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Episodes 77 thru 110 — Season 3

A big thanks to all the 's & 's who have contributed to the Blooper pages & The McCain Ranch!

Trail of Hate episode #77 — Mark has a torn hat on at the beginning of this episode. When he is up in the wagon pitching hay to Noley, Mark throws the sack of whatever at Noley, takes off running, trips over the log and gets knocked out. Noley comes up and takes Mark's hat off. Mark's hat isn't torn at all. Thanks Rhiannon!

More "W" spotting on the Wrangler Jeans. (You have too look really close for this one, but it's there!) Cowgirl!

Did you spot the flying aircraft in the scene from Trail of Hate just after Lucas begins terrorizing the three outlaws in the wilderness? Look closely just as Lucas mounts his horse. Thanks Gilbert!

Did you notice in some of the episodes you see some of the cowboys make it appoint to grab the week on a buggy or grab a hold of the harness to the horses.

In The Illustrator you can see the cowboys grab a hold of the harness while Jeremiah sketched the picture of the killer.
In The Prodigal when Lucas, William Havecourt & Mrs. Havecourt arrive back at the ranch I noticed Luis stepped down off the porch. I thought he was going to help Mrs. Havecourt down from the buckboard, but he didn't. He grabbed a hold of the harness to steady the horses. I know that someone has to steady the horses/buggies in scenes like this,it is just so obvious in these scenes. Cowgirl!

I don't understand why it was necessary to have Lucas steal the horse to go back home. Why didn't Lucas go into town with the robbers on a single horse instead of on the buckboard? After the hour was up and Lucas rode out of town, why didn't Mr. Anderson go over to the marshal’s himself to tell Micah about the bank robbery and the possible threat on Mark's life? Thanks Ann Marie!

When John Hamilton opens the new bank in 1881 or '82 (The Safe Guard), there is a large portrait of Abraham Lincoln prominently displayed on the wall by John's desk. Isn't it the practice of banks to have the current president so prominently displayed? That would mean the portrait should be James Garfield or Chester A. Arthur..... Thanks NewFANatic!

Woman from Hog Ridge episode #78 — 1. When the mountain folks first get into town, they say that the town people got up early to greet them, yet Mark had obviously just gotten out of school because he had his school books.
2. Mark carries his school books with him for the first half, then they disappear. I was assuming he put them in the wagon, but when you look at the wagon at the end, it was clean -- too clean! 
3. Lucas laughs when Mark can't say "psychologist" then starts driving his very empty wagon away. Suddenly, they have all this stuff on the back of the wagon...I've heard of stock footage, but that was a bit too obvious!!!
I must say that Johnny did an excellent job acting in this one. I loved the scene - and the look on Lucas' face: First a "What does that boy think he's doing?" Then a "That's my boy!" Thanks Michelle Palmer!

Another episode with the do-dads being shot off on the Madera House sign. What other episode do we see some one shoot off the do-dads on the sign of the Madera House? Cowgirl!

Don't know why everyone was so nervous that Lucas was going to be hung by those mountain people.  If you notice how low the rope was standing, he would have been tall enough for his feet to reach the ground!  Thanks Michelle Palmer!

Seven episode #79 — Do You know Sweeney's first name? Have you ever heard anyone call him by his first name? I think I heard May (Sweeney's wife) call Sweeney, Bill. Was this a blooper and May used Bill's real name by mistake? You would think May would know her husband's name.  I never knew Sweeney was married. I had never seen May before or after this episode.  Bill Quinn played Sweeney the bartender. Cowgirl!

In Duel of Honor I heard Groder calls Sweeney "Frank" in the bar scene. That may be Sweeney's first name - but I never heard it before. Cowgirl!

When Lucas walks out to duel with the lead outlaw, Micah and a man in a cook's apron are on the porch of the Madera House. I think in some camera shots, the cook is not there. Thanks Renewed Fan!

The guy in the cook's apron does leaves right before the shooting starts. When Lucas drops to the ground & then rolls to his rifle there is no guy in a cook's apron. But he does come out of the hotel shooting. Cowgirl!

Mark and Lucas live 3-5 miles out of town. In the episode Seven you hear Mark say — "On horse, that's about an hour's ride into town." Mark usually rides his horse to school, then rides it home again. In The Apprentice Sherriff, Lucas takes Mark to school in the buckboard. He tells Mark that if he wants to wait around, he'd come pick him up around 4. Does that mean that he would walk home the 3-5 miles when his father brings him in Thanks Michelle Palmer!

Lucas' collar ― In the beginning of this episode you see Mark checking out the prison wagon. The first picture you see Lucas yelling at Mark to get away from the wagon.  The second picture you see Lucas after he forced Dorf to let go of Mark. Notice his collar on his shirt now. (His right - your left)  From all the action in this scene his collar got out of place. When Lucas walks back to Mark & Micah his collar is perfect. Cowgirl!

The '7' Prisoners — There are some people that have mentioned never seeing seven prisoners. Are you one of them? How many prisoners were there?

The Pitchman episode #80 — Did anyone notice what happens when Swifty drives the wagon up to the poisoned water-hole in the beginning of this episode? Razor shies away from the wagon and moves backward. Speedy jumps out of the way and lands on the boards covering the water-hole. I'm wondering if this was intentional or a blooper. Thanks PJH!

In the opening scene nobody bothered to put the planks back over the poisoned waterhole. Or did they? A good rancher would re-cover the waterhole, and I'll bet Lucas and Mark were doing just that, but it got clipped for time. Otherwise, the waterhole didn't get covered, and the blunder would be some dead cattle in the McCain's future. Thanks UglyBug!

Before cutting away to a close-up of Swifty on the wagon, Lucas and Mark are on their horses. We see Swifty and Speedy in a close-up and then cut back to Lucas and Mark, who are now on the ground and mounting their horses. Thanks PJH!

Speed tore his trousers and said it was Lucas' fault. Ya' know when I was watching this video, I honestly don't see how Speed tore his pants. I bet his trousers were tore before hand and this was just Speed working one of his cons to get a free meal. Cowgirl!

Watching Lucas & Speed together, they sure seem to be enjoying themselves. Like a private joke or something between them. Cowgirl! 

Mark and Swifty agree to enter the barn to fight after finishing the dishes. So when Swifty apologizes and wants to trade with Mark, how come Mark already has a pouch of stuff in his shirt all ready to trade? Seems like he'd have to go back into the house to get this pouch. They probably did the scene that way for time, but it doesn't look natural. Also, if Mark did carry that pouch around with him all the time and they had fought instead of traded, would Mark have remembered to take it out of his shirt before the fight began? Thanks Ann Marie!

Mark is taking Speedy on a tour of the ranch when they encounter the Watson brothers, who are upset with Speedy because of the consequences of the panacea that Speedy had sold. . .  Mark is tied up, Marsh Watson (John Milford) shoves Mark down with some force. Mark (Johnny Crawford) reacts with a look of aggravation on his face - - I wonder if he was not acting here, but was reacting to the way he was being rough-handled? Thanks Renewed Fan! 

Mark is grabbed by one of the Watson brothers as he is showing Speedy Sullivan around the property.  The Watson brother is trying to use a rope to tie Mark up.  He misses Mark's hands and we see Mark actually move his hands so they are under the rope, rather than on top of it. Thanks PJH!

Also notice when Lucas comes to the rescue that the rope Mark is tied with is so loose it's almost falling off. Thanks PJH!

