Now Join the Human Race episode #18

Red Hand had illegally left the reservation with his wife, Snow Child and son. Lt. Garrett's orders were to get Red Hand, even if it meant killing Red Hand. The lieutenant felt uneasy with the order Major Lynch had just given him. The major sensed something wrong and asked the lieutenant what it was. The lieutenant told the major that Red Hand had his wife and son with him and wondered what was to happen to them. "What happens to them? Listen lieutenant.....Their just as bad as the braves. Two of them once bushwhacked a cousin of mine and half killed him." "Who cares about the squaw?" Asked the major.

Jas had just entered the saloon where the lieutenant met the major to discuss Red Hand's location. Jas overheard what the major had said and interrupted him....."A lot of people care, major!" "For one thing a few thousand Apaches are gonna care." "Well I don't happen to be worried about hurting their feelings," stated the major. "You should be.....your not dealing with just any Indian who happened to wonder off the reservation," said Jas. "Red Hand is the chief's....." Before Jas could finish his sentence the major interrupted him....."I know who I'm dealing with," said the major sarcastically. The major asked Jas who he was and what he knew about it. "I know a little.....I know something about Apaches, I know that if you shoot Red Hand down....." Said Jas. Again the major interrupted Jas. "Shoot him down.....(the major laughed), I got a right to shoot him down." "He violated his treaty.....he left the reservation and he wounded a U.S. Calvary officer doing it!" "Now if he resist capture, it's my duty to shoot him down!" Argued the major. The major looked at Jas, now more puzzled then ever who he was, he asked him again who he was. Jas looked him straight in the eye and said....."Jason McCord." That was enough for the major....."Get out of here!" "I've heard of you too major.....I came here to ask your permission to go to Red Hand," said Jas. "I said.....get out!" "If you shoot Red Hand down you will be taking a shot at every Apache from here to the Pecos." "You may be starting another Sand Creek massacre.....only this time Major Lynch the Apache will be doing the killing!" "Because whether you know it or not there are far more Apaches in this territory then there are troopers!" Said Jas. "So what am I to do.....let him go?" Asked the major. "No major.....I used to be in the army.....seems to me this calls for a little more strategy and a little less frontal assault." Jas asked the major to let him talk to Red Hand. The major asked him if he was a friend of Red Hands. Jas told the major he used to be, but he doubted that Red Hand would call any of them friends anymore. The major asked Jas if he could get Red Hand to surrender without a fight. Jas told him that under certain conditions he might be able to. The major said he wasn't bargaining with any Indian. "I'll deal with Red can bring him in," said Jas. The major liked what he just heard and invited Jas to sit down, he was eager to hear more.

Jas went to the location that the lieutenant thought Red Hand to be. Jas traveled on foot for a little ways when he came upon Red Hand's horse. Red Hand was aware of Jas' presence and went into the cave to wake his wife and to tell her there was someone approaching their camp.

Jas went on and it wasn't long until he came upon their camp. Red Hand was waiting on him. When Jas got close enough Red Hand attacked him by jumping off a huge boulder and knocking him to the ground. They fought hard, and then Red Hand noticed this was Jason McCord. He asked Jas if he rode with the army. Jas told him no and that he came to find him because he had a message from them. He asked Jas if he could go home. Jas told him no. Red Hand asked Jas if he had come to take him back to the reservation at Masqualero. "Red'll never make it back home, you know that!" Said Jas. "Well then I'll die here!" Said Red Hand. Jas asked Red Hand if that's what he wanted for his son and wife too. "No McCord.....but here we will die quickly from the soldier's bullets." "Masqualero we die slowly from disease and hunger." "The white man took away the buffalo and the deer and gave us lizards." Jas told him this was his chance to change all that. Jas assured Red Hand that the government would listen to him because they are afraid of him. Red Hand couldn't understand why the government would be afraid of one Apache who only wants to go home. Jas told him to tell them what it is like at Masqualero and that he should tell them of the sickness. Red Hand said the government wouldn't listen to him. Again Jas assured Red Hand that they would listen to him and that Major Lynch had promised that if he surrendered he would treat you as a leader. He also said that he would have the governor of Santa Fe listen to his charges and his demands. Red Hand asked Jas if he trusted the major. Jas told him he gave him his word. Even though Red Hand did not trust the major, he had to do this; he couldn't turn down this chance to help his people. "Alright McCord.....We'll go with you!"

Jas got word to the major and he and his troops met Jas and Red Hand. "Red Hand.....I'm under orders of the commanding general of New Mexico. To arrest you for unlawfully ascending yourself from the Apache Indian Reservation of Masqualero," stated the major. Jas and Red Hand were confused. Jas rode up to the major and asked him what was going on. The major then drew his gun on Jas and told him to keep out of it. "You gave me your word!" Said Jas to the major. The major said he didn't bind
himself to any promise that was made to an Indian or a coward. The major then gave the order to arrest Red Hand. As the soldiers started for Red Hand, Red Hand fought to be taken. Jas also fought but was knocked out by one of the soldiers. The soldiers manage to get Red Hand onto Jas' horse. When Jas came to, he could see the army riding off with Red Hand, his wife, and son.

