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Episodes 111 thru 142 — Season 4

A big thanks to all the 's & 's who have contributed to the Blooper pages & The McCain Ranch!

Vaqueros episode # 111 verses Waste episode #143—Didn't Vaqueros remind you a lot of the Waste? Vaqueros was the first episode of season 4 — Waste was the first episode of Season 5.

There are other similarities, but the point is that they started both seasons off with similar episodes.
Point well taken! Thanks Renewed Fan!  How about you.....can you think of anymore?

I get a kick out of all the bloopers, so I thought I'd add one that I noticed years ago: At the end, where Lucas dives in & grabs his rifle & shoots all the outlaws, notice that his rifle is pointing all over the place-nowhere near where the bad guys are, but they all obligingly fall dead. Thanks Jane from Las Vegas!

I was just thinking of all those shirtless pictures (sigh!!) and it dawned on me - no scars! He was shot several times, knifed and whipped - and there are no scars. Not to mention Chuck's head. I've lost count of the number of times he was knocked unconscious by a gun, or a tomahawk. If this was TV today, we'd be calling the CSI team because it appears one blow to the head can kill you today. Chuck was made of hardier stock!!

I was reading your blooper page again last night and read one fans comment on Lucas with his shirt off and he had no scares. I've noticed (don't laugh) but he has no underarm hair. Especially the episode where the bandits kidnap mark and hit Lucas in the throat, they tie his arms up to the tree and leave him hanging. Thanks Dianna!

Something I found amiss with the Vaqueros episode - although Mark thought his father was dead and probably cried himself to sleep every night, felt hopeless because he had become a slave to the banditos and saw no way (or reason) to free himself and get home, and traveled through the desert for about a week in a state of hopeless despair.... he sure was clean and well-groomed when he arrived in that little village where he was reunited with Lucas!! Thanks NewFANatic!

First Wages episode #112 — When Mark rides away from the ranch, about 3 minutes into the episode, it is clearly a much younger Johnny Crawford. Thanks Renewed Fan!

The pond looks a whole lot like a locale used in filming Skull episode #124. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas makes a running jump on his horse. Pretty fancy I think! It looks like it is Chuck who does it because you see his face the whole time. Of course, I know, they can do lots of things with cameras! First Wages vs The Sidewinder.

Mark is supposed to take a horse to the Merar Ranch. When he doesn't show up, Tom Merar brings his horse to town. In The Score is Even, Lucas sends Mark to the Merar Ranch for help.  In The Debt, Lucas takes Mark to the Merar Ranch, but this guy's name is Abe.  In Ordeal, I think Lucas told Mark he would get to the Merar Ranch if he kept his eyes on the two peaks. I could be wrong about this one though.  It could have been a different name. Anyway, how many Merar Ranches were there or were they all the same Merar Ranch? Thanks Gloria Fortner!

First Wages and The Sidewinder: When Lucas gets on the horse from behind, that style is called a croup mount. The croup is just the part of the horse the rider clears to land in the saddle. There’s a nice diagram of a horse on Wikipedia: Rump (animal). Scroll down to “horses”... Thanks Ann Marie!

Wanted — What a great find.....Ed Nelson played Ben Vargas in First Wages. His wanted poster that was delivered to Micah's office also showed up on The Big ValleyInto the Widow's Web - In the sheriff's office they had Liberty (Kathleen Nolan) show off her shooting skills, they had her aim at the bulletin board full of posters, the same poster of Ben Vargas was on this bulletin board. Cowgirl!
Horse Auction Poster ― In The Blood Brothers and The Coward, plus several other episodes we see an Auction Poster usually outside of the Marshal's office, but not always. We all know that poster in The Big Valley. The Rifleman and The Big Valley was produced by LGL Productions.  

While Mark is working at the blacksmith's, Lucas confronts him about his working and why he needs the money. Mark is standing on a box to curry the horse, so he is the same height as Lucas, as he explains that he wants his own money, not family money. You have to watch carefully at what happens next. As Nils drives up, Mark goes to jump off the box and as the scene cuts away you see him actually falling off the box!! Thanks PJH!

Not exactly a 'blooper', but did you notice, towards the end of the episode, after Lucas starts fighting with Ben Vargas, Lucas runs towards Ben who is getting on a horse (the one he took from Mark)...
Lucas uses a boulder on the ground to help launch himself to knock Ben Vargas off the horse and to the ground, where they continue to fight...
Watch the horse, when its back end walks over the 'boulder' and the boulder moves! Thanks BluewindFarm!

When Lucas and Nils are debating the validity of hiring Mark, look at the shots of Lucas’ back to the camera. First the buckboard is behind Nils. Then in the almost-profile shots of Lucas, a couple of seconds later, the buckboard is to Nils’ left. Thanks Ann Marie!

Dismounts — When Lucas rides up to the livery stable the first time, he dismounts from the right side. Thanks Ann Marie!

First Wages episode #112 - 1961 ― If you look between the trees you can see a gate. This is the Lower Iverson's Ranch East Gate. For a map at of this area go to the Iverson Movie Ranch. They also have a page on Branded from the episode The Vindicator, and many, many more TV & Movie Sets. Really great stuff here!

Sheer Terror episode #113 — While watching Sheer Terror the other night I noticed something on Razor's left hind quarter. Can any of you tell me what this is. I don't recall ever seeing this before in any of the other episodes. Is it a booboo? I don't think it's a brand or is it? Cowgirl!

Thanks Steph! — Dried horse poo? Could be a rub spot or a boo boo - either no hair or the hair grew back white. Kinda hard to tell there. Might just be dirt, but those horses were always so clean, I doubt it.
Thanks Lu! —Looks like a rub from being hauled. I bet he was hauled in one of those short two horse trailers with the ramps that came up that high when closed. There is a lot of those around yet and still good trailers even though horses like to lean on the doors when traveling. Now we have those wonderful slant loads which give them room for their rear and don't have to rub against the trailer door. Pretty low on the hindquarters for a brand. They were always so well groomed I doubt it was anything like dirt. I bet Johnny did his share of grooming on Blueboy. I watched him in First Wages grooming a horse and he was "right on" with the curry comb and brush.

Here you have 3 different scenes of Lucas & Mark getting ready to go to town, riding to town and when arrive in town. All in the same episode & all in the same scene. Notice the age difference & the clothes. Also the picture on the right shows a part of the Grain Store. The Grain Store was located at the other end of the town, at least in several of the episodes. This was also the Gunsmith's. Cowgirl!

You see Lucas & Mark riding into North Fork, you also see Colonel Jebediah Sims Elixir of Life Wagon. This file footage is from The Hangman.  Cowgirl!

Did ya' notice Mark threw the saddle bags on and didn't tie them down? He put his hand back to hold it. I did that once and they slide off. I bet they were in a hurry to get that scene done so they didn't give him time to tie them down. Whoopee! Not too pleasant an experience when those bags fall off.

I did notice the horse that Johnny rode back to the ranch for Niles was a close second to Razor. Razor has two white socks in the rear and Blueboy one. I can always tell if it's Blueboy he also has a few white hairs on his forehead, Blueboy was a bay with a that tan nose. Razor sometimes is hard to tell. They use the same bit on every horse he rides. Oh by the way I LOVE JOHNNY HANDLING THOSE TEAMS ~ He was so good he never got in the way when they were stopping them! Loved the way he picked up the rein he dropped in Deadly Wait...Am I stuck on Johnny or what??? Thanks Rhiannon!

Wait... Am I stuck on Johnny or what??? Did ya' notice he threw the saddle bags on and didn't tie them down? He put his hand back to hold it. I did that once and they slide off. I bet they were in a hurry to get that scene done so they didn't give him time to tie them down. Whooopee! Thanks Lu!

This episode must have been shot in another town, for one thing North Fork didn't have the name of the town on their Stage Depot sign and another thing, it looks like they intentionally blurred the name of the town out. Cowgirl!

The villains, Mr. Sloan and Andy, take Milly hostage 24 hours before the stagecoach is going to arrive with the money. They then have her open her store and pretend all is normal for an entire day, while they watch her. Apparently, their reason is to so that they can pop out of the store at the right moment to rob the stage...ok, but why grab her 24 hours in advance? Why run the risk that she might tip somebody off? Just enter the store 30 minutes before the stage, and hold her hostage at that point.

I think this qualifies more as a "plot hole" than a blooper. Definitely not a "blooper!" You know, a person can take just about any script apart (or novel for that matter), in one way or another, if that is his or her goal. The film industry is especially susceptible, what with all the freeze-frame gizmos we have at our fingertips in this day and age. While that pursuit can in itself be diverting, it can get in the way of simply being entertained which, after all, was the creator's original intent... don't cha think? What say you? You be the judge. Thanks Renewed Fan!

I think Millie gave too much information when asked whose those people were riding into town. (Lucas and Mark) She did not have to tell them Lucas was going to help transfer the money. That put Marks life in jeopardy even more. Thanks wildwest!

