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The Young Englishman episode #13 - 5 of 7 pages

After Mark knocks the suit of armor over, watch after he, Lucas and Ashford set it back up. There are four dark spots on Lucas’ shirt—three on the left side and one on the right between the first three buttons. None of this was there a second before—while Lucas was talking to Ashford. And they aren’t shadows—these spots stay in the same area as Lucas and Mark move to exit Ashford’s home. And where did the mace (the suit’s weapon) go? I guess it fell out and no one bothered to pick it up. Thanks Ann Marie!

This isn't exactly a blooper, but it was funny!  When Mark and Lucas are leaving Mr. Ashford's house, they are on their horses.  As they are turning the horses around, the horses butt butts and Mark turns and looks in kind of an "oops" moment... Thanks Michelle!

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