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The Woman episode #32 - 6 of  10 pages

Right at the beginning, when Ms. Adams stops by the McCain barn and says, “Good morning, Mr. McCain. I brought Mark some books,” look at the barn above and to the left of the door opening. You will see a boom mike shadow swing left to right. No brightness adjustment needed. Thanks Ann Marie!

After Lucas and Micah walk out of the frame and Pa Healey begins, “Cousin, you better send the woman folks home…” look in the hotel window. There’s a reflection—not shadow—of a boom mike. Thanks Ann Marie!

About a second and a half after Cousin Healy says, “Hey Pa Healy,” look in the top left corner. A boom mike shadow quickly swings into the frame for about half a second. But the camera pans to follow Pa Healy walking to Cousin Healy and then it’s out of the frame. So you have to look fast. Thanks Ann Marie!

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