The Stand-in episode #114 — It makes me laugh every time I see Rudy Croft jump out of the wagon, and a drunk Taylor
(Dabbs Greer) points his gun about two feet to the side of Croft, fires about three times, and the actor playing Croft acts like he has been shot the first time. Thanks Greg Merrill!

It was really funny that the director or anyone didn't notice or didn't care, that when the guard rapped the bars with his gun, it left the gun barrel bent about 20 degrees off straight. Thanks Bob!

Apparently there was a lot of that 'rubber gun stuff' going around... at the very beginning when one of the two prison wagon guards is trying to talk Lucas into some whiskey for their dusty road trip... the other guard, Richard Devon (my favorite bad guy), gets mad at their chatty prisoner in the back of the wagon and takes his gun out and slams it against the bars -- bending the gun barrel off kilter! Ooops! Thanks KC!

In The Stand-In when they hit Lucas over the head in the front yard he has on his hat and when they drag him into the back of the prison wagon isn't his hat still on the ground. So when Mark rides to the ranch wouldn't he have seen Lucas's hat first thing?

Rudy was alone at the McCain Ranch for quite a while after they took Lucas away so why didn't he break into the house for food and a gun and steal a horse why was he hanging around waiting for Mark to come? I know cuz Mark needed to confront him.

After they put Lucas into the prison wagon Taylor puts the padlock key in his front pocket. Later after Potter shoots Taylor he gets up to walk over to the wagon and has a key to open the lock but never took it from Taylor. Did they both have a key? Thanks markisddg!

More stock footage! The picture on the left is stock footage from The SurveyorsThe Journey Back and later in The Mescalero Curse. Thanks Ann Marie!

The Journey Back episode #115 — That morning before breakfast Lucas told Mark he saw Milly yesterday and ordered his watch.
While eating breakfast Lt. Vaughn knocks on the door looking for William Trader aka Will Temple. Milly had sent a package along with the Lt. for Mark, which was his watch. Boy that was a fast delivery! Milly must have ordered it for overnight delivery. Did they have that back then, I think not! Cowgirl!

This scene is near the end where Carney confronts Temple about his brothers, after the Cheyenne were done with them. Lucas rides in and jumped off his horse and grabs his rifle. Watch Razor - the first picture you see Razor right after Lucas got off of Razor, the second picture you see Razor looking to our left. He does this twice. I think someone is trying to get his attention to get him out of the way. It looks like someone could be pulling on the reins. The Next picture Razor is gone before the shootout. Cowgirl!

Right at the beginning, when Lucas and Mark are chasing down the calf, it sure doesn’t look like Mark is riding Blue Boy. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas sure let Mark take the job for Will Temple without much discussion. You’d think Lucas would object more to Mark working for a stranger—albeit a new neighbor—than working in town for Nils in First Wages. Nils was a good friend of Lucas’ too! Thanks Ann Marie!

The picture above may not be stock footage. But if this EXACT frame in The Journey Back wasn’t first seen in Eight Hours To Die, you can tell it was definitely originally shot for Eight Hours To Die. Everything is EXACTLY the same as that little part in Eight Hours To Die. The for sure giveaway that this wasn’t shot for The Journey Back — his sideburns. They weren’t that long by Season 4. They were only that long in Season 1. In Eight Hours To Die, the footage of Lucas from this angle was really really fast. I was thinking this piece in The Journey Back came from the shot of Lucas right after the Judge shoots and Mark falls by the stone spring in Eight Hours To Die. Thanks Ann Marie!

More stock footage! The picture on the left is stock footage from The SurveyorsThe Journey Back and later in The Mescalero Curse. Thanks Ann Marie!

The Decision episode #116 — Notice the curtains on the window & doors of the McCain Ranch. These picture are in episode order. Did they tape the ending of The Decision at another ranch? These are scenes when the Hazlitt Clan went to the McCain Ranch to kill Lucas. Notice the curtain are sheer. Also if you look at the chair on the front porch from The Knight Errant versus The Decision they are different. Cowgirl!

After getting beat up in his barn, Lucas rides into town and dismounts on the horse’s right side. Thanks Ann Marie!

For looking especially nasty, Lucas’ bruises sure healed fast! Thanks Ann Marie!

These are scenes when the Hazlitt Clan went to the McCain Ranch to kill Lucas. Notice the curtain are sheer. Also if you look at the chair on the front porch from The Knight Errant versus The Decision they are different. Cowgirl!

Harry Devers is suppose to be the older brother of Corey, but yet his name is not Hazlitt. Cowgirl!

A couple times around now I could have sworn I heard Lucas say "unloaded" when he meant to say "loaded". It was regarding getting back to work loading wood during the scene right after the brother of Corey Hazlitt threatens him by the wagon where they are loading wood. They weren't unloading because right after he says it, he puts some wood into the wagon. Thanks ruskin!

Knight Errant episode #117 ― Lucas plainly states to Don and Colonel Black that he doesn't know anything about the game of chess. an episode that aired in season two, The Hero episode#59 Lucas and Micah are playing chess in Micah's office...and Lucas is even winning!

Checkout the location of the well verses the house and the barn in both pictures. This looks like two totally different ranches. Cowgirl!

Look at the mark on Scooboo's face. Your left, his right, below his nose and above his lip. Earlier there is no mark and then after the snake incident you see this mark. Cowgirl!

Gates (Jack Elam) runs into the house to get the broom to force the rattlesnake out of the woodpile. How did Gates know where the broom was in the McCain house? Thanks markisddg!

While speaking Spanish to Don la Gar, we actually get to see there’s a picture above Lucas’ leather chair. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Mark and Don were walking to the house for the first time….Marks hair changesHis bangs are hanging in his face…then his hair is up under his hat….then his bangs are hanging again….then his hair is up under his hat. Thanks wildwest!

Honest Abe episode #118 — A storm is brewing as Mark, Emma, Lucas and Abe are about to have cake. Then the rain comes pouring down. Abe wants to go to North Fork and visit the nice people so he goes upstairs to get dressed. When he comes down Lucas opens the door and Abe comments on what a nice day it is to go to North Fork. But it was just pouring. Thanks markisddg!

While working on this blooper I couldn't help but see how dry the road was. Cowgirl!

When Mark holds a gun on Yordy, you can see into 4(?) cylinders and see it is not loaded. Abe tells Mark it is not loaded, and Mark puts it down. Later, Abe tells Mark it really was loaded - and is shown taking bullets out of the cylinder! Thanks Renewed Fan!

Look real close, you can see when Lucas, Mark and Able are sitting around the table (at Lucas' ranch house) that the top edge of Abe's false beard can be seen coming of his check a little. Thanks Greg Merrill!

I noticed that when Abe, Emma, Lucas and Mark are sitting around the table, Emma serves Abe the same piece of cake twice. Once when the camera looks in through the window and then after the sun is shown. Thanks Sally!

When Mark drops the gun in the dirt after Abe tells him it's just a souvenir gun it is right near his foot. After Lucas enters and that guy walks away Abe goes to pick up the gun in the dirt and it's way over by the barn door. Did Mark kick it? Thanks Markisddg!

I watched Mark's and his feet the whole time. I did not see him move out of the doorway. I didn't see any kind of activity that Mark would have kicked the gun. Cowgirl!

At the end of the episode, Lucas explains to Mark why its good to sometimes not tell the truth to someone, in order to spare their feelings. He gives the example of how Mark's grandmother (whom Mark remembers from his early childhood) was 88 years old and losing her eyesight etc., and was unable to do things the way she could when she was young. Mark's grandmother would clean the house, and instead of telling her she was doing a poor job, Lucas and his wife would clean up after her, thus sparing her feelings. Here's the problem: They don't say whether Marks' grandmother was the mother of Lucas or his wife. Lucas looks to be in his early 40's in this episode, and I assume that his wife, if living would have been around his age if not younger. If Mark's mother was still alive when the grandmother was 88, that means that Lucas would have been in his early 30's. Mark's grandmother would have had to given birth to Lucas or Mark's mother when the grandmother was in her late 50's!! Thanks Becca Blashock!

In Strange Town ― Just takes all the flavor away from the vittles.” Mark was talking about doing dishes, and how it would spoil your meal. Just sitting down to a nice plate of hot ham & beans, and you think about dishes that is gonna have to be washed. Then... in the Mr. Lincoln episode, he delivers a Herculean blow with a splitting maul by thinking about how much he 'hates beans!' Thanks Dan!

The Wyoming Story
- episode #97 - part 2 — Mark is on the porch talking about the crops he'll plant, "beans are good for the market. Why... I like beans".
And in Honest Abe he declares, "I HATE BEANS!" when he gives the 'heave-ho' and splits the piece of wood. Thanks BluewindFarm!

Lucas and "Abe" left to go to town in the buckboard. How did Mark get home? Did he walk or know that Abe was going to want to go to town so rode his horse? Thanks Gloria!

Ann was Abraham Lincoln's very first serious romance. The love affair between the youthful Abraham Lincoln and the fair maiden, Ann Rutledge, is not 100% proven. For nearly 140 years historical opinion has vacillated on the veracity of this relationship. However, if the actual New Salem residents are to be believed, the validity of the affair was very real. Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as some professional historians, never believed one word of it. Cowgirl!