In Strange Town episode #81 — when Lucas rides into the area with all the pines, tracking Bletch Droshek, it is stock footage from Day of the Hunter. Thanks Ann Marie!

In the beginning of the episode Strange Town (10/25/60) episode #81—when Mark comes running in from getting the wagon ready to take Micah into town ~ Lucas says to Mark....."Get your clothes together Mark. Your gonna come along and stay in town with Milly."  Milly doesn't come to North Fork until (11/15/60) episode #84 in Miss MillyCowgirl!

“Just takes all the flavor away from the vittles.” Mark was talking about doing dishes, and how it would spoil your meal. Just sitting down to a nice plate of hot ham & beans, and you think about dishes that is gonna have to be washed. Then... in the Mr. Lincoln episode, he delivers a Herculean blow with a splitting maul by thinking about how much he 'hates beans!' Thanks Dan!

Did you notice that Lucas never paid for his beer? Thanks Pete Villafea!

Lucas mentions how Bletch Droshek hit Micah with a rock and hung him on a wire fence but how did Lucas know this. When Micah arrived at the ranch he said his attacker's name and passed out so how did Lucas know all this information. Thanks markisddg!

When Lucas is in the chair handcuffed and Bletch Droshek is questioning Lucas and slapping him around. He calls Lucas "high pockets." That's what they called Jas McCord a lot in Branded. Cowgirl!

While watching Strange Town a few days ago, the scene where Ott is trying to keep Bletch from harming Lucas, I thought I heard Peter Whitney (Ott) call his brother by his last name Droshek, instead of his first name. ♫ Thanks Greg Merrill!

What does these two episodes have in common? 
Strange Town episode #81 ― Short Rope for a Tall Man episode #103. Cowgirl!

Baranca episode #82 — As Lucas and Mark walk to the doctor's office, we see the Marshall's office is right across the street from the doctor's. So when Lucas opens the door to the doctor's office, shouldn't we see some part of the side of the Marshall's office behind them instead of the really fake looking background? Thanks Ann Marie!

This is just a sample of the different types of curtains that was in The North Fork SaloonCowgirl!

Stuntmen — Do you know who the stunt doubles were for Lucas and for Baranca? Cowgirl!

In the original script as Lucas & Mark watch Baranca ride away, the camera zooms in on Lucas & Mark. Mark looks at Lucas. He realizes that a great man is leaving town but an even greater man stands by his side. He looks back at Baranca. "Pa...when can I start studying Spanish in school...?" Cowgirl!

The Martinet episode #83 — In the part where Lucas  is confronted by Captain Perry and Lucas gets on his horse and tells Micah, "You better try and talk some sense into him Micah." The sign on the building behind him reads "Feed and Grain - Wes Carney - Prop." Wes and Clare Carney moved out of North Fork back in  The Retired Gun.  Cowgirl!

In A Case of Identity one of the detective's name is Lon Perry  He was shot and killed at the end of this episode. In The Martinet, Lon Perry was the son of Captain Perry who was shot and killed by Lucas a year ago (July) when he was trying to extort money. I didn't know there was a connection...Though, Lon Perry does seem a bit old to be the Captain's son... Thanks Michelle Palmer!

When Captain Perry's horse reared and as he falls to the ground you can see a much longer and darker head of  hair. Of course we already knew that John Hoyt (Captain Perry) did not do this stunt. Cowgirl!

Miss Milly episode #84 — Joan Taylor is wearing a bra?  Since bras weren't invented until 1920, someone in the costume department screwed up.  Also, Milly sometimes wears blue jeans such as in Wyoming Story. Women never wore blue jeans in the 1880's. I'm all for historical accuracy. Also, seems the writers never consulted past scripts. There seems to be some confusion as to the events surrounding Mark's birth. In the episode Six Years and a Day, Lucas tells Mark he waited and waited for Mark to be born and Margaret almost died. In The Babysitter, Lucas tells Mark he comes back to the ranch house to find Mark has already been born. Thanks Caryl T!

When Milly takes over the general store and is walking around in her new business thinking over something that was said to her about how to run her business... she's looking very 50's chic with a bandana/scarf in her hair and a tight white trimly cut blouse that from the back you can see a white bra strap through!  I don't think they were out of those whole upper body corsets things in the early 1880's --but hey!... I'm no expert in ladies undergarments... I just was struck that she looked more like a 1950's housewife that an old west storekeep! Thanks KC!

The railroad was built into northern New Mexico well before 1882 (it reached Flagstaff AZ that year), yet in one episode there was a mention of no other store within 100 miles. There was no place IN N. NM where that would be true. On the other hand North Fork was fictional, so it could have any properties.
Mr. Penn: "Never mind your ledger this time, I got the money right here." "Miss Scott, I'm only gonna say this once..... I get my supplies here because it's the only place. If there was another food store in this town you'd never see me again!" Thanks WCorvi!

In Miss Milly we see only a water trough ― Then in Dead Cold Cash we see a water trough and a well. In The Princess we see nothing, no water trough, no well ― Then we go to season 4, Two Ounces of Tin and we see only a well. What makes this interesting is how close the first two episodes were filmed and the last two episodes, yet how different the are, even the background. Cowgirl!

Dead Cold Cash episode #85 — Near the end of the episode, when Lucas is about to duel with Stacy, there is a horse right behind Stacy which bucks when Stacy is shot - - problem - the horse is not behind Stacy in a couple of camera shots leading up to the duel. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas asked John when the Caruthers' started keeping their money in the strongbox. John said "It's been several years ago, Lucas. I can look it up." Thanks Michelle P.

Just before the shootout with Stacey Beldon when Lucas is talking to him, the tall horse that everybody rides is tied to the hitch rack. They flash back to Lucas and then to Stacey and the horse is not there. This is done a couple of times - he's there, he isn't. When guns start blazing, the horse bolts and runs away. Thanks Gloria!

Button, button..... what happened to Mark's button? — In the town meeting you can see Mark's shirt is not button. Right before Mark rides to school, you can see his third shirt button isn’t fastened. Also, in the last scene, it still isn’t fastened! Thanks Ann Marie! While I was working on this page I happen to think of one of my promo pictures that I had from this episode. I though I'd take a look and see if Mark's button was fastened in this picture. As you can see it is not. Cowgirl!

In Miss Milly we see only a water trough ― Then in Dead Cold Cash we see a water trough and a well. In The Princess we see nothing, no water trough, no well ― Then we go to season 4, Two Ounces of Tin and we see only a well. What makes this interesting is how close the first two episodes were filmed and the last two episodes, yet how different the are, even the background. Cowgirl!

The Schoolmaster episode #86 — No rug - Mark is getting ready to scrub the floor in the living area with a mop in The Marshal episode #4. BUT when we watch The Schoolmaster episode #86 — Mark is sweeping a rug. Thanks Rhiannon!

When Mark has run out of school and is sweeping the rug he has a conversation with Lucas and it's a wide shot. Mark's hair is loose and waving around as he sweeps. You can really see it in live action. Then when they do a close up while he's talking to Lucas and still sweeping his hair is neatly combed off his face. Thanks markisddg!

Lucas asked Sally if Mark on his way home from school..... 
When Mark returned to school, the children were having lunch. Mark apologized and promised that he would make up his homework he missed last night. Mr. Griswald accepted Mark’s apology, but announced sternly that he would remain an hour today and tomorrow for his conduct in class. 
I often wondered why Lucas would ask Sally this when he knew Mr. Griswald would be keeping Mark as hour after school. 
The next day Mark did not go to school. That would be the day Lucas would have asked Sally if Mark on his way home from school. Did several days pass by? Cowgirl!

