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Woman from Hog Ridge episode #78 - 1 of 2 pages

1. When the mountain folks first get into town, they say that the town people got up early to greet them, yet Mark had obviously just gotten out of school because he had his school books.

2. Mark carries his school books with him for the first half, then they disappear. I was assuming he put them in the wagon, but when you look at the wagon at the end, it was clean -- too clean!

3. Lucas laughs when Mark can't say "psychologist" then starts driving his very empty wagon away. Suddenly, they have all this stuff on the back of the wagon...I've heard of stock footage, but that was a bit too obvious!!!

I must say that Johnny did an excellent job acting in this one. I loved the scene - and the look on Lucas's face: First a "What does that boy think he's doing?" Then a "That's my boy!" Thanks Michelle Palmer!

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