Tangle Foot ―I noticed when Lucas and Abe went into town….when Lucas got off the buckboard his feet got tangled up in the reins and he had to step out of them. He did save the scene. You Dudes & Dudettes just gotta watch this scene. Great catch! Thanks wildwest!

The Long Goodbye episode #119 — as the grandson runs around the corner of the McCain house you can see his SHADOW against the "hills" in the background. Also, as Lucas leaves to go to the boy's grandfather, you can see the shadow of a boom mike against the McCain house. Thanks Rob!

What does this episode/The Rifleman/Yancy Derringer have in common? Thanks Kevin Gallagher & John Gilbert for this great question and piece of information.

When Lucas discovers Mark’s stirrups aren’t long enough anymore, and the whole time they talk—Lucas’ hat is tipped back. When grandson Woody comes running up, Lucas’ hat is much flatter and straighter on his head. Thanks Ann Marie!

The IndianConflictThe Long Goodbye ― Remember that 'mullein bush with five pods' that I pointed out to you in The Indian episode #21? Not only does it make a return appearance in Conflict episode #155 ― but they actually re-use that very same shot. Thanks Pete Villafea!
I have found another mullein bush in The Long Goodbye, right outside of the McCain house. Or is it? Cowgirl!

The Shattered Idol episode #120 — Did anybody notice a similarity between the area where Lucas and Mark go fishing (and meet Twain) and the opening sequence to the Andy Griffith show? I think they may have filmed at the same spot. Somebody who has this episode on DVD/TIVO could perhaps compare it to the Andy Griffith show. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Mark Twain said that the death of his son Langdon caused him to stop work on Huckleberry Finn. Langdon died in the early 1870's, about 4-5 years before Twain started to write Huckleberry Finn, about 10 years before the era portrayed in the show. Thanks Renewed Fan!

In what other episode did Mark mention he wanted to be a writer? Cowgirl!

When hen Twain was walking with Mark in the yard Mark's hair is falling down his forehead and then Twain walks away when Mark turns to go to Lucas his hair is neatly combed under his hat. "He's just plum tuckered out." Thanks markisddg!

In the barn scene when Mark is all upset, and Lucas starts going on about what happened to Langdon, how would HE know that Twain blamed himself for what happened to his son?

It wasn't until later in the hotel that Twain told Lucas that he murdered his son. Even if the letter said what happened to him, I don't see how Lucas would know the "history" of it. Thanks Rhiannon!

The stagecoach driver exclaims, “Mark Twain!” He didn’t know who he was driving? I know the riders wouldn’t need to introduce themselves before boarding, but what about at breaks when everyone would get out and stretch their legs? The driver would naturally talk to the riders, right? Just seemed strange he wouldn’t know. Thanks Ann Marie!

Outlaw Inheritance and Tinhorn are the only two episodes where there was poker playing in the hotel. Usually it happened in the saloon, of course. If you want to include any kind of wagering or betting, you could also mention Shattered Idol when Mark Twain and Russell played the billiards game—in what was usually the hotel’s dining room. Thanks Ann Marie!

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) spends a night in North Fork while the wheel of a stagecoach he is riding in is being repaired. Clemens is fishing at a lake and Mark McCain says, "You've caught a fish " Clemens tells the boy to reel in the fish. The boy jerks the rod and pulls the fish out of the water. The fish is obviously a fake which a stagehand had attached to the hook. The fish is motionless and is not even wet.

Long Gun from Tucson episode #121 — At the end of the show you will see Lucas facing four bad guys. Watch closely while Lucas is walking towards the right. You can see a reflection of a camera light in the window behind him. Thanks Pete!

Nils said in Long Gun from Tucson that he had been there at least 5 years, and apparently he had probably been in North Fork longer then that from the way it was understood in that episode. In Anvil Chorus, Nils said that he'd been in North Fork. Nearly as long as Lucas, which may be about five years by that point... Thanks Michelle Palmer!

I found this interesting being that the first Blacksmith we see is John Dierkes played Nels in Duel of Honor and in The Sister.  And several others played the Blacksmith until Joe Higgins makes an appearance on The Rifleman and that was in Strange Town as the Bartender. He didn't play Nils until March 7th, 1961. He even played different characters between playing Nils and others have played Nils since. Cowgirl!

About 18 minutes into the Long Gun From Tucson, Mark runs past two other bad guys to go see Lucas at the Marshall's office. You can hear that the floor is fake.... I've never heard dirt thud like that when someone ran across it. It sounds more like dirt covered plywood stage floor to me. You can hear it again later in Gunfire after the shoot out at about 54:40 minutes into the show when Lucas flicks the rifle away from the bad guy. The rifle hits the floor with quite a big thunk, again like hitting plywood under dirt on a stage. Thanks ruskin!

The High Country episode #122 — This is the fight scene between Lucas and Ambrose with fiery torches.
This is not Lucas or Ambrose. Cowgirl!

Right after Ambrose knocks the torch from Lucas' hand (if you stop the action at approx 22:32-22:35) right under Lucas' behind you'll see something that looks like a metal stand with small wheels. I suspect it's a type of light stand found on sets or some other type of filming equipment. It surely isn't anything that would be found in the high country back in the late 1880's. Thanks erlybrd52!

Riders ― In the beginning of this episode (left) we see Gorwin and Cy Parker riding near the McCain Ranch when they hear Lucas firing his rifle a few times. They stop and look in the direction of the McCain Ranch (right), even they scenery is different.
If you compare the two pictures you can tell that the one of the left is file footage from where I don't know, but I think it's from Wanted Dead or Alive - the rider on the left looks like Josh Randall.
Both of these series are North Fork Production. This would not be the first time North Fork Productions has used something from The Rifleman / Wanted Dead or Alive. Cowgirl!

A Friend in Need episode #123 — When Micah is getting ready to leave the saloon when he spots a man by the window. As he looks toward the window, you can see Lucas and Mark just sitting there on their horses, I guess waiting for their scene. After Micah goes out the door, then you see then come riding up rapidly like they just rode into town!!!

Did anyone notice part of the note fell when the Bad guy tore it down? Cowgirl!

I was thinking how great it would be to have that note today for memorabilia. Imagine, a handwritten note to Mark from Pa, actually signed by Pa. (Heck, I'd even take the crumpled pieces). I was watching the nail thing too. It was definitely a nail at first. When Carl Avery left the second note he hung it further down on the page, amongst the lettering of the ransom demand. Interesting that when we saw the ransom note as Micah found it, there was no nail hole shown at all. If there was one, it would had to have been closer to the top of the paper than where Avery originally hung it. Thanks Laurie!

I had to laugh about the note also because Lucas left this tiny piece of LINED paper on a nail, but the kidnapper left a much larger piece Unlined with more writing on it, but Lucas said "the notes right where I left it. "Wouldn't you think he would have noticed the difference when he walked by!! Oh well, it was great entertainment back then and still today.

In the General Store at the beginning of this episode. When Lucas sits down to talk to his "friend," Milly asks Mark to help her with the canned goods. Lucas (Chuck) has his elbow and Milly (Joan) tries to pick it up. Joan has to really work at picking up the box because Chuck has his elbow on it fairly solidly. You see an expression cross Joan's face for only a second as she tries to lift the box with Chuck's elbow on it. But Chuck doesn't miss a beat with the scene. He simply lifts his elbow and continues with his scene. Thanks Michelle Palmer!

It is Sunday! We know this because Mark and Lucas always come into town on Saturday afternoon according to the note. Also, Milly calls to Lucas "Don't forget church!" The bank is open and operating on a SUNDAY!!!! John Masefield Hamilton would have been lynched first thing Monday morning for doing such a sinful thing! Not even the banks in my town are open on Sundays!!! Thanks Michelle Palmer!

When Carl looks at the clock notice there is no pendulum moving. I have an old clock like that and you can see the pendulum in the door. Thanks Markisddg!

What does The SharpshooterA Friend in NeedPanicSkullThe Vision all have in common? In all of these episodes we hear Lucas referred to as 'Dad' or 'Daddy'. Cowgirl!

In the scene where Carver puts Mark in the shed, take a close look, Mark has a shirt jacket. In the shed when he's pounding on the door he has a denim jacket on, he even looks somewhat younger on the left then he does on the right. Thanks Pete!

When Mark is banging on the inside of the “tool shed”, this is from A Friend In Need but is also shown later in Squeeze Play. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Mark says, “Mister, I’ve got to go,” it looks like Mark is going to start his horse. But then it cuts to another angle, with Mark and Carl on their horses much closer together. We don’t see Carl grab the reins and stop Mark’s horse. Thanks Ann Marie!

Skull episode #124 — A big deal was made of the fact that Lucas would have exactly ONE bullet in the rifle as they rode into town. Lucas clearly shoots Hoyt, then appears to shoot a second outlaw (without, of course, reloading). Thanks Renewed Fan!