When Billy puts jujubes in Mr. Griswald's book, he leaves his lunchbox on Griswald's desk right next to the book. It could be evidence that Billy is the culprit, not Mark. Griswald never even asks whose lunchbox is on his desk.

Well, about the Jujubes.. I HAD to look up when they were invented......apparently in 1920 by the Heide Company. I just got to wondering, since I didn't know if they went back to the 1880's.. So is that a blooper? Thanks Rhiannon!

About seven minutes into this episode, in the classroom when Mark is being scolded for not finishing his homework, watch Billy, he is chewing Jujubes. He then offers Mark some. I'm surprised that Griswald didn't notice Billy eating Jujubes or wonder what Billy and Mark were up to when Billy offered Mark some. Griswald just picked on Mark. This was the day before the scene of the Jujubes being put in the book. Cowgirl!

Just before the scene with Mark at the table doing his homework there is a shot outside of the fireplace. Smoke coming out of chimney. Scene inside there is no fire in the fireplace. Thanks wildwest!

When Mark and Billy are getting off the wagon at the beginning of this episode, watch Billy. He put his hand on the rifle and throws it to the ground. Thanks Michelle! It sure does look like it was done on purpose!

While looking for Mark in the mine.....Lucas is yelling Mark's name so loud and Mark can barely hear him, yet Mark barely yells "Pa" and Lucas can hear him without any problem.  

In The Schoolmaster after Mark is rescued, when the beam gives way and collapses it is the same scene they used in Lost Treasure of Canyon Town, once Lucas pushes Mark out the opening and climbs out after him, while James Newman is tearing down the support beams. Thanks BluewindFarm!  

in there are numerous close-ups of the beam over Mark's head as at threatens to collapse. At first it's shot from a low angle in the cave. But later on, there are a couple of shots where you can clearly see what looks like a white string or rope used to move the beam. Thanks UglyBug!

It's North Fork, right? The sign over the school house door in The Schoolmaster says Northfork School. In the Safe Guard the sign over the bank says North Fork Bank. Thanks Rhiannon!

According to Billy he would have some shoes come winter. Mark said how he had 4 sisters and had to wait his turn for shoes. Griswald says he would see about buying him some and have his mother pay him back. 
So why when he and Mark are playing hooky Billy has on a nice pair of shoes... Maybe a day had already gone by and Griswald bought him a pair. 

Speculation: Let's see Mark runs out of the classroom and goes home. He talks with Lucas and goes back to school and apologizes to Persimmons. He is told to stay after school for two hours. 

As they go into the class room Mark tries to stop Billy from defacing the book but too late...Mark gets switched. We don't know if he runs home or not probably just goes and finishes out the day. Later he is crying in his bed.. (Maybe Griswald bought Billy his shoes that afternoon.) Next day he and Billy skip school. 

Don't see how Billy can let Griswald buy him shoes when he was the one responsible for Mark getting punished. Thanks markisddg!

How come Mr. Griswald didn't mention anything about the ? Mike really did have a pair of boots. They must not have fit him.
other boys shoesCowgirl! 

Mike wasn't the only one ..... Maybe they hurt their feet. Cowgirl!

Wiring fence post — Lucas is securing a piece of wire to the fence post when he asks Sally if Mark is on his way home. She doesn’t know. As Lucas walks away from the fence, the piece of wire goes flying off!  Thanks Ann Marie!

The Promoter episode #87 — Bobby Hoy hurt? After shot, hit the horse & then the hitching post. Cowgirl!

Did you notice during the fight between Lucas & Rueben, the bartender was knocked to the ground and then was caught in the fight for a moment?Cowgirl!

One of my favorite bloopers - Rueben meets Mark on the street and starts admiring the new shotgun up at the sky. Ruben, the mentally-challenged gunslinger, approaches. They talk for a moment - this is the first time they have ever met. Rueben does NOT tell Mark his name. But, when Lucas walks up, Mark knows Rueben's name and introduces him to his father. Thanks Renewed Fan!

When Reuben starts talking to Mark about that fine shotgun and never does mention his name...but Mark immediately introduces Reuben to Lucas...someone was asleep when they wrote the script and no one caught it..or Mark is telepathic? Thanks markisddg!

When Ruben turns to face Scully in the street, there is a group of people in the background. Archie is at the back. The scene cuts to Lucas, and there is Archie Butler again behind him. There is also another man in a plaid shirt in both scenes also. Thanks Charlene F.!

This is just a sample of the different types of curtains that was in The North Fork SaloonCowgirl!

The Illustrator episode #88 — When Travis is waiting for the stage at the beginning and is lighting the match on his boot - He strikes twice and it doesn't light, then the third time you see a great big explosion of smoke...Thanks Michelle Palmer!

On the wall in the saloon, there is a picture painted by Charles Russell titled "The Herd Quitter." The picture is of a steer and 3 guys on horses trying to rope it. This picture was not actually painted until 1897. As the time in the Rifleman is the early 1880's, this picture hanging on the wall was a blunder. I have been cross stitching this picture and noticed it right away. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

I noticed in this one is the guy paints a scene in the entire jail and after this episode it was never seen again. What, didn't Micah like it and paint over it or something? Thanks Gloria Fortner!

Lonesome Bride episode #108 ― Notice the picture behind the bar in the saloon. Cowgirl!

When Jeremiah and Ben Travis were in the Saloon, the second glass that Ben pours, he drinks some, then the glass has more whiskey in it and then back to where it was before. Thanks Holly!

Shawl — Watch the very end of this episode when the girl's father is fanning her. She has a shawl over both shoulders, but the fan knocks it off of one of the shoulders. Thanks Michelle Palmer!

It sounded to me that he was called Mr. Cromley, or Mr. Crownly. In the credits, he was listed as Mr. Crowley. It seemed everyone called him something different in the show. Cowgirl!

Button, button..... what happened to the button?!  Ben Travis' shirt is unbuttoned. Cowgirl!

Did you notice in some of the episodes you see some of the cowboys make it appoint to grab the week on a buggy or grab a hold of the harness to the horses.

In The Illustrator you can see the cowboys grab a hold of the harness while Jeremiah sketched the picture of the killer.

In The Prodigal when Lucas, William Havecourt & Mrs. Havecourt arrive back at the ranch I noticed Luis stepped down off the porch. I thought he was going to help Mrs. Havecourt down from the buckboard, but he didn't. He grabbed a hold of the harness to steady the horses. I know that someone has to steady the horses/buggies in scenes like this,it is just so obvious in these scenes. Cowgirl!

Don't cha' just love the way Mark climbs onto Blueboy in his younger years? Cowgirl!

Did you notice in some of the episodes you see some of the cowboys make it a point to grab the week on a buggy or grab a hold of the harness to the horses. In The Illustrator you can see the cowboys grab a hold of the harness while Jeremiah sketched the picture of the killer. In The Prodigal when Lucas, William Havecourt & Mrs. Havecourt arrive back at the ranch I noticed Luis stepped down off the porch.  I thought he was going to help Mrs. Havecourt down from the buckboard, but he didn't. He grabbed a hold of the harness to steady the horses. I know that someone has to steady the horses/buggies in scenes like this, it is just so obvious in these scenes. Cowgirl!

