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In the close up of Lucas watching the stagecoach pull away—take a really good look at him. J Notice anything unusual? The image is reversed! We are seeing him how he would see himself while looking into a mirror. Or if we were standing next to him, also looking into the mirror. How can you tell? The scar above his lip and the bump on his forehead are on our right (his left) instead of his right (our left). So why on earth would they do this? Well, I have a couple of ideas.

Maybe when the show was being edited together, they realized they wanted a close up of Lucas looking to his right (our left)—the direction stagecoach was to have travelled. But all the film for the episode was already shot. So the astute film person just flipped the film to get the direction of Lucas’ eyes correct.

When the stagecoach moved in front of Lucas, it was travelling our and Lucas’ left to right. Lucas’ back was to us.
So if he’s supposed to be following the stagecoach with his eyes—and we see him from the front—he needs to be looking to his right (our left). If they didn’t reverse the image, he would be looking to his left (our right). That would be really weird, because we know which way the stagecoach just went! But honestly, when the image is reversed, I find that much more distracting because a) he looks like someone else to me and b) I know what side that bump and scar are supposed to be on!
Thanks to Ann Marie for this page of bloopers!

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