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The Woman episode #32 - 4 of  10 pages

If you watch closely, you'll see that Ms. Adams turns off the shady lane and sees the schoolhouse boarded up. This makes it appear like the schoolhouse is in the middle of nowhere. Most of the time, the schoolhouse is part of the town. Really, we should have seen Ms. Adams ride through town. I guess filming time constraints are to blame for this, as are the shots of the schoolhouse in Eight Hours To DieThe Apprentice Sheriff that also made it appear all by itself, without any other buildings nearby.

Then after Ms. Adams rides into the schoolhouse frame, the background behind her changes to some presumably fake bushes and trees. If they weren’t fake, they are at least different. If the backgrounds were the same, we would see part of those hills that were behind her in the first photo in both shots. Thanks Ann Marie!

I enlarged this picture so you can get a better look. The lady driving the buggy is not Patricia Barry/Miss Adams. There is no bangs and the bow to her hat is lower then the close up. Cowgirl!

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