Whatever happened to the illustrator's painting he did in the jail? We never see it again. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

Lucas' hat had been tilted back all through the opening scene. After Mr. Crowley steps off the stage and says, "Greetings to North Fork, my happy destination," we see Lucas lifting his hat to set it even and straight on his head. When they go back to the wide shot of Mr. Crowley turning around the post and Lucas catching him, Lucas' hat is shown still tilted back, like he never touched it. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Travis walks into the saloon he is as neat as a pin. Then he picks on Jeremiah and Lucas steps in. Lucas grabs Travis and then lets him go. Then when Travis is talking to Hanna his clothes are really messed up. All he does is stand there and talk to her, but when he leaves his tie is opened and hanging. Cowgirl!

After Travis finishes beating up Jeremiah he heads out of the saloon. We see the town folks looking on. Here we can see Ernie. Ernie is much taller then everyone else. He must be standing on something, maybe a chair like he did in Closer than a Brother. Do you know what other episode you can see Ernie standing on a chair to watch a fight? Cowgirl!

This is file footage of North Fork's lamp post ― The Deadly Wait ― The Illustrator ― The Wyoming StoryCowgirl!

The Silent Knife episode #89 — When Mark is showing Mark C. how to write his name, you can hear a familiar theme from The Rifleman's Collection from Herschel Burke Gilbert. Not just in this scene but several scenes throughout this episode. Do you know the name of the theme?Cowgirl!

The same Cowboy is everywhere! One minute he's outside of the saloon. Then he is in the saloon and already has a drink before Mark C. get his drink and then he on the other side of the bar. This Cowboy's all over the place. Cowgirl!

This is not Lucas. The stand in for Lucas sure looks like Fritz Ford. Not sure who it is tho. He was sometimes a stunt double for Chuck Connors in The Rifleman and many other TV Series/movies as Branded — Arrest and Trial — 99 and 44/100% Dead — Soylent Green — Tomahawk Trail  — Captain Nemo and the Underwater City — Target: Embassy — The Legend of Sea Wolf. He was sometimes credited as Fritz Apking. Cowgirl!

After Lucas & Mark go to Mark C's camp, Lucas says he has to go see John Hamilton. I can't help but think he was talking about Mike Harrison, he was the man at the stagecoach line and in charge of the money that was stolen. Cowgirl!

In The Silent Knife you can see stock footage of Lucas and Mark riding away from home. Here you see a much younger Mark. If you look closer you can see the patches on Mark's shirt. In the next scene you see Mark & Lucas both dressed differently. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

When the stagecoach drivers are describing their robber, McGowan exclaims, "That sounds like the hothead who pulled into town yesterday!"  This does not fit the chronology of the story up to that point. At least three days have passed since Silent Mark arrived--time enough for Mark McCain to meet him, go back into town two days later to swap lessons (Mark M had to work on the chicken coop the next day), have him over for dinner that night, and then visit his camp the next day to stop him from strangling McGowan. On the other hand, who's gonna expect accuracy from a fellow like McGowan? Thanks UglyBug!

Ten Penny Nails — In the store, first Mark McCain grabs the bag of nails off the bench or table with this right hand. After cutting to a close up of each Mark separately, they went back to a wide shot. Now the bag of nails is in Mark McCain’s left hand! It’s definitely NOT the bag of peanut brittle. When he turns to follow Mark C. outside, you can see that it’s in Mark McCain’s back pocket! Thanks Ann Marie!

In the next scene where Mark learns the man with knife is also named Mark, look behind Mark McCain. North Fork doesn’t look like North Fork Thanks Ann Marie!

Mark's hair & hat — Before Mark goes to the Hardware Store we see him with his hat down on his forehead. The next scene as he is entering the store we see his hair hanging down on his forehead. When Myrtle waits on Mark, his hair & hat is on differently. Cowgirl!

Mark's shirt — Take a look at Mark's shirt. It looks like the top button is different from the rest of the buttons. Also, his last button is either missing or unbuttoned. Cowgirl!

Horse Head Hitch Ornament — You can see a Horse Head Hitch Ornament ―In The Marshal ― The Jailbird ― The Silent Knife ― The Young Englishman. But I haven't see this ornament in any other episodes or even in the same area. Have you? Cowgirl!

Miss Bertie episode #90 — (focus on the right side of the book) If you look at Miss Bertie's book of wanted posters you will see the pages are different. Cowgirl!

At minute 5:30 in episode #90 of The Rifleman, Miss Bertie, McCain and son walk into the dining room of the hotel, and a man named Jennings speaks to them. McCain says he thought Jennings was in Oklahoma Territory. This is about 1882; Oklahoma Territory came into existence on May 2, 1890, with the Organic Act. In 1882, this would have been known as Indian Territory and No Mans Land. Thanks WCorvi!

In the restaurant you see Duke Jennings cutting his own piece of pie. I don't know of any restaurant that would leave the whole pie on the table for you to help yourself. If you watch when he places the pie on his plate you can see he already had a piece of pie because he didn't eat the crust. Maybe he ordered the whole pie? Cowgirl!

Archie Butler - As the stage is pulling into North Fork, there is an overhead shot of the street, a stock shot used a lot. A rider coming towards the camera, this looks very much like Archie, although there's a small chance it's someone else. Then it cuts to the driver, Archie, as he hands down the bags. Lucas and Mark say that the stage is going on to Santa Fe, but later in the saloon, there is Archie leaning at the bar in the background. Thanks Charlene F.!

And one more thing, the stage looks like it's been driven into a corner! There isn't any room to go anywhere. Thanks Charlene F.!

Miss Bertie walks into Milly's store with a pair of "rusty" handcuffs. Those were the cleanest "rusty" handcuffs I have ever seen. I was just cleaning some rusty horse shoes to play horse shoes with, and believe me the rust comes off easily on ones hands. Miss Bertie, Milly, and Lucas all handle the handcuffs without getting any rust on their hands at all. Bertie even wipes a clean rag on them without getting any rust on the rag to be seen. Thanks Greg Merrill!

Notice the fingertips on the left hand of Duke Jennings' glove. The glove looks like it is to big or the fingertips to slender for a gunfighters glove. The fingertips in the glove hanging on his holster look rounder and the way a glove should look. Cowgirl!

Six Years and a Day episode #91 — The sign outside of the house reads Doc Burrage.  Doc always had his office in town and in a few different buildings. So either this is a blooper or Doc moved his office. Cowgirl!

The man standing on the porch is suppose to be Mr. Hannaberry/Hannabury, played by Hal K. Dawson. Mark calls him by name, Mr. Hannaberry. Is this a new Mr. Hannabury? The only thing is, the credits spell it Hannaberry. Different from our regular Mr. Hannabury, Ian MurrayCowgirl!

When Mark is racing to town for the doctor, he has on a jacket. Stock footage of The Four Flushers and Flowers by the Door. When he jumps off his horse at the doctor's office, no jacket. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

I tried to capture Mark's ride into town, but he was riding so fast that it was hard to capture a good picture. If you watch the beginning of this episode you can definitely see Mark wear his denim jacket. Cowgirl!

In Six Years and a Day Lucas has a pregnant woman at the house and says they need a doctor or at least a midwife because he has no clue how to deliver a baby. He has to sober up the doctor so he can do it. Lucas doesn't even try. In Waste Lucas nonchalantly walks over to the pregnant woman and delivers the baby like he's done it all his life. Question: Did Lucas take a midwife's course in birthing? Thanks markisddg!

Flowers by the Door episode #92 — Did anyone notice when he went to show Mark a book about the Trojan horse, etc...that he had the book upside down while looking at the pages and talking to Mark? Thanks Jules!

