Episode Cast
The Assassins - part 1 & 2 episode 44 & 45


Kamala Devi as Laurette Ashley

Peter Graves as Senator Keith Ashley

John Carradine as General Joshua McCord

William Bryant as President Ulysses S. Grant

Jim Davis as James Swaney

Carlos Rivas as Dr. Felix Cueverra

Margarita Cordova as Socorro Cueverra

Michael Ross as Jim Randall
? as Luke Carlyle

Chuck Hamilton as a Senator

Dick Cagney as Gate Guard at Party

Howard Wright as a Senator

Does anybody know who the Dentist is?

The Assassins - part 1
Albert Cavens as Carlos Cabarra
George DeNormand as a Senator
Rudy Germane as a Senator
Chuck Hamilton as a Senator
Murray Pollack as a Senator
Cosmo Sardo as a Senator
Chalky Williams as a Senator

The Assassins - part 2
Albert Cavens as a Carlos Cabarra
Leon Alton as a Party Guest
Fred Carson as a Gate Guard at Party
Tom McDonough as a Guard At Party
Monty O'Grady as a Party Guest
Norman Stevans as a Party Guest


The Assassins

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*Thanks to Michelle Palmer for writing this episode!

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