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The Young Englishman episode #13 - 1 of 7 pages

Lucas gets snapped in the face with a whip leaving a bloody slice. (left)
The next morning when he went to look for the young calf, it was already gone. (right)  Thanks Gary!

For a man who's married to his gun, why would he EVER leave his rifle at home to go out and check on a calf he suspects may be the object of rustling - especially with Mark along???  Thanks Michelle!

Michelle: In those days, if one found an unbranded calf on the range, weren't they considered "fair" game for whoever found them? I mean, legally, Lucas couldn't go take the calf back?

So, in essence, the shootout was Lucas's fault...and he could have been held accountable for killing the men since they had the right to kill him since he was trespassing...

Markisddg: As for Lucas trespassing wasn't there a rule that you never took a calf away from its mother too early? So they were in the wrong too. Thanks Michelle and markisddg!

When Lucas and Mark enter the Ashford house, the suit of armor is facing the door.  After Mark knocks it over off camera, it is lying on the floor turned a full quarter so it's lying on its back. This becomes obvious when they set it upright facing the side.  It takes three of them to set it back--how would Mark have turned it, especially since the base is pushed up against the low wall?

I also can't help wondering how Mark could have knocked if over, if it was heavy. He'd have to pull it down, and then he'd be under it when it fell, or he'd have to go to the opposite side and push it hard. Thanks UglyBug!

When Mark knocked over the armor, it surprised me that Lucas did not scold him for doing so. Also, Mark not knowing anything about knights stretched credibility for me. Both Lucas and mark enjoyed reading. It surprised me that Lucas never read or told mark a story about knights. Dana / Ramdom rambler!

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