I do find it a bit strange how pronounced & bright the letters & outline are on one picture and not the next whether the book is upside down down or not. I wonder why that is? Could there be two different books? Cowgirl!

After Gowdy has hit Lucas over the head at Cora's he sets out going towards the ranch because he meets up with Mark after he fell off his horse. Lucas now has come to and is waiting for Mark to come to the Seaver Ranch with Micah. When he doesn't show up Lucas heads back towards the ranch. At the same time Gowdy is heading towards the Seaver Ranch for the pouch he dropped. How come they don't meet up on the road? Lucas found Mark's hat so he was on that road. Were the street lights on? You know it's the same road cuz in the beginning when Gowdy and Lucas meet up Lucas is heading home and Gowdy asks if the road leads to North Fork. I believe Mark tells Gowdy in the beginning that Cora lives on the road to North Fork and you take a right at three big oak trees. Thanks Markisddg!

What on earth did Chuck pick off the vine—and eat—as he and Cora walked towards her house? Thanks Ann Marie!

Did anyone notice what Mark is setting on to churn butter?  It's a saddle. Cowgirl!

♫ It seems Lucas has a problem with the word….vegetable. In both episodes….he pronounces it vega-table. In Stopover it is when Mark is peeling vega-tables for dinner. In Flowers by the Door it is when Lucas refers to the seeds and says “kinda late to be putting in vega-tables”
It is like when Lucas says the word cooperative to Mr. Fremont in Three Legged Terror.   Lucas says  cooper-a-tive. Someone has that blooper. Wonder if these were on purpose or just the way Chuck says them?? Thanks wildwest!

In what three episodes do we see a cinch break? Which two episodes did Mark's cinch break? Cowgirl!

The Long Trek episode #93 ―When Micah went to climb up to look for water his sleeves were rolled up. after he fell his sleeves were down. must have filmed two different days and WHY was Micah even wearing an undershirt in this episode, with his vest he had three layers of clothes in the hot desert. (that had to be hard on Paul) and of all the times Lucas has his sleeves turned up…..NO.. not in the desert. Thanks wildwest!

The Actress episode #94 — When Lucas returns to North Fork on horseback, Mark jumps on the back of Lucas' horse. How is it that he doesn't even notice the blond lady right next to him at first?  Thanks Greg Merrill!

In this episode you see Chuck sitting at the campfire in and his pinky finger on his right hand is bent. Do you know why? Chuck broke it playing with the Boston Celtics and it never healed right. Thanks Donna a.k.a. Picklemum!

You can see the shadow of a camera or a large light cast across the street as Lucas and Mrs. Black race out of town? It also looks like there were a number of people standing by. Thanks Charlene F.!

♫ Hear the song Champagne.Songs of The Rifleman.

When Lucas and Beth Black ride back into town. Mark jumps on the back of Lucas' horse and tells him Mr. Black is still alive and over at the hotel. Beth mentions how she knew he was Lucas' son because "you look so much like him." She probably thought to herself...what a dumb thing to look nothing like Chuck Connors. Thanks markisddg! 

That was a funny thing for Elizabeth Garrett-Black to say. We all know that Mark looks like Margaret! Cowgirl! 

Also how can a woman ride around the countryside in a fancy dress? She looked great when she arrived in North Fork. Thanks markisddg!

Did she inherit Black's property and become neighbors with Lucas. Thanks markisddg!

Lucas & Mrs. Black are at the camp site and Lucas is sitting having coffee. I guess it's supposed to be hot coffee, but he is holding a metal cup in both hands. Hands must have been cold. Wouldn't those tin cups get hot, too hot to hold with both hands unless it has cool down. Thanks Bob Booth!

When Lucas and Mark left the hotel after supper and Mark rode the horse ridden by Mrs. Black, where was Blue Boy? Didn't he have to ride him to get back and forth from the ranch? Or did they stop by the livery and pick him up on the way out of town? Thanks Gloria Fortner!

When they sat together by the fire, why did Elizabeth Black ask Lucas if he lived in town? In the saloon, Lucas first introduced himself as Jacob’s neighbor. If she married Jacob, surely she knows Jacob owned land and didn’t live in town. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas sipping coffee — The scene with Lucas sipping the coffee by the campfire—that is stock footage from The ActressThanks Ann Marie!

Face of Yesterday episode #95 — When Chuck is describing the first time Lucas killed in the Civil War. I noticed that at first the scar above his lip is very visible. Then right after he says, “Bayonets at the ready, just marching,” the scar disappears! I am NOT hallucinating! When they cut to an even closer shot of just him, its visible again, even more so than at the scene’s beginning! Thanks Ann Marie!

In The Wyoming Story episode #96 & #97 — Micah tells Lucas that he would be a good one to go to Wyoming on an undercover job because he had never been there. But in 8 Hours to Die, they lived in Claypool, WY. We know this from looking at the post office door when the judge goes and gets the letter. Thanks Michelle Palmer!

Take a look at Lucas' clothes. At the end when he was going home he had on jeans and light shirt and jean jacket. He had this on when he spotted the cattle and the next scene, he's riding down toward them and it shows his back, but you can tell that he's got on that outfit he wore a lot with the ribbed shirt, with the frog closures. Thanks Dianna!

Lucas leaves North Fork with no bedroll on the back of his horse. In the scene showing him riding along on his way to Wyoming there is a bedroll and coat on the back of the horse. Lucas camps out along the way and has all of his gear. But when he reaches La Mesa there is no bedroll on his horse. Thanks PJH!

Lucas pulls out a photo of Mark out of his wallet. First of all, it's printed on thin, 20th century photographic paper. In the 1880s, photographs were most often tintypes, or various other kinds of plates, or printed on thick cardboard. The photo shows a relaxed, smiling Mark standing outside, or in the barn. Again, not likely for the time period, when the long exposures required people to hold still for so long, they rarely smiled or relaxed. I'm not sure if they were around in the 1880s, but during the Civil War era, special stands were placed behind people being photographed, designed to hold the subject's neck so they couldn't move and blur the image. Long exposures also limited the ability to shoot portraits outside a studio, because of wind and other uncontrollable elements. Thanks Stacey, The Ugly Bug Ball!  Be sure and stop by 
The Ugly Bug Ball and say "hi" to Stacey!

In Strange Town ― “Just takes all the flavor away from the vittles.”  Mark was talking about doing dishes, and how it would spoil your meal. Just sitting down to a nice plate of hot ham & beans, and you think about dishes that is gonna have to be washed. Then... in the Mr. Lincoln episode, he delivers a Herculean blow with a splitting maul by thinking about how much he 'hates beans!' Thanks Dan!

The Wyoming Story - episode #97 part 2 — Mark is on the porch talking about the crops he'll plant, "beans are good for the market. Why... I like beans". And in Honest Abe he declares, "I HATE BEANS!" when he gives the 'heave-ho' and splits the piece of wood. Thanks BluewindFarm!

The letter Micah wrote to Marshall Burks in La Mesa fit in a business size envelope. So why wasn't the reward poster on Lucas also folded in thirds instead of half as it appeared? Thanks Ann Marie!

The close-up picture of the wanted post doesn't look like it was folded at all! Cowgirl!

The only time in the whole series where Chuck as Lucas drinks whiskey is in the La Mesa Saloon. He always turns it down when it is offered otherwise. (He even turned it down later in the scene when Forbes McKee offered it to him in the saloon!) Chuck as Earl Bantry in Deadly Image obviously doesn't count, since that was a different character. Thanks Ann Marie!

