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The Wyoming Story episode #96 & 97 - 2 of  8 pages

Lucas leaves North Fork with no bedroll on the back of his horse. In the scene showing him riding along on his way to Wyoming there is a bedroll and coat on the back of the horse. Lucas camps out along the way and has all of his gear. But when he reaches La Mesa there is no bedroll on his horse. Thanks PJH!

Lucas pulls out a wallet photo of Mark. First of all, it's printed on thin, 20th century photographic paper. In the 1880s, photographs were most often tintypes, or various other kinds of plates, or printed on thick cardboard. The photo shows a relaxed, smiling Mark standing outside, or in the barn. Again, not likely for the time period, when the long exposures required people to hold still for so long, they rarely smiled or relaxed. I'm not sure if they were around in the 1880s, but during the Civil War era, special stands were placed behind people being photographed, designed to hold the subject's neck so they couldn't move and blur the image. Long exposures also limited the ability to shoot portraits outside a studio, because of wind and other uncontrollable elements.
Thanks Stacey,
The Ugly Bug Ball!

In Strange Town - “Just takes all the flavor away from the vittles.”
Mark was talking about doing dishes, and how it would spoil your meal. Just sitting down to a nice plate of hot ham & beans, and you think about dishes that is gonna have to be washed. Then... in the Mr. Lincoln episode, he delivers a Herculean blow with a splitting maul by thinking about how much he 'hates beans!' Thanks Dan!

The Wyoming Story - episode #97 part 2 — Mark is on the porch talking about the crops he'll plant, "beans are good for the market. Why... I like beans". And in Honest Abe he declares, "I HATE BEANS!" when he gives the 'heave-ho' and splits the piece of wood. Thanks BluewindFarm!

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