Lucas sure jumped off his horse fast enough! It seemed as if the film was sped up for some reason.

Watch the activity in the background..... At the end of this episode where Hoyt Coyle is shot. You never see him fall off his horse. With all the action going on you don't see him slowly riding off. (Watch the background. The action in the background keeps changing.) But yet in the next scene when Pascal gets shot, in the background or anywhere else you do not see Coyle or anyone (Look between Warren & Pascal). 3. Then if you watch closely (to the right) you can see someone in the background riding, sitting somewhat slouched with a light colored jacket on (I this is suppose to be Coyle). 4. There are horses tied to a hitching post after the tall white building. 5. The next scene the man if the light colored Jacket is slumped down & riding off in a gallop. Lucas is standing there & Mark comes running to him you can see a different rider slumped down and closer then before. No horses in sight except the rides. 6. Watch closely, you can see him fall off of his horse (Coyle). Cowgirl!

Did Sam Buckhart and Marshal A. L. Morrison get fired from the Lordsburg sheriff’s office? (Hopefully promoted instead). The Rifleman spin-off The Law of the Plainsman was clearly set in Lordsburg, New Mexico and I would assume concurrent the time period of The Rifleman.

The Lordsburg sheriff refers to Lucas as “your daddy’’ when addressing Mark. Thanks Duane!

The picture on the left is the pond where Deputy Applegate found Mark. At the end of the episode sheriff meets Lucas & Mark at this cabin. If you look over Mark's shoulder it looks like the pond where the deputy found Mark. Cowgirl!

It looks like telephone/utility pole between the sheriff & Mark. Cowgirl!

Early in the episode, when Lucas rides off leaving Mark alone, there is a buck deer hanging in the tree. It looks to be a mule deer, native to Western U.S. A short time later, Mark follows another buck and climbs a large rock. He falls from the rock and is knocked unconscious. The buck he was following looked to be a fallow deer or some other non-native deer from Asia or Europe. It was not a deer native to the U.S. Thanks mgwapiti!
What does The SharpshooterA Friend in NeedPanicSkullThe Vision all have in common? In all of these episodes we hear Lucas referred to as 'Dad' or 'Daddy'. Cowgirl!

When Lucas rides away looking for Mark, riding in the shady lane, that is stock footage from Eight Hours to Die. Then when they show the close up of him in the darkness, that is from The Mescalero Curse. Thanks Ann Marie!

How come Lucas didn’t find Mark initially after he fell off the rock? Mark didn’t wander off. I believe in reality that Lucas would have found him unconscious. That big rock Mark fell off of was RIGHT THERE! Lucas really scours the ground around the campsite. He should have found him. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas asks Mark what happened to him, Mark says he chased the buck and slipped into a ravine. He fell off a big rock and hit his head on a much smaller rock! It didn’t look anything like a ravine! Thanks Ann Marie!

After Mark pries the boards off the window, Mark throws his rifle on the floor, I don’t think Mark would have left his knife. Thanks Ann Marie!

In chaotic Lordsburg shootout, Lucas has trouble trying to get his “one” shot in, with the horse in the way. After Hoyt is shot, Lucas tumbles forward and grabs his gun, which is lying down on the ground. Why? He didn’t drop it or have it shot out of his hands. (Chuck does it beautifully. But it really doesn’t make any sense.) Thanks Ann Marie!

A few seconds after Hoyt says, “Yuki, pour Mr. McCain some wine,” you can see the boom mike dip into the top center of the frame. Thanks Ann Marie!

Warren points Lucas’ gun at Lucas before Hoyt’s men ride out to find Mark. After they find Mark, the next scene is back at the Skull Ranch. Now Warren doesn’t have any rifle. He goes out to relay Hoyt’s order to tell the men to wait. Warren comes back in, with a rifle, and it’s not Lucas’! Where is Lucas’ rifle? Thanks Ann Marie!

There were four episodes where they reused the footage from Eight Hours To Die — the part where Lucas rides down the shady lane to find Mark and Judge Burton. First, we see it in The Pet, after Haskins made himself at home in the McCain's house. The next time is Season 4’s Skull when Lucas couldn’t find Mark at their camp and rides off looking for him. Then the footage was also used in two episodes from Season 5. In Conflict, watch after Lucas is still disturbed about missing the cougar; he tells Mark he’s going into town to see the gunsmith. Also, in Which Way'd They Go? when Lucas is riding off to buy cattle. Thanks Ann Marie!

I noticed when Luke first rides up to the gate at Skull Ranch, the man in the suit fires one shot at the gate post, and then another shot when Luke starts to go for his rifle. The man then threatens that the next shot won't miss. He is holding a small gun. Soon they are both in the house and you can see that the man is holding a two-round Derringer. I don't think he would have tried to bluff Luke that there could be a third shot from a Derringer. Thanks Greg Merrill!

Holt Coyle Welcomes you to The Skull Ranch sure and visit The Skull Ranch.

Spike/Old Spike ― Old Spike is somewhat of a celebrity around the ranch. Here we have spottings (file footage) of Spike aka Old Spike from The Rifleman.

What does The Rifleman - The Westerner and Perry Mason have in common? Boy that old buck sure does get around! Thanks Barry!

The footage of Lucas riding in town originally appeared in Squeeze Play and is again seen in ConflictEnd of the Hunt. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas was tied up and prisoner in the barn and Mark was also being held in the barn hayloft. Lucas told Mark to use his pocketknife to open the boarded window and escape. Why didn't Lucas just tell Mark to try to come down and cut him loose with the same pocketknife? I guess that would have not given them a story plot. Just one of those unusual script angles. Thanks wildwest!

The Princess episode #125 — When Mark came home from school, he saw Jennifer looking at his mother’s picture.  Jennifer told Mark she was beautiful.  Mark told her..... “You look a little bit like her, Jennifer.” When Lucas was plowing the field, Jennifer goes out to talk to him.
As they talk Jennifer asks: “Mr. McCain, was your wife a blonde?” He told her his wife had hair about the color of hers.
Was this a blooper or was just her way of changing the subject? Cowgirl! ― This has always made perfect sense to me as a young girl purposely testing in Lucas by asking him something she already knew was not true to get him to notice her, and speak of her own hair. Thanks Greg Merrill!

Lucas brings Jennifer back from North Fork, and Mark and her brother are in the wagon, too; they arrive at the McCain ranch, the boys bail out of the wagon and run off toward the back of the house while Lucas helps Jennifer from the buckboard, only IT IS NOT LUCAS. As they pull up, you can see the actor won't keep his head up, trying to hide it from the camera. Then, watch closely as he takes her from the seat and turns. Not Lucas. Thanks Chris!

Chris is Rob's wife. Rob is a regular here at "The McCain Ranch." "Welcome to the McCain Ranch.....Chris!" ; ) Great catch Chris!

When Jennifer rides up to the cabin and comes to a quick stop, you can see the horse slides across the stage. Thanks Bob!

Jennifer has gone into the house and her pursuers are in the yard talking to Lucas. Lucas goes into the house to get Jennifer and Mark has just come in from the back door and says they've gone. Well they have gone into the barn so wouldn't those men in the yard see a boy and a woman enter the barn. I thought the barn only had one door. In the old episodes the barn door was further from the house and in the later episodes it's on the side. Thanks markisddg!

Jennifer must have borrowed Mark's shirt. I wonder if they are his jeans too! In what other episode do we see someone else dressed like Mark? Cowgirl!

Do you remember in Hostages to Fortune ― Percy dressed like Mark towards the end of the episode? Cowgirl!

Cindy's Birthday/Something Special - Del-Fi Record Label 1962 #4178 - Artist: Johnny Crawford Cindy's Birthday Picture Sleeve - The picture on this cover of Johnny's record album Cindy's Birthday was taken during the filming of the episode of The Princess.  Although I don't know the name of the gentleman in the middle, you can clearly see on Johnny album cover that this gentleman is in the background. Cowgirl!
Be sure and check out ♫ Songs of The Rifleman.

When Jennifer first get into North Fork, she walks over to the dress store. Here you can see the collar on her blouse is rounded. But when she is sitting in the buckboard waiting for Lucas, Mark and Charles to finish up, you can see her the collar on her blouse is pointed. Cowgirl!

In Miss Milly we see only a water trough ― Then in Dead Cold Cash we see a water trough and a well. In The Princess we see nothing, no water trough, no well ― Then in Two Ounces of Tin we see only a well. What makes this interesting is how close the first two episodes were filmed and the last two episodes, yet how different the are, even the background. Cowgirl!

Gunfire episode #126 — When Gorgo first "died" he was holding the rifle in his right hand and was facing right and when Lucas checked the body, the rifle was in the left hand and the fellow was facing left. Like I said, I can't see it good enough to know whether that was actually Gordo or the other bad guy but it seemed like they'd changed positions when Lucas went to check the bodies. Thanks ruskin!

(It is hard to see Gordo's rifle in the picture on the right. But if you watch the episode you can clearly see it when Lucas rolls Gordo over.) Cowgirl!