Did Micah write two different letters to the Marshall Burks? Between parts 1 and 2, the style of handwriting and the margins are completely different. If you freeze the frame and read the letters, the sentences are worded differently as well, but basically cover the same information. They were SO GOOD at using stock footage on this show. So the ONE TIME it would make sense and be right to use the same footage twice--once in each of the two parts--they didn't do it! Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas sipping coffee — The scene with Lucas sipping the coffee by the campfire—that is stock footage from The ActressThanks Ann Marie!

Have you ever seen anyone turn up their jacket collar and tie a bandanna around it—like Chuck did in this episode? A cold day on the set, perhaps? Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas is riding off to Wyoming, it’s stock footage from The RaidThanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas is riding home from Wyoming and he’s in the corduroy shirt, that is stock footage from Home RanchThanks Ann Marie!

Didn’t it seem a little odd that Mark had to sleep in the store? Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas had just left McKee's office and we see Ross entering. You can't help but notice the statue on the table. Later when Lucas is confronted buy McKee about Lucas playing both sides, a gun fight breakouts, we see the table moved and the statue is gone. Cowgirl!

This is file footage of North Fork's lamp post ― The Deadly Wait ― The Illustrator ― The Wyoming StoryCowgirl!

When Lucas grabs his rifle he throws his shot glass down. If you watch this scene closely it looks like his glass wasn't quite empty and some whiskey might have spilled out. If you look on his sleeve (left picture, left arm) it looks like he got his arm in the whiskey and it left a wet spot. Later in McKee's office (right) it looks like the stain is gone. It could have dried in the meantime. But in the promo picture you can clearly see the wet spot. This picture was shot right after the scene with the marshal and Lucas is setting with McKee and  Ross. Cowgirl!

Closer than a Brother episode #98 — In the beginning Mr. Carpenter, one of the townsfolk he went to tell Micah there was trouble at the saloon. Didn't Micah hear the shots? Or he just didn't care. We all know how upset Micah was and how he took it out on those he cared about, Lucas and Mark. Cowgirl!

Hear Micah sing ♫ "There was a little girl, who had a little curl" Cowgirl!

See the guy in the middle & how Lucas & Jeff Borden tower over him? I see this cowboy around town quite a bit. Too bad he never got his credit due him! There is another episode that you can see him standing on a chair. Do you know what episode it is?

He were can see Ernie standing on a chair to see what is going on in the saloon. Do you know what other episode you can see Ernie standing on a chair to watch a fight? Cowgirl!

Marshal's Office — Micah goes through the doorway with the curtains. This leads you to a back room with a window & a door. In just about all of the episodes this is the doorway to the jail. Thanks Pete! 

You can also see two examples of how that doorway/jail looked in other episodes. Cowgirl!

When the cowboys are shooting up the saloon, if you focus on the mirror behind the bar, there's a point at which one of the cowboys (Truelove) shoots 3 holes mirror, and the third hole he shoots actually appears in the mirror before the sound effect of the gun going off. It's pretty funny. Thanks Robin Flynn! 

While working on this blooper I noticed the position of the bullet holes are different on both of these pictures. Cowgirl!

Did you know there's a tree in the middle of main street? Look closely, after Micah tells Lucas, "I'm busy McCain" and leaves the office, Lucas asks Mark "What was that all about?"  Look out the top left of the door and you'll see a tree branch, and it's a pretty good size branch. Thanks BluewindFarm!

Reflection in window — In the beginning scene when Micah is sketching glasses, the camera starts pulling back, thru a paned window. Watch the upper left corner and you can see what appears to be a reflection of a person, wearing light clothing. Thanks Charlene F.!

In Closer Than A Brother, in the Bible scene, after Lucas quotes Proverbs 18:24, Thad points out that in the New Book, St. John said a man has no greater love than one who lays his life down for his friends.   
First, New Book...this may not be a blooper, this may just be how language worked back then, but I'm thinking he meant New Testament...both Old and New Testaments being comprised of several "books".   
Now for the actual blooper. I recognized what he was referring to and just looked it up. He's referring to John 15:13
Quote: Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13 ESV)

Now, I use the ESV (English Standard Version) which I understand wasn't around back then...I think they would have used the KJV (King James Version) but I'm pretty sure both versions would have similar wording, as well as just exactly who said it.
If you look at the context, and what I did was start reading from the beginning of the chapter, well it *was* in the book of John, but John was quoting a speech made by Jesus. A speech in which appeared verse 13 that Thad paraphrased. Thanks TooYoungForRifleman!

In Stranger at Night Micah lived in a house. In Closer than a Brother Micah took a room at He had taken an attic room out at Mrs. Rington's.  In Guilty Conscience ― The Day a Town Slept Micah lived in an apartment. Cowgirl!

Lucas goes to see Ansel Bain in Dillsville: Here we see Ansel holding a gun on Lucas. Look at his sleeve, you see he has a shirt on but in the main where Lucas first walks into the saloon he has a suit jacket on. Also you can clearly see that his pants on the left are jeans but we can see he has a suit on. The picture on the right shoes suit pants. Cowgirl!

Lost Treasure of Canyon Town episode #99 — Did you also realize that the scene, after Mark is rescued, when the beam gives way and collapses is the same scene they used in The Schoolmaster / Lost Treasure of Canyon Town, once Lucas pushes Mark out the opening and climbs out after him, while James Newman is tearing down the support beams. Thanks BluewindFarm!

 Micah "grew up" in Canyon Town and Mr. Newman has not seen him in "25 years". Since the series was set in the early 1880's, this would mean that Micah was living in Canyon Town in the late 1850's and (since Micah is 50+ in the series), he "grew up" in Canyon Town in the 1840s. Problem: New Mexico was Mexican territory until the late 1840's, and there were very few Anglo towns in NM prior to the late 1850's. Also, in Blood Brother. Micah said that "thirty years before" he lived in Montana (which was not really populated in the early 1850's, either. Thanks Renewed Fan!

When Mark is lost in the cave he finds an opening and crawls through but that guy climbing up the rocks is much bigger than Johnny but when he falls down the rocks, it maybe is Johnny. Thanks markisddg!

Why does Mark close the door to the back room when he goes to get the lanterns to walk up the mountain? Why also is it not pitch dark in the room? He finds the lanterns with no trouble but with the door closed it would be impossible. 

Love how Mark keeps seeing stuff through the window but there really is a face on that tumbleweed. Made it really scary. Thanks markisddg! 

I thought James was supposed to stay out of sight and come out only at night but he's the one pointing the gun on Mark, Lucas and Micah in the beginning. How did he get the gun and does he have a license to carry. LOL Thanks markisddg! 

Is he closing the door that Mark keeps seeing or is it the wind? Thanks markisddg!

It seemed that Chuck just smiled or wanted to smile throughout the whole episode. I wonder what he was so happy about! It’s wonderful to see that gorgeous smile of his a lot more than usual. Maybe Chuck had gotten some good news the day before filming parts of this episode? Thanks Ann Marie!

Lanterns — As Lucas enters the cave to search for Mark, Lucas' lantern is quite dim. Just a second later, it's as bright as Mark's. Thanks Ann Marie!

One would have thought Mark would have learned his lesson about going into an abandoned mine in the schoolmaster,  but evidently he didn't. Thanks Random Rambler / Dana!

Oneonta Star (Oneonta, New York) February 25, 1961 ― 'Rifleman' Must Contend With Cave-in
The signs, big and somehow menacing in themselves, were hung everywhere at four Star Studios to warn the unwary visitor of the set of ABC - TV's "The Rifleman."

