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The Young Englishman episode #13 - 4 of 7 pages

When Lucas rides over to Ashford’s men and ends up getting whipped, the beginning and end of the scene were actually shot outside—when he’s with Mark. But the dialog with the men—that was filmed on a soundstage. See how different the background looks? Also, it’s not obvious in these pictures, but if you turn up the brightness on your TV set or monitor, you should see that it will look brighter when Lucas is with Mark. But notice when he’s talking to the men, the contrast (lightness and darkness levels) look almost exactly the same as before you changed the setting. I’m no film expert, but I’m guessing that means the artificial lights were brighter than the sunlight was during the parts with Mark. Or maybe film captures natural and artificial light differently. Thanks Ann Marie!


As Ashford’s men are branding cattle, two of them are crouched down. A third brings the last one over and they are all crouched down. As Parker rides up, you can see the men crouched and the legs of the calf in the edge of the frame. When the shot changes, the calf is gone and the men are all standing up. Thanks Ann Marie!

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