When Lucas walks up to the dead guys in the street in Gunfire...he kinda pushes Gordo over and Lon Chaney, Jr. moves his arm as he turns unlike a dead guy would. Thanks markisddg!

About 18 minutes into the Long Gun From Tucson, Mark runs past two other bad guys to go see Lucas at the Marshall's office. You can hear that the floor is fake.... I've never heard dirt thud like that when someone ran across it. It sounds more like dirt covered plywood stage floor to me.
You can hear it again later in Gunfire after the shoot out at about 54:40 minutes into the show when Lucas flicks the rifle away from the bad guy. The rifle hits the floor with quite a big thunk, again like hitting plywood under dirt on a stage. Thanks ruskin!

At the end of this episode Lucas is lying on the street after being shot. The bad guys are walking away from him towards their horses. Lucas rises to his knees and shoots the bad guys. What is interesting about those scenes is this: The Flip special appears to have jammed towards the very end. You can see the lever in a position that suggests that this is what happened. Lucas gets to his feet and walks over to the bad guys jammed rifle and all. Thanks Pete!

When Micah is in the jail, he leans out the window with his double barreled shotgun and fires at the two outlaws on the hotel porch. You hear the heavier, deeper boom of the shotgun, which is very distinctive from the pistol shots. . . and there are three shotgun blasts in rapid succession, from the double barreled shotgun. I think it is another "too many shots" blooper. Thanks Renewed Fan!  

Did you notice on Gunfire when Lucas and Micah had loaded up, when Ben Johnson said he didn't want to be deputy any longer because he had a family, after he died they loaded him onto a wagon and as wagon was leaving them the, dead man lifted his head up slightly just as they were pulling away. Anonymous!

Lucas picked up the badge and pinned it on the right side of his shirt. "You’re supposed to wear that over your heart," said Micah. "I've got a big heart Micah." Cowgirl!

Another chapter to the ice cream debacle! Mark tells Lucas that he doesn't want to spoil his appetite by eating dinner in the hotel before he goes to the birthday party. Mark: "They'll have cake and cookies, things like that, and they're even going to have some of that new stuff, ice cream!" Thanks Ann Marie! 

When Lucas and Micah went looking for Ben, how come the scene in the alley didn’t get brighter as Lucas walked in with the lantern? Also, when it was shot out, the alley should have gotten darker, instead of staying the same light level the entire time. Thanks Ann Marie!

The Man from SalinasLucas is wearing the deputy badge on the wrong (right) side again. I guess he forgot what Micah told him in Gunfire — that he was supposed to wear it over his heart. Even though Lucas did have a big heart! Thanks Ann Marie!

Preston Price was the stagecoach driver. Lucas called him Preston, but the credits say: Preston Price as Joe ~ This is the only thing I could find on this cowboy. Cowgirl!

When Lucas walks up to the dead guys in the street in Gunfire...he kinda pushes Gordo over and Lon Chaney, Jr. moves his arm as he turns unlike a dead guy would. Thanks markisddg!

Lucas worn the deputies badge on his right side of his shirt in both of these episodes - The Man from Salinas and in Gun Fire. In Gun Fire.....he picked up the badge and pinned it on the right side of my shirt. "You’re suppose to wear that over your heart," said Micah. "I've got a big heart Micah." Cowgirl!

Quiet Fear  episode #127 — They show the name "BUD" scrawled into the wood two times...The first time you see it's been scrawled by Bryce to show Abby. Then they show it again when Abby points out the name of the person who attacked her. They show it....."BUD" has been written very differently almost like with chalk so it can be read. The B's are noticeably different. Thanks Markisddg!

Abby was a deaf/mute, why was her father telling her (at the end, when they were about to board the stage) to 'come along, Abbey', and while she was kissing the guy, her Pa yelled 'Abby' as if she could hear him. Wishful thinking on his part? Thanks Mary!

Enid Jaynes' character is listed as "Abbey Striker" but when Mark was showing her how to write her name, he wrote it on the book as "Abby". Thanks Ann Marie!

The McCains’ buckboard is a
buckboard is a double seater! We see another double-seater buckboard in Lou Mallory, as belonging to the Jackmans’, as Lou is being escorted to their spread. This is the only two times in the series that we see a double-seater buckboard used. Or that they turned the usual buckboard into a double-seater. Which is probably the case. Thanks Ann Marie!

Stuntman — The picture on the left is of Bud Martin (Dennis Cross). If you look at the picture on the right, you can clearly see the cowboy in the loft is not Bud, but a stuntman. Cowgirl!

Is this Lucas fighting with Bud? My opinion, I think it looks like Fritz Ford, or another stuntman, but it doesn't look like Lucas to me. Cowgirl!

Sporting Chance episode #128 — Just after Micah takes the Englishman into his office, Lucas is seen riding into town. Look at his shirt and hands. His shirt has small buttons and is not corduroy and he doesn't have gloves on. The next scene that shows Lucas getting off his horse he is wearing a corduroy shirt with large buttons and he is wearing gloves. This is the shirt that Lucas wears through out the rest of the show.
Also, watch when Lucas and Mark are talking at their ranch. Mark is wearing a denim jacket. Lucas tells Mark to go to school. Mark mounts his horse and rides off and he doesn't have a jacket on, Mark is also quite a bit younger. The next time you see Mark, he has the jacket back on. (file footage) Thanks Pete S!

Lucas tells Mark to go into the hotel dining room and they'll be there in a minute. Chuley (always thought they were saying Julie LOL) is wanting to challenge Lucas and instead Jeremy takes on Chuley. They will go outside of town for their gunfight and they just up and leave Mark waiting for dinner. Wonder if Mark got fed up and ordered his dinner and a rare steak for Lucas and ate his. Thanks Markisddg!

The footage of the bottles being shot off the tree trunk during Lucas’ and Jeremy Pennebroke’s shooting (The Sporting Chance) exhibition was later used in Mark’s Rifle and The Guest.

When Lucas and Mark are talking on the porch, Lucas’ right hand is very close to the diagonal supports in the close ups. But it is noticeably father down in the wide shots—maybe about a foot lower—of him and Mark. Then a few seconds later, in the shot of Lucas alone, his hand is maybe 4 to 5 inches from the diagonal supports. All without us seeing him move it. (I don’t mean towards the end of the dialogue, when Mark stepped away from Lucas on the porch and Lucas followed him, and put his hand on the other beam’s diagonal supports.) Thanks Ann Marie!

The footage of the bottles being shot off the tree trunk during Lucas’ and Jeremy Pennebroke’s shooting originally aired in The Sporting Chance, later the exhibition was used in Mark’s Rifle. Thanks Ann Marie!

What does A Young Man's Fancy episode #129 — What does Eleanor Claremont - Sally Walker & Leona Pickford Bartell have in common? How about Sheila Delancey (Ruta Lee) in Rawhide & Boni Damon (Virginia Baker) in Gunsmoke - Carla Roberts (Karen Black) in The Big Valley have in common with The Rifleman? Cowgirl!  ♫ Dance with a Dolly with a hole in her Stocking

What does A Young Man's Fancy episode #129 ― I Take this Woman episode #148 have in common?
In these two episodes we see the McCain's kitchen table right by the window. The table & chairs usually sets in the middle of the room. But in these two episodes the McCain's have company, and for some reason they set in front of the window. Also in both of these scenes you can see the kitchen table in the background. This is usually where Lucas' chair & lamp sets. Look in the background of both pictures you can see their table & chairs. Did you take a look at the hutch also in the background? They are both different. The hutch on the left is bigger & no curtains. It also looks like the wall fixtures are also different along with the stuff in the hutches. Cowgirl!

When Mark is delivering Sally's letter to Bruce he is riding down the same road to the Willow Ranch that he and Lucas are walking down when Mark sees Sally at the lake. (left) Here is a picture of Lucas & Mark walking to the lake to go fishing. Both roads have the same tree. (right) Thanks markisddg!

Sally came in on the Denver stage and stayed two weeks and left on the stage.  In Man From Salinas — Tom, Salinas' telegraph operator, tells Dave Foley (Robert Culp), that the Denver stage goes thru North Fork once a month. Thanks Gloria Fortner!

Table Cloth — When Mark and Sally are on the porch, and Lucas and Milly are watching through the window, drinking coffee, with the rectangular table, do you think the props people covered the desk with a table cloth? Thanks Ann Marie!

You’d think if Mark was comfortable playing his guitar for strangers—especially trying to court Sally—that he would play more than one song. It would have been nice to hear Mark sing something else from Johnny’s new album as well! Thanks Ann Marie!

Man From Salinas episode #130 — Where are we here? The Bank of North Fork has a totally different look & it looks like we have a Territorial Saloon here. Boy I bet Sweeny's not gonna like this!!!!!  Cowgirl!

I notice that in the credits that Jack Hogan was credited as playing the role of Rudy "Gay", but during the show his name was Rudy "Gray." Thanks Gene Tinsley!

