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The shell game - The object of this game is to guess the shell that the pea was under. If the person guessed right, they’d get double the money they paid in back. Mark watched for a minute and decided he could do it. "Round and Round the shell goes, where the pea hides, nobody knows, the hands slicker then the eye, Why not double your money?"

Mark guesses wrong to which shell the pea is under. The Shell operator shows Mark there is no pea under the shell he picked.
Shouldn't the man have shown Mark which shell the pea was really under also?

Mark is new to the game and just at kid, shouldn't Lucas have asked the man to to see which shell the pea was under?
Lucas told Mark that it only cost him a dime to learn a lesson a lot of men spend a fortune learning.

As part of the lesson I think Lucas could have requested to see which shell the pea was under for Mark. Cowgirl!

In the poker game, Curly Smith has ace, king, ten, seven, and three that are all hearts. Jay Jefferson has two kings, a seven and two tens. One of his tens is the ten of hearts. Both players have a ten of hearts. A deck of cards has only one ten of hearts. Thanks Sally!

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