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The Woman episode #32 - 7 of  10 pages

While Mark is reading to Lucas at home, Hattie yells, “Hello to the house!” Mark gets up and walks to the front door. Watch the top left corner of the screen right after Mark says, “Must be Hattie.” A boom mike shadow quickly moves up, into and out of that area.

In this reversed close up, it appears that there’s one closed hotel door and a window behind him. The door is on our left and the window is on the right. Compare this to the wide shot of Lucas just a second later that isn’t reversed. (How do I know it’s not reversed? The hotel is still on the left side of the street from this angle. If it was reversed, it would be on the right side of the street.) So take a look at this wide shot. First of all, the hotel doors are both open. And what’s directly behind Lucas? That light colored building around the corner—not any part of the hotel!
Also, if we saw the close up normally—without reversing the image—the door would be on our right and the window on our left. That would mean this close up was originally filmed approximately 10 feet or so to our left. Not even close to where Lucas is standing in the wide shot. In the close up, he was actually in front of the other hotel door and windows that would be on our left side of the hotel. So maybe that’s another reason they reversed it—so the close up and wide shot backgrounds basically match (but not 100%). At least the hotel door and window are in the same position near Lucas in the second shot. (One hotel door on the left and window on the right.) But a keen observer can tell it’s still a bit off.

Thanks to Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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