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Chubby Johnson

Chubby Johnson appeared in three episode of The RiflemanThe Horse Traders as Kansas Sawyer, he originally bought the stallion, but then took it back ― The Spoiler as Mr. Avery, he was the father of The Spoiler, Bud Evans ― Guilty Conscience he was the Old Man.

He also appeared as Chuck's comic sidekick in Big Foot Wallace and was in Support you Local Gunfighter with Chuck Connors.

Remember him in Bend in the River? I do, he played Cap'n Mello, of the Riverboat River Queen.

Johnson worked in a huge number of Westerns as a character actor among other things. This gruff western comedy sidekick was a jack-of-all-trades in real life ― at different times of his life he was a reporter, columnist, journalist, radio announcer and even a butcher.

Birth Name: Charles Rutledge Johnson
Chubby Johnson was born August 13, 1903 in Terre Haute, Indiana
He died October 31, 1974 Hollywood, California due to a leg infection

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