Chuck Connors Estate Auction
was handled by C. B. Charles "the auctioneer to the stars"
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The C. B. Gallery, of  Pompano Beach Florida, was authorized as the exclusive auctioneer of the final estate of Chuck Connors. 
The entire estate was auctioned off on February 12 & 13th of 1994.

This is C. B. Charles outside Chuck's Ranch, Medicine Hat Oaks, Bear Valley Springs, Tehachapi, California

The picture on the left is when C. B. Charles first removed the rifle from the wall of Chuck Connors.

The chair that C. B. is setting on was up for auction. 
It was a Antique Louis XV Style Chair/Antique Gilt Wing Back Chair.

C. B. Charles: It took three days to empty the seven buildings on Connors' California ranch.  He estimates there were 3,000 to 5,000 items, including furniture, pictures of the star from his many movies, and scripts from his career.

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