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Daniel Borzage
Actor | Music Department

Daniel Borzage appeared in three episodes of The Rifleman two of them as a townsmen ― The Woman ― The Deserter Woman from Hog Ridge as one of the Boyle Clan.

An American small-part player, a member of John Ford's stock company.  He became a beloved figure on film sets, not so much for his acting as for his personality and his musicianship.  An accomplished accordionist, he was a staple on Ford's sets, where he provided mood music before and sometimes during scenes.  He played the accordion at Ford's funeral.

Birth Date: Dec. 24, 1896
Death: Jun. 17, 1975

Daniel Borzage  ― Find A Grave

 Daniel Borzage is the brother of Bill Borzage.  They were both accordionist.

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this Cowboy his credit due!

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