Lucas is wearing the deputy badge on the wrong (right) side again. I guess he forgot what Micah told him in Gunfire — that he was supposed to wear it over his heart. Even though Lucas did have a big heart! Thanks Ann Marie!

Shadows — While Dr. Burrage is trying to cool down Rudy Gray’s fever, look at the shadows of Lucas and the bedpost in the photo on the left. Then look at the bedposts’ shadows on the pillow next to Rudy Gray’s head. There are a couple of problems here. Behind Lucas are two different shadows—a dark one, and a much lighter one to the left of it—which means there is more than one light source. The lamp to the right of Lucas is lit. (Part of the lamp’s light is shining on the wall.) That is making the dark shadow of Lucas. The head of Rudy’s bed is right against a window. A bright light is shining through. Whether it’s actually the sun or not, I don’t know. But the light is bright—not approaching dusk or twilight, or simulated to look like dusk or twilight. So why is the lamp on?

Also, the shadows on the wall are definitely the head post. The blue arrow points to where the footboard caught the light. The green arrow shows the shadow being cast. It’s faint, but it’s there—and very low on the wall. The same light wouldn’t cast two different shadows that vary greatly in size. Also, there are no little diamond shaped pieces on the foot posts to match the shadows on the wall—more visible in the third picture.

A stage light in the foreground—much closer to Dr. Burrage but out of the shot—is making the lighter shadow of Lucas and that really big shadow of the bedpost. It can’t be the sun or “sun” that we see in the photo on the right at the same angle. Because whatever the light source is in the photo on the right, the bedposts’ shadows are being cast down onto the pillow, not over on the wall. If you go by the angle of the sun or “sun” in the second photo, those bedposts’ shadows that are on the wall should be on the bed’s blankets instead. At that angle in the second photo, at the most, only a small portion—just the top—of the bed posts shadow would be on the wall. Not all the way up the wall. Thanks Ann Marie!

The footage of the bottles being shot off the tree trunk during Lucas’ and Jeremy Pennebroke’s shooting (The Sporting Chance) exhibition was later used in Mark’s Rifle and The Guest. Thanks Ann Marie!

Lucas worn the deputies badge on his right side of his shirt in both of these episodes - The Man from Salinas and in Gun Fire. In Gun Fire.....he picked up the badge and pinned it on the right side of my shirt. "You’re suppose to wear that over your heart," said Micah. "I've got a big heart Micah." Cowgirl!

Two Ounces of Tin episode #131 — Here you see Ted (Johnny Ginger) standing with this lady in the scene where Tip Corey asked....."Go ahead McCain, go ahead and ask them! Ask them.....who will pick up the badge?" "I'll pick it up! Yelled Mark. (The picture to the right which is the next scene) You see Archie Butler in the same spot where Johnny stood, next to the lady. Cowgirl!

Mark appears to be wearing a holster as he stands along side of the building when Corey asks who will pick up the badge? But when he steps out to face Corey, no holster. Thanks Rob!

When Tip Corey and Lucas face each other in the street, Tip starts to draw. Lucas fires his rifle and shoots Tip. Watch as Tip falls with his hands in the air and his gun still in his holster. The next scene shows Tip lying in the dirt with his gun in front of him. Thanks Pete!

Look at the location of the well. This has moved in several episode. Also another blooper is the bushes behind Tip Corey. In some of the episodes there is also a clothes line/pole and some also have a bridge in the distance. Cowgirl!

At the ranch Tip says Mr. McCain without being told his name?? He called Mark ‘boy’ so did Tip know Lucas? Thanks wildwest!

In the beginning scene in Ted (Johnny Ginger) goes to empty a bucket in the street. You see nothing come out of the bucket and there is a quick shot of the bucket inside and it looks dry. Thanks wildwest!

Tip Corey always refers to Mark as "boy" so we don't know if he ever introduced himself but when Lucas rides up and tells Tip to get off his property, Tip refers to him as Mr. McCain. Thanks markisddg!

Another blooper is the bushes behind Tip Corey. In some of the episodes there is also a clothes line/pole and some also have a bridge in the distance. Cowgirl!

One thing I noticed was when Corey drew the circle in the barn to shoot & throw the knife into, that horse was pretty close. Then after he threw the knife, the horse was moved. Did the horse move himself or did someone move him? Cowgirl!

Rodd Redwing taught a lot of others Hollywood types how to use firearms. He is famous for throwing a knife and hitting a bullet hole dead center with the same move drawing and firing a single action. The knife supposedly always stuck in the bullet hole. Rodd is quoted as saying that his gun was cocked in the holster before he threw the knife. He was famous for this. Was Rodd the gun coach for the Sammy Davis in the episode Two Ounces of Tin on The Rifleman? Sammy was a very good fancy gun handler, and may have been fast, but did he do this stunt or did Rodd Redwing? I know Sammy was known for his fancy gun work, but I'm not so sure about this kind of stunt. Cowgirl!

Guns of the Old West by Bob 'Jayhawker' Arganbright: In Two Ounces of Tin, Tip Corey (Sammy Davis Jr.) plays a circus fast draw expert and trick shooter. At one point he demonstrates his unbeatable speed and accuracy for Mark by throwing his Bowie knife at the McCain barn wall, and with one continuous hand motion drawing and firing his 7.5-inch barrel Colt SAA to shoot a bullet hole in which the knife sticks. While this was done with a bit of camera magic, this classic fast draw stunt was originated and performed by legendary Hollywood gun coach Rodd Redwing. Cowgirl!

Near the end when Lucas & Tip confront each other, why is Lucas wearing gloves? Thanks TooYoungForRifleman!

When Lucas first starts walking towards Tip after the gunfight, his rifle is in his right hand. Then when we see him approaching Tip as he's lying on the ground, it's in his left hand. As he gets to Tip's side, he passes the rifle back to his right hand to set it down on his right side. Thanks TooYoungForRifleman!

When Tip is at the ranch in the beginning with Mark he flips a tin can in the air and shoots it. You can hear and see the can being shot but you never hear the sound of it falling to the ground. Thanks wildwest!

In Miss Milly we see only a water trough ― Then in Dead Cold Cash we see a water trough and a well. In The Princess we see nothing, no water trough, no well ― Then we go to season 4, Two Ounces of Tin and we see only a well. What makes this interesting is how close the first two episodes were filmed and the last two episodes, yet how different the are, even the background. Cowgirl!

These scenes are after Lucas talks Micah into going to County Court. As Lucas looks out of the window he noticed Corey riding back into town. He distracted Micah, he didn't want him to know Corey was back. 
Corey walked outside in time to see Micah ride out of town.
1. Notice in the first picture on the left, to the right in the back we see Joe Benson with his horse doing something to the saddle.
2. In the middle picture we see Joe Benson riding his horse with Micah in the background.
3. In the picture on the right, Joe Benson is still adjusting his saddle.
The middle picture was shot either before or after this scene and then added later.
One more thing..... I don't really think that is Micah riding out of town, his double maybe? Cowgirl!

Look at the picture on the left at the townsfolks in the background. Then look at them on the right.
These picture were taken back to back and is the scene where Cory says: "And when you’re lying there in the dirt there McCain, I want you to look around...take one look...and you tell me who will pick it up?" He looked around. The town folks bowed their heads. There was no one who would say a word. "Nobody McCain! Not a soul!" Corey started yelling. "Go ahead McCain, go ahead and ask them! Ask them who will pick up the badge?"

The Deadly Image episode #132 — Mark and Lucas ride into town together on their horses. Lucas has to "take" Mark to school (don't understand that). Then when he rides home to deal with the deadly image, he rides his horse. But when he finally gets back into town, he has the wagon and takes Mark home in it. So, did Mark get out of school and ride home only to find his father missing, then ride all the way back into town to find him, or is this a blooper? Thanks Michelle Palmer!

In the saloon the bartender throws Bantry a full black bottle of whiskey and the twin catches a third full clear bottle!!! Thanks Mee!

When Bantry and K.C. leave the saloon, K.C. says, "Come on, Earl. We can miles out of here by dark." IT IS dark! Thanks Michelle Palmer!

I have a question about the stove. I remember my grandparents having a wood cook stove and that thing got hot and it sat out from the wall. Does Lucas' stove look like it's against the wall in the back and side to anyone else? And most westerns at some time shows them put wood it the stove and fire. I don't recall them ever showing that on Rifleman. Thanks Dianna!

When in the saloon, Earl grabbed Sweeny. The girl next to him at the bar got her arm entangled with Earl's arm in the scene. She left it there for a while then pulled it loose. Don't think that was supposed to happen. Thanks wildwest!

Look at the different stuff' above the fireplace. It seems to change from episode to episode! We seen long horns, blankets, rifle, antlers and pictures. Cowgirl!

Notice the back door..... There is a towel on the rack on the back door. But the first scene on the left there is nothing on the shelf. But the picture on the right, a few scenes later they have what look like coffee mugs on the shelf. Also, look on top of the stove and compare both of the above pictures. The top of the stoves on these pictures are different.  Also hanging on the post is two items. But if you look at the post above on the right, there is nothing on it. To the right on the room divider where all the books are you can see a candle stick. f you look at the one picture above there is no candle stick. Cowgirl!