Dark Day at North Fork episode #100 — The bar in the saloon is perpendicular to the front swinging doors. You can see it when Micah is talking to Jack Solby. That's the only time it was ever positioned that way-usually, it's opposite the doors. Thanks Jane!

While viewing these pictures I noticed the stairs to the left of Solby. In the other episodes the would be behind him. Also the doors, are different. In the one picture they are a stain glass look and the other the windows are clear. Cowgirl!

Take a look at the doors to the saloon, not the swing doors but the regular doors. The door from the picture on the left has curtains - the ones on the right are stain glass. Cowgirl!

In Dark Day at North Fork you can see the stairs behind Solby. In The Deadly Wait there are no stairs, just a door. Cowgirl!

The opening looks like a canned scene of Johnny riding at a gallop toward home. Only thing is, when he arrives at the ranch, he's in a dark jacket with his school books affixed to the saddle. 
When he was at a gallop riding in, he is wearing his usual shirt and no books are on the saddle. I think I saw this galloping scene this week in another episode. I also noted in this same episode, Micah is riding Bosco AKA Blueboy! Was the set a horse short that day? Johnny didn't ride at all that episode. (I hate when that happens!) Apparently Johnny rode another horse sometimes named Peanuts.He also told me Razor was a thoroughbred off the track, which was surprising. Thanks Wendy!  ―Horsin' around with Wendy & Johnny Crawford

In The Hero episode #59, you see Lucas hurry to town. You can see fencing and trees. In Dark Day at North Fork episode #100 the scenery is quite different. Here we also see a well and the barn is different. Cowgirl!

Doctor's office They show Lucas in close-up as Dr. Burrage puts the salve on his eyes. Lucas’ fingers and part of his left hand are visible in the shot, resting on the top of his chest. Then in the next (wide) shot, his hand is resting closer to the middle of his chest. We don’t see him move it. Thanks Ann Marie!

We see a tear coming down Mark’s right cheek. A few seconds later, the tear trail is still visible, but considerably lighter/drier. In reality it wouldn’t have dried that fast. Thanks Ann Marie!

The Prisoner episode #101 — What's wrong with these pictures? First he doesn't have a gag and then he does. Second his hair is neat in the first clip and messy in the second also... Thanks Michelle!

Two former Civil War officers prepare to make camp in a sandy area surrounded by large rock formations. It is obvious that they are on an indoor set. As one man takes a few steps, the sound of his boots hitting the wooden platform beneath the sand can be heard.

Mr. Griswald was still the school teacher in North Fork, because in this episode Mark mention's Mr. Griswald kept him after school. Cowgirl!

The Assault episode #102 — We have a name blooper here..... The credits read Thess Croxton as Meb Flory.  
It should read 'Med' Flory. Cowgirl!

Lucas is kneeling down between Mark and Swifty as the boys are sitting at a table in the hotel dining room. Swifty asks Lucas about the trouble his father (Speedy) is in. Lucas replies to Swifty, but calls him by his father's name: "Well, Speedy, I guess you'd call it a case of mistaken identity." Thanks Ava!

Short Rope for a Tall Man episode #103 — What does these two episodes have in common? Strange Town episode #81 ― Short Rope for a Tall Man episode #103.

Mark was wonderful in his defense of his Pa! What a great scene when Mark was feeding Lucas and wouldn't go to eat himself. Cowgirl!

In the second scuffle Mark is in, when they are scuffling on the left side of scene. Mark starts out with a hat and then no hat, then briefly has a hat for a split second, then no hat to the end of scene. Thanks wildwest!

The Clarence Bibs Story episode #104 — Clarence is talking with Milly and over his shoulder is a sign, hanging on the wall, for Wang Chi's laundry service, yet The Queue isn't for six more episodes.

Joe E. Benson would filled in for Sweeney the bartender from time to time was.  In this episode Lucas calls him 'Benson'. Joe E. Benson was not given credit for his role in this episode. Did Lucas just call him by name or was it a blooper? Cowgirl!

Lamp Post — In The Clarence Bibs Story #104 there is no lamp post. In the Anvil Chorus #154 you can see Nils hanging up the 'no guns' sign on a lamp post outside of the Marshal's Office. In The Sidewinder #158 there is no lamp post. Not only does the lamp post keeps moving, the hitching post does also!

"Two beers Benson" — Lucas and George Tanner go over to the saloon and each order a beer. After Reade and Wicks finish talking to Clarence, the camera angle switches to Lucas and George, now with their beers. We don’t see Joe Benson — who was the bartender — bring them over. Thanks Ann Marie!

If you watch Benson after Lucas orders the two beers you see him standing behind Wicks (Cleef), Clarence (Hackett) & Reade (Milford). Then suddenly Benson stoops down behind the bar. I can’t help but wonder if they had him hide behind the bar. You know Benson is hiding because at one point you do see him move. I wonder if they thought because we don’t see him that the director (?) thought that we would think he was delivering the beers for the next scene. Archie Butler is setting at the table across from Lucas & Tanner, I bet Archie moved those beers unto their table. If you watch this scene you can see Joe Benson bobbing up & down. Cowgirl!

The Score is Even episode #105 — In the beginning of Score is Even Lucas and Mark hear a gun shot sound and look over to the shack down the hill nestled in the trees. The shack has no horses in sight and a ladder up against the building. When Lucas and Mark ride up to the shack there is no ladder, no horses and there is plenty of open land around it and a wagon wheel against the side. Same shack? Later we see Andy and Jax's horses with Mark's and Lucas' horse. Thanks markisddg!

So where was Andy & Jax's horses. When Lucas looked down over the house you would see the horses in the back. We don't see the horses in the front until Jax & Andy are ready to leave. Jax probably went and got the horses when he sent Andy to do the dirt deed. But where did he get them from? Cowgirl!

I wonder how did Lucas and Mark catch up with Andy and Jax since they were on horseback. I know they said they'd be traveling slowly but Lucas couldn't walk that fast due to his injury. Also I wonder why Jax told Andy to go in and kill them...Jax was the killer guy not Andy. Andy saved Lucas' life again when Jax was going to shoot him. Thanks markisddg!

I can't see the hitching post either. Could the second shot be on the other side of the shack. The foliage doesn't look right either. Thanks winterhawk!

Spike / Old Spike ― Old Spike is somewhat of a celebrity around the ranch. Here we have spottings (file footage) of Spike aka Old Spike from The Rifleman.

What does The Rifleman The Westerner and Perry Mason have in common? Boy that old buck sure does get around!

The Mescalero Curse episode #106 — When Lucas lassoed Shadow, the part that had the dummy on its back, you can see that the rope missed the horses head. Yet the next scene shows that the horse was dragging Lucas in the dirt. Thanks Pete!

I don't know about you but when I look at this town, it sure doesn't look like North Fork! Cowgirl!

I notice there was a hook on the bedroom door, but not in StopoverCowgirl!

I have always wondered when they hung the Indian why the other two Indians went up the stairs to carry him down?  Wouldn’t he have fallen thru the trap door?   They could have played the scene under the gallows just as well. Thanks wildwest!

When Lucas goes off to try to find the black stallion. Mark asks Lucas if he is going to take the mare and there's a comment about her being high strung. Was she a wild horse that had been broken? Ya' know I never saw that Mare before or after this episode. Thanks Jan!

