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Don Kennedy

Don Kennedy appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Home Ranch as Clyde, he was the Cowboy who rode into camp with Jackford ― Legacy as Ed the stagecoach driver.

He also appeared with Chuck in Arrest & Trial (1963 - 1964).

Don is a film and television actor whose career began in the late 1940s with television westerns. He has over one hundred credits to his name and over thirty year of acting.

No wonder this guy looked familiar, he has appeared in Hud (1963) ―The Messenger of Death (1988) ― To Hell and Back (1955).  

Don Kennedy was born June 8, 1920 in Beaver, Pennsylvania.

Don is the son of Tom Kennedy.

Jack Grinnage played Kirby Mitchell in Legacy.

*Thanks Jack Grinnage & Lou K. for your help on this page!

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