Sweeney puts a bandage around Micah's head. Looks like he did a pretty good job. In the next scene you see it falling down. Sweeney should have fixed it, he could loose the bandage before he gets to his office.  When Micah gets to the McCain Ranch he doesn't have a bandage on. His hat is tilted like he does, but you can't see it. At the end when Lucas, Mark, Micah and Len Richards are in Micah's office you see the bandage back on and the next scene it's gone! Cowgirl!

Lucas McCain/Earl Bantry — When Lucas comes through the door and Earl and Lucas are on a split screen they show Lucas front view and you see the side of Earl (a stand in) it's obviously it's not Chuck cuz you don't see his jaw move when he talks. Same as when Earl is front view. Doesn't look like Lucas' jaw. Thanks markisddg!

I like how we see Earl fire his rifle at that guy after he is accused of killing one of his steers. He fires it like Lucas has never fired the rifle (low with one hand and without a thought) to show that this guy is definitely not Lucas McCain. Thanks markisddg!

When Mark is at the stove and he hears Lucas riding up why didn’t Mark go out the kitchen door since he was right next to it instead of running toward the front door and was caught? Thanks wildwest!

After Earl decides he wants to split with K.C., suddenly a cigar appears in Earl’s mouth. Thanks Ann Marie!

The Debt episode #133 — This one was a bit TOO obvious. When the fire starts, you see Renolds  filling the canteens. Behind him sit two horses as calm as can be.
Flash to Mark in the burning building screaming for help.
Flash to Renolds filling up the canteens - only one horse. Then he turns and runs to the building, he slaps the one horse still tied there. So...where's Blue Boy??? Thanks Michelle!

After Renolds unties Mark in the burning building, why didn’t Mark just jump up and run out on his own. Renolds would have still gotten credit for saving him. Renolds did not have to carry him at this point as his legs were untied. Thanks wildwest!

What I find interesting is that Renolds dumps out the kerosene and then re-fills them. I don't think that taste would go away with just a rinsing. Cowgirl!

Buildings in ghost town are close together....if not attached..."Saloon" in ghost town catches fire.... How come the buildings attached to the "saloon" did not go up in flames? I presume they were constructed of wood and by that time were highly flammable. How did the fire get put out? Most all the buildings on that side of town should have been a total loss. Thanks Deanne Bertram!

Some weeks ago Dianna thought the torn hat that Mark wore was burned in the fire, which, if so, would constitute a blooper if he later wore it in other episodes. She was not 100% about the fire loss. Thanks Renewed Fan!

I also made a point of watching this episode again, closely to see if what I thought about his torn hat getting burned up was right. And that's how I take it. His hat falls off in the saloon, then he's rescued from the burning saloon without his hat and afterwards when they're all standing outside-no hat, and when they get on their horses and ride out of the ghost town Mark has no hat on. That was just my opinion of how I saw it, that it did burn. Thanks Renewed Fan for remembering to watch for that, and I see that you think as I do. I too, had made a comment on seeing it reappear on following episodes. Maybe it had become such a trademark for him, they just couldn't really do away with it.
I watched the episode - when Mark was tied up in the saloon and struggling to get free, he loses his hat. He is then rescued from the flaming saloon, without his hat. The remaining two scenes involve Mark, without his hat. So, it would appear that the torn hat was burned up in the fire. Thanks Dianna!

I do agree with what you guys are saying, I just know after that he still had that torn hat. I can't imagine after that fire that the hat would have survived. Good mystery! That's one for the marshal in The Bullet and Deputy Ben.

Mark's Hat Renewed Fan & Cowgirl!

Why aren't Mark & Renolds 'sooty' after fighting a fire? Modern fireman need to get some tips... Thanks velewis!

When Renolds stretches his foot out to Micah's bedroll to get the key to the handcuffs, why doesn't he wait until everyone is asleep and then unlock the cuffs. He doesn't give himself much time to escape. I guess he counted on Mark to give him a pass. Thanks markisddg!

How come it's not dark at all? When Lucas and Micah go to the horses how could Mr. Reynolds possibly see that key that fell out of Micah's pocket. If it was a real campsite out in the woods it would be so dark you couldn't see the hand in front of your face. Thanks markisddg!

It was stupid of Reynolds to pour the kerosene on the floor. Why didn't Renolds go outside and pour it? I know, then no fire scene. Thanks Gloria!

When the cougar growls in the tree, it is stock footage from Home Ranch. Thanks Ann Marie!

Kerosene has a really strong odor. Wouldn’t Renolds smell it as he put the canteen up to his mouth, but before taking a drink? He just smelled Mark’s canteen without opening it—and knew there was kerosene in Mark’s too. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Mark went outside to fill the canteens, why didn’t he just get on a horse and escape. He could have even taken the other horse with him but I guess that would have prevented the ‘ghost town’ scene. Thanks wildwest!

Why didn’t Renolds just carry Mark out of the burning building still bound? There was no need to take any time to untie Mark’s wrists and ankles. Thanks Ann Marie!

The Tinhorn episode #134 ― When Lucas comes home, Mark opens the bedroom door and pauses, with his hand on the doorknob. Then he walks into the main room. Notice how the door swings out into the main room? Every other time before, I believe it swung the other way, into the bedroom. Also, in Mark’s Rifle, the door is open, and it’s also swung out to the main room. When Lucas and Mark are discussing Marty’s credibility over dinner.

You can see a hole in Jessie pants. Cowgirl!

Here we see Lucas hanging up his hat after he arrives at the hotel to play cards. When Lucas approaches the card table his hat is in a different position. Than we see Rose telling Joe to leave the game, again notice Lucas' hat. And then again we see Lucas setting down at the table, again his hat is angled differently. Cowgirl!

None So Blind episode #135 — Mack was surprised to see how tall Lucas was. He usually didn't run into anybody as tall as he was. They stood back to back and Lucas had Mark measure them with the shovel. There was only a hair difference in our height. How much does a hair measure?
Here we see Mark getting ready to measure the two men. They are back to back, but not butt to butt! Lucas is slouched down. I checked IMDB to see what the height was of Mack (Jeff York), he measures 6' 4". We all know that Lucas is taller then him and not but just a hair. Depending where you read your information on Chuck he is 6' 5½" - maybe 6' 6". Cowgirl!

About 3.5 minutes into the episode - Lafe, who is wearing a cap, tells Mark he is blind. Mark reacts with shock - scene break immediately follows (apparently it was originally intended to have a commercial there, but the Western Channel did not insert a commercial). Immediately after the scene break, Mark is still reacting to the news that Lafe is blind - so it must be a matter of seconds later, but Lafe is no longer wearing his cap. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Mark tells the blind man (as he has described the man walking by and getting ready to assault him) "Give him something to remember you by"
As the blind man moves forward you can see Mark standing up in the corner and looking down to the floor. It looks like he had plenty of time to warn Lucas from getting assaulted. Thanks IR!

Battle Hymn of the Republic plus two more wavs to this episode None So Blind. Songs of The Rifleman.
*Please be patient while this song loads, it may take a few seconds to load but is well worth the wait!

The Jealous Man episode #136 — It seems to me that after Lucas shot Owen he (Owen) kept holding his shoulder as if he was wounded but his jacket didn't seem to have a hole in it from the bullet nor did it seem like there was any blood. Thanks Lisa!

The picture on the left shows the inside of the house. You can see the door and what you would see should you open it. The picture on the right you can see a blank wall or as Markisddg says "Behind the door it looks like a wall like she was just leaving a small enclosure."

When Faye and her husband have a fight and he leaves the house she follows him and they show her open the door and switch to an outside shot of the front of the house. You can tell that the house is just a backdrop (or set) cuz behind the door it looks like a wall like she
was just leaving a small enclosure. It should show the inside of the house. Hard to describe but think you get my drift. Thanks Markisddg!

Lucas tells Mark that Margaret always knew her own mind. Sounded as if she was no shrinking violet, so I'm a bit surprised that Lucas seemed to have never considered whether she should have been allowed to vote. Also, in The Visitor, Micah asks Ann Dodd how long she'll be in town. Lucas tells Micah that she won't be around long enough to vote. Is this a blooper? Ann would have had to stay in town decades to be able to vote. Thanks Ava!

In the USA, women earned the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920. Wyoming was the first state in the union to allow women to vote.

Jake Owens rides out to the North Line to confront Lucas. Jake forces Lucas' hand and Lucas ends of shooting Lucas in the shoulder.

After Lucas calls Owen a fool, Lucas puts his rifle in the buckboard. The next time you see Lucas he has his rifle in his hand and again puts his rifle in the buckboard. Thanks Pete!

Mrs. Pritchard is the school teacher in this episode. You never see her but Lucas does mention her. Wonder what happen to Miss Adams?

