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Buddy Roosevelt
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Buddy Roosevelt appeared in three episodes of The Rifleman Panic Two Ounces of Tin as one of the townsmen.

Quiet Night, Deadly Night as one of the townsmen ― Death Never Rides Alone as a barfly.

At the age of 16 Kenneth got a job with the C. B. Irwin Wild West Show. When the show traveled to Southern California in 1914, he learned that stunt work in the film industry paid much better, and was quite a bit safer, than busting broncs and the kind of roping, trick riding and other hard and dangerous tasks required of a Wild West show performer, and he soon got a job doing stunts. He often performed as a stunt double for William S. Hart.

Buddy Roosevelt was a film actor and stunt performer from Hollywood's early silent film years through the 1950s.
From 1950 through 1962 he would appear in or perform stunts in thirty six films and two television series episodes.
He would retire after 1962, with his last appearance being uncredited in the John Wayne and James Stewart film The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Buddy Roosevelt appeared in sixty-five Wyatt Earp episodes.

Buddy served in the US Navy during World War I, and was aboard the USS Norfolk when it sunk.  While on board the ship he he contracted the Spanish flu during the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed millions worldwide, but he managed to survive both the sinking and the flu and returned to Hollywood at war's end.

Birth Name Kenneth Stanhope Sanderson
Buddy was Born June 25, 1898 in Meeker, Colorado
He died October 6, 1973 in Meeker, Colorado
Buddy Roosevelt ― Find A Grave  

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this character his credit due!

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