when Lucas is supposed to be sleeping! Look closely—you’ll see the whites of his eyes. Thanks Ann Marie!

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