Mark is quite the little inventor isn't he? Which did Mark like to do, wash or dry? He comes up with some pretty good ideas. This one ― "Suppose you had a box.....I mean a box that didn't leak water and you put the dirty dishes in it." "The rest would be'd just tie the soapy water box on the back of a horse and jog him around the house a few times." And what about the one using a windmill to agitate a box with soap? Pretty good stuff.....huh? How about his idea to eat only sandwiches so that the bread can act as a plate? Can you think of anymore ways Mark tried to get out of the dishes?

In Guilty Conscience episode #137 — Lucas asked Micah what he knew about woman..... "Enough to have stayed single," said Micah.
I thought Micah was married before. In Blood Brother episode #35 - Micah said he was married to Elizabeth Cook, the prettiest girl in Montana Territory. Maybe he meant enough to stay single since Elizabeth passed away. Cowgirl!

Lucas wore a hat until he went to fetch Norman from Stud City. While fetching Norman and returning to North Fork, Lucas was wearing an old hat. After Lucas returns to North Fork he was wearing his new hat again. Thanks Pete!

When Lucas rode into Stud City looking for "Charming Billy," did anybody else notice that the actual riding in part was the scene also used when he rode into La Mesa in The Wyoming Story? (episode #97) Thanks Barb Z.!

We see this night scene/sign of Joe Calhoun, M.D. in The Guilty Conscience episode #137. The Blowout episode #43 — Mark's Rifle episode #150 — New Merchants in North Fork? While Lucas waits in the Livery to see if Marty will try to grab his horse and leave town. We see a scene of nighttime outside the Livery. Two signs are visible. One says Joe Calhoun, M.D. The other says Culver's Livery Stable- Stanley Culver, Prop. Cowgirl!

Lucas' shooting skills — Lucas shows Wilbur Dickey, Dick Hickey, Major Rantoul, and 'Charming Billy' Carraway his shooting skills. Funny.....I don't see any bullet holes in the wall when he is finished. Cowgirl!

Stud City — This is the scene where Lucas goes into the saloon at Stud City. The picture on the left you can see the top of a handle to a knife in Norman's back collar of his shirt. Then they pan to the next scene and no knife. Then after the shooting display, Lucas & Norman both stand up. Lucas tells Mortimer to get the little utensil from behind Norman's neck. Now we can see the again! So where was it? Cowgirl!

In Stranger at Night Micah lived in a house. In Closer than a Brother Micah took a room at He had taken an attic room out at Mrs. Rington's. In Guilty ConscienceThe Day a Town Slept Micah lived in an apartment. Cowgirl!

Anybody else think that was a little weird that Micah's office didn't have any glass in the windows. I think having the towns people looking through the glass would have been better then how they had it. Thanks Matthew!

Matthew noted that he thought it was weird that the windows didn’t have any glass in them. Well, actually the windows are there, they are just up—meaning there were hinges on the top of the frame that allowed them to swing upwards. You can see the very bottom edges and the left side of the window on the right. I have boxed them. I am betting this was common practice—that many sets had the windows swing upwards—so that camera crew could film angles of the actors inside a building that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Thanks Ann Marie!

Right after Leota "collapsed" and Lucas picked her up. Her body is stiff, except for the limp head. Then we see Lucas carrying her into the hotel. Her body is more limp, not stiff. Thanks Western Gal!

Wanted Poster - I was curious about something..... Normie was a wanted man. So why didn't Micah take him in? That would have solved Micah's problems. He was wanted for arson, vagrancy, wife desertion and vilifying a Federal Judge. Maybe not all of these charges would stick, but you'd think arson and vilifying a Federal Judge would be in contempt.
If you look at the poster they spelled villifying / vilifying wrong. Also he must not be worth capturing because there was no reward money offered, which Lucas could have claimed. Cowgirl!

Day of Reckoning episode #138 — North Fork only has one church but here we see two different churches. Cowgirl!

Lucas explains to Mark, how the new preacher was once an outlaw in the border area of OK "around 25 years ago" (late 1850's?), and how he had burned down the farm of Lucas' father, who "had put a lifetime of work" into the farm. Wouldn't Lucas, and presumably his father, have been living in the state of Indiana in that time period prior to the Civil War? Thanks Tom B.!

Lucas remarks that "25 years ago," Jamison was an outlaw on the Oklahoma border. The series is set circa 1884. Take away 25 years and you get 1859. Lucas should have still been living in Indiana. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Warren Oates played a brother in three episodes ― BloodlinesThe MarshalDay of Reckoning. Thanks markisddg!

At the beginning of the duel, one of the outlaws is on the roof (of the saloon?). You see a close up of his revolver - the cylinders are empty. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Is this a light switch or maybe a door bell? Cowgirl!

Day a Town Slept episode #139 — (pictures left to right) When Mark looks out of the window (from the vantage point of the second story window) you can see the deputy leaning against the building, with horses to the left of him. Thanks Renewed Fan!

Mark told Micah that he was the best marshal they ever had. Micah ask him how many marshal's has he know. "None except you," said Mark. Cowgirl!

In Stranger at Night Micah lived in a house. In Closer than a Brother Micah took a room at He had taken an attic room out at Mrs. Rington's. In Guilty ConscienceThe Day a Town Slept Micah lived in an apartment. Cowgirl!

Lucas walks out of the sheriff's office with his rifle, and swings it in the arc to cock it. Next scene, it's pointed at the sheriff uncocked. Thanks Bob B.!

Millie's Brother episode #140 — At the end of the show, after winning a lot of money at poker, "Mr. Chase" puts his gun on the table, borrows McCain's book on statistics for the Civil War, and leaves all the money he just won at poker and his gun on the table! When he gets on his horse after confessing to Milly that he lied about his time in the war, he has a gun (or at least it looked like a gun) in his holster. But he never goes back to the saloon so unless he had two guns, he never picked up the one on the table or his money! Thanks Rock Creek Trail Guide!

I think there is no gun in Harry Chase's gun holster. What say you? Cowgirl!

Hitching Post ― There is a hitching post outside the North Fork Saloon is The Deadly Wait and none in Millie's' Brother. I bet we'll see this a lot! Cowgirl!

In this episode when Milly and Harry return from the picnic Lucas and Mark are going to eat at the hotel and invite them to join them. They decline and Milly declines the invite to the church social. Later Mark says he'd rather go home to eat. What would they eat? Was the meat home in the fridge? I thought they had to plan their suppers. Anonymous!

Here you can see two different scenes from The Apprentice Sheriff - both are the 'General Merchandise' / 'General MDSE', but different. In Millie's Brother, you see the 'General Store' (file footage). Cowgirl!

At the beginning after Harry leaves the store, they cut to a close up of Lucas moving out of the frame. It looks kind of odd. It’s too bad they didn’t go to a wide shot of Lucas walking towards Milly right then. Thanks Ann Marie!

When Lucas comes out of Milly’s house, telling Mark it’s time to go—in the faraway shots, the door is open behind Lucas. In the close up shots of him, it is closed. Thanks Ann Marie!

Milly’s Brother: When Lucas and Micah are talking outside Milly’s store, check out when they show Lucas in profile view. Right in the middle of Micah saying, “The man who gets her is sure going to be lucky,” a boom mike shadow appears on Lucas’ hat. When the camera angle is showing Lucas in profile, you’ll continue to see it until he asks, “What’s the big secret, Micah?” Thanks Ann Marie!

Outlaw's Shoes episode #141 — When the Sheriff of Red Creek hands Lucas the Wanted Poster (left), there is a wrinkle in the right hand corner this poster. If you look at the poster on the right, no wrinkle. Here you can also see the "Wanted Poster" they used in the outtakes for this episode! Cowgirl!

When Lucas is lying on the ground after being shot, the blood is trickling down the exposed side of his head. Later, in the Doctor's office, the bandage is on the opposite side of his head, so the knot is about where his wound should be. Thanks UglyBug!

“W” Brand — The close up and farther away shots of the “W” brand don’t match. In the close up, it appears a little bit smaller and neater. The first upstroke and the second downstroke—the middle—of the “W” is where I am looking. In the top photo, it looks like it’s the same width as the other two parts. But in the bottom photo, it looks a little bit wider in the middle. It’s very subtle. Thanks Ann Marie!

Did you notice that when Mark is getting ready to leave Mr. Stevens' ranch, he, Stevens, calls Mark by his real name, Johnny? Thanks Jerry E.!

The Executioner episode #142 — I sure wish Johnny Crawford had learned how to properly pronounce "Arkansas". Thanks Renewed Fan!

The funny thing is that Mark says Arkansas right the first time. The second time he says ArKansas. Lucas gives him a questioning look so maybe it was on purpose... Thanks Michelle Palmer!

I wonder if Sanchez's horse has a W on it for the brand. It sure looked like the horse in Outlaw's Shoes. The one George Vale stole from the 16 year old Weiden boy. Thanks Lou!

Lucas fired off about 20 or 30 shots in the gunfight with Russell Gannaway, Sanchez, and Brooks, without re-loading. I know that happens allot in westerns. What do you see cowgirl? Thanks Chip Heald!

I did watch this episode and this is what I saw/heard..... 22 shots without reloading! Cowgirl!


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