Jas made his way back to town. When he got to the hotel to get cleaned up when he ran into Judge Markham. He told Jas that he was just appointed federal judge in this district and that his court was in Lordsburg. Jas congratulated him. He asked Jas what had happened to him. He told him he had just lost another round to the army. "What was it this time.....Red Hand?" Asked the judge. "What makes you say that sir?" Asked Jas. "Well.....your both in Rio Blanca. I'm sure it's more then coincidence." He asked Jas if he wanted to talk about it. Jas took him up on his offer, he might be just the help he needed.

Jas told the judge the story. He told them that they had Red Hand in jail and his wife and child was staying with the minister and his wife. Jas told him that the major won't let him talk to Red Hand. The judge told Jas that hating Indians was almost a religion with the major. "I don't know much about the law, but the 14th amendment says no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law," said Jas. "Unfortunately the inoperative word in that amendment is person." "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty and so forth, but the courts of this country have ruled that an Indian is not a person," said the judge. "Then what is he?" Asked Jas. The judge explained that they didn't need to say what he is, just what he isn't. If the major would have a white man in jail, he could ask for a writ of habeas corpus, but not an Indian. The only way would be if Red Hand would be willing to argue that he really was a person. "You mean prove he's a human being?" Asked Jas. That was exactly what the judge meant. His argument would have to stand up for review, right up to the Supreme Court, if necessary. Jas asked what his first step would be. The judge told him to get a writ of habeas corpus. Jas asked what was next. The judge told him that would probably be harder. He needed to persuade the major to take Red Hand to Lordsburg and hold him until he could hear the motion. Jas asked if the major won't do this, could the motion be made at the reservation at Masqualero? The judge asked Jas if he thought that Red Hand would get back to the reservation alive.

Jas had to try. So he went to see the major. Jas told him he had another favor to ask. The major told Jas that the lieutenant persuaded him to let Jas have 10 minutes with Red Hand. The major told him that after he saw Red Hand, he was to get on his horse and ride. "And I want you to take Red Hand to Lordsburg and hold him for a few days," said Jas. Jas told him that Judge Markham would be sitting in court in another week. Jas told him he wanted time to be able to petition him for a writ of habeas corpus for Red Hand. The major laughed. Jas asked him if that was his answer. "Did you think I'd say yes?" Laughed the major. "No major, but I wanted you to refuse in front of a witness. And I want to say this in front of that witness.....'If I can't get that writ in Lordsburg.....I'll ask for it at Masqualero'." "So I'm telling you Major Lynch.....Red Hand better get back to Masqualero in good health!" "Are you threatening me?" Asked the major. "That's right.....major!" Said Jas. As Jas started to leave the major called him back. The major told Jas that he might change his mind and that he would like to be at Lordsburg when the judge slaps you down when you ask for that writ. Jas asked him if he was so sure he would. He was sure that the judge would have no other choice but to turn Jas down. The major laughed and told Jas that he would see him in Lordsburg. This made Jas more determined then ever to prove that Red Hand was a person, a man.

The major gave the order for Sgt. Mayhew to get Red Hand and they would head out on their journey to Lordsburg. Red Hand over powered the sergeant and escaped. Red Hand tried to get a rifle out of the locked gun rack, but with no avail. As he started for the door he heard someone approaching the jailhouse. It was another soldier coming to help the sergeant. Red Hand surprised the soldier. They fought for a while with Red Hand knocking out the soldier. Red Hand took his rifle and finished his escape. This was all the major needed, now he had his reason to shoot Red Hand.

Jas had to try and talk to Red Hand and get him to surrender. This would be hard, because of what happened before. But Jas had to try and get Red Hand to surrender peacefully. Jas thought if he took his wife and his son with him it might just work. The judge promised to give Red Hand protection in Lordsburg and hear his case. Now all they had to do was get to Red Hand before the major.

It wasn't long before the major found Red Hand. He knew that Red Hand would return to his home.....his land. The major told Red Hand to surrender. But when Red Hand refused, he warned him and again told him to surrender. The major and his men dismounted and started for Red Hand. The major slowly took his gun from the holster as the lieutenant and the sergeant looked on, displeased and wondering what the major had in mind.

Red Hand told the major that they made him a helpless crawling animal in the eyes of his people. He said he was taking back his land, it would give him strength and he was willing to die for it. He asked the major if he would do the same. The major just stood there looking at Red Hand. As Red Hand turned to walk away, the major cocked the hammer of his gun. As Red Hand turned around, the major shot Red Hand. Red Hand fell to his knees.

Jas and the judge then rode up, but was too late to help. Jas dismounted and went to help Red Hand. Snow Child knelt down next to him. She saw a tear rolling down Red Hands face. She touched it. Red hand then fell over, he was dead. "I had to shoot him!" "He resisted me!" "he was going to shoot me!" Said the major. Jas looked at the major and said....."You cold bloodedly killed a man," said Jas. "I killed an animal!" Everyone got silent. Jas looked at Snow Child. She was setting on the ground staring at the major, the man who killed her husband. Jas saw a tear roll down Snow Child's face. Jas caught it and turned to the major and asked....."Have you ever seen an animal cry?" "A tear is a fact major.....proof! Only the human animal has a soul that can make him cry." "Red Hand has proved he is a person." "Now his wife and child can make you stand up in a court of law and make you answer for this!" "McCord's right major!" "I'm ordering Red Hand's wife and child be taken to Lordsburg and I'll hear arguments for a writ." "This day has changed things for Indians everywhere!" Said Judge Markham. Jas walked up to the major and said....."That's right major.....You made the change.....It took your hate to prove that Indians are human beings." "Your hate and a strong man's tears."

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