1. The hired hand rides up to the McCain house after midnight since he was going to relieve the other guy at midnight. In less than two seconds flat, Lucas has his jeans and boots on and jeans buttoned and his shirt pulled on. Surely a hard-working rancher like Lucas didn't burn the midnight oil...especially when they had a hard day of round up to do the next day. 
2. The Indians were drinking at the saloon until around about midnight. I was under the impression that Indians weren't allowed to drink...or was it only certain ones who weren't allowed to drink?  AND after Buckhart's reception, would they really allow those Indians inside? Thanks Michelle Palmer!

At the start Lucas and Mark are riding into town, and Mark points out that the streets are deserted. There is to be a hanging in a little while and Lucas says 'Nobody wants to be around until after it's over.' Why? Every movie I've seen with a hanging, or every photo I've seen of a real hanging, the crowds came out and jammed the place to see the show. Look at the hanging scene early on in True Grit; the whole town turned out to watch the hangings. Thanks rooster!

But after spending a day in the saddle on a dusty trail, and what trail in those days wasn't dusty, Lucas was clean shaven, neat clothes, and not a hair out of place after being under a hat. Looking like he just came out of the shower and Brylcreemed his hair. And her, after being in the saddle all day looked like she just came out of the beauty salon, and spent an hour in makeup. Thanks Bob Booth!

The Curse — When Mark jumps out of bed thinking Shadow came back, his hair is messed up. After Lucas enters their bedroom and they look outside and don’t see Shadow. Mark goes back to sit on his bed, and his hair is all neatly combed! Thanks Ann Marie!

Toward the end Lucas  picks up some weeds and states "Jimson Weed." The flowery weeds he picked are nothing like real Jimson weeds. Jimson are broad leaf with a very distinct flower total unlike the ones Luke picked. This happens twice in the show. ThanksBoneyard51!

The shot of the moonlit sky from The Surveyors, is right before Mark gets up out of bed, planning to sneak out was later reused twice in season 5. In The Mescalero Curse, we see the same moon lie sky when Mogollan and Lobo are doing the burial ceremony for his son. In The Guest, we see it before Mark notices Mario on the porch, follows Mario outside, and inadvertently scares him. Mario grabs the ax to defend himself. The other time was in Which Way’d They Go?, right before we see Lucas asleep by the campfire. Cowgirl & Ann Marie!
Thanks Ann Marie!

This definitely is not the town of North Fork! Cowgirl!

Stopover #107 — Snow blooper.....In the episode Stopover look at the scene where Lucas is trying to revive Ryan . . . there is snow on Adam West's (Ryan) jacket. Then there is a quick shot of Johnny C., and there is snow on his jacket too. Then, there was an apparent commercial break (which Encore Westerns did not use for a commercial), Adam West revives and asks how long he was out. He is told just a few minutes. . . but there is now no snow on his jacket, or on Johnny's jacket. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Adam West in front of fireplace, Lucas giving him a drink; to left of West's face you can see the shadow of a boom mike and it suddenly pulls back out of frame. Thanks Rob!

I notice there was a hook on the bedroom door, but not in StopoverCowgirl!

Lucas' coat — Lucas hung up his coat rather messily on the side door’s hook. Then he rushes out without it to help Rolf back inside the house. When the scene changes back to inside the house, the coat is now hung very neatly on the hook. Lucas never touched the coat. He was outside! Thank Ann Marie!

♫ It seems Lucas has a problem with the word….vegetable. In both episodes….he pronounces it vega-table. In Stopover it is when Mark is peeling vega-tables for dinner. In Flowers by the Door it is when Lucas refers to the seeds and says “kinda late to be putting in vega-tables”
It is like when Lucas says the word cooperative to Mr. Fremont in Three Legged Terror.   Lucas says  cooper-a-tive. Someone has that blooper. Wonder if these were on purpose or just the way Chuck says them?? Thanks wildwest!

The Lonesome Bride episode #108 — When Kelly picked up Chavre, through him over his shoulder and took him to Micah's office. I may have missed it but I don't think there was an edit and if there wasn't one, the actor who played Kelly did it. THAT would have been a move! Thanks Redneckwoman!

Micah's office looks different from what we are use to seeing. Notice the background of the office & the doorway and what about those stands & the one with the smellin' salts on it. Never saw this stuff before, it came in pretty handy. Cowgirl!

How did the brothers get the mail from the matrimonial bureau if it was addressed to Lucas and Milly was the postmistress? Did they have the mail sent to another town so they could pick it up? That is never explained and is an obvious blunder. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

Curtains ― They show curtains apart and Lucas riding fast to the house. I have seen that same scene before.... Thanks markisddg!

Here you see inside of The North Fork Saloon in two different episodes. Look at the steps in the picture on the far left, this is from The Coward.  You see the stairs and a window to the left. In the middle picture you see a different stairs & window which is from The Lonesome Bride. The picture on the right is from  The Lonesome Bride. Here you a see a door, but in the episodes of The Coward - no door! Cowgirl!

Curtains — (I have a different point to make about the curtains.) Mark spreads the curtains apart to see Lucas approaching the house. The next shot, from Mark’s perspective, the curtains are straight. Thanks Ann Marie!

You can see a cash register at the end of the bar, the next scene before Kelly knocks the gun out of Charv's hand, punches him in the stomach and the face there is no cash register. I don't remember seeing a cash register before at the end of the bar, how about you? Cowgirl!

Picture behind the bar in the saloon ― Notice the picture behind the bar in the saloon. Cowgirl!

Death Trap #109 — In Death Trap the girl's name is Vicki.... the credits say Carey! (Gigi Perreau). Thanks David Fury!

As the 3 bad guys are in the street walking towards the doctor's office, the lead guy says, 'Ya know something, I've changed my mind.' The scene shifts to 2 horses standing, facing the camera. Check out the lower left bottom corner. There is something there! Something that wasn't supposed to be on screen for sure, and it does gradually move off, but I wonder what it is? Maybe a piece of equipment that somebody suddenly realized was in the wrong place, and pulled it away. Thanks Charlene F.!

In the Doctors Office when Lucas and Mark and the girl and her dad (Battle) are in there and outlaws shoot at pot: Battle pushed his daughter across the room; camera cuts away then cuts back to girl and dad and they're back where they were before dad shoved her across the room. (see the curtain in background) Thanks Rob!

I found the strings on Stacey's hat interesting. I've never seen them that way before. Cowgirl!

The Queue episode #110 — (left) While Lucas & Mark are riding to the camp of Wang Chi you see Mark younger & also a different jacket on.  (right) This is where Lucas and Mark have arrived at Wang Chi's camp. Here Mark has on a denim jacket on and he is older. The one of course is the file footage. Sorry the pictures are the best, but both of these are night photos. Cowgirl!

Watch the scene where Lucas, Mark and Micah are eating together in the hotel. They hear shots outside. They run out and see Vince Fergus and his sidekick firing off their two revolvers to scare the Chinese father/son off. It appears that the two drunks have only one revolver each - twelve rounds total. But if you listen closely, you hear a total of 18 gunshots. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas is not riding Razor home from town early in the episode…this horse has some white on its face. Later when he and Mark ride to Wang’s rescue, it looks like he’s on Razor. Probably because it's stock footage, as previously blooped. Interesting note: episode was written by Beverly Fix, (Micah/Paul's wife). Thanks Wendy!

Beverly Fix was also Paul's secretary before they married. Cowgirl!

Mark gets into a fight with Noah defending Wang Lee. They even role around in the dirt. Not a 'mark' on either one of them. They don't even look dirty. Cowgirl!

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