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Cesare Danova

Cesare Danova
(pronounced Chez-a-ray Da-NO-va) played Count Alfredo Di Marcosini Montova in Duel of Honor, he was the foreigner who is singled out by Groder for his different dress and ways ― Baranca as Baranca, he is the one who came to North Fork to administer his own law, Baranca's law ― The Guest as Mario Rosati, the man who was hired to kill Lucas.

Baranca's Angels

When Danova first came to America, he was quoted as saying that he wished to lose his accent so that he would be able to play the role he most wanted, that of an American cowboy. In 1958, he got his wish. He made his American television debut in a first-season episode of The Rifleman (1958) called Duel of Honor.

The Guest ― If you had to write your 'interpretation' of what you believe (just for pretend) really happened when we see Mario Rosati 'appear' as though he was going to kill Lucas. In other words, without changing the episode in any way, could you interpret the ending differently?  The Guest The End

MGM spent thousands of dollars importing Cesare Danova from Europe and keeping him under contract for the starring role in Ben-Hur, then gave it to Charlton Heston―so that was Danova making his U. S. debut last week in support of Chuck Connors on a filmed Rifleman segment on TV. Pasadena Independent, Pasadena, California ― November 13, 1958.

Italian Actor Studies Baseball ― The Pittsburgh Press, March 4, 1963
Cesare Danova, the Italian-born actor making his third guest appearance on The Rifleman Monday March 11, 1963, considers his introduction to baseball among the most interesting experiences he's had since coming to this country.
Chuck Connors, the one time Dodger who stars on The Rifleman, took Cesare Danova to his first baseball game.
"I'm sure even fans who grew up with baseball would learn something new about the game if they were setting with Chuck in his field box at Chavez Ravine, It's truly an experience..."
Danova's friendship with Connors dates from 1958 when he made his TV debut on the ABC-TV series Duel of Honor. Cesare played an Italian nobleman touring the American West.
"I was in this country for a role in Ben -Hur, when the producers of Chuck's series offered me the part."

He also appeared with Chuck in Arrest & Trial.

He was a regular in two TV series. Garrison's Gorillas as Actor and Silvio Conti in the soap Ryan's Hope.

I remember him in the 1966 horror movie Chamber of Horrors as Anthony Draco.
Loved this movie! Pure charisma!!!!! This guy really had class!

 He was an expert archer.

Cesare Danova was born March 1, 1926 in Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Birth Name: Cesare Deitinger
He died March 19 1992, Los Angeles, California, of a heart attack

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