The Dunlap Ranch

[quote]Regarding the Dunlap Ranch, I have been able to determine the category of property that the ranch is sitting on from a clue in one of the photos on the website, but have not been able to determine the ranch's location within that category of property. Have read through the messages regarding Dean and Richard, and also have seen the off-site web page entitled the McCain Ranch Preservation Project, and do not see any recent updates. Cowgirl, are you aware of the location, the current status of the preservation project?[/quote]

If you check out this thread there is an aerial of the ranch which still stands.....

I wrote to Dean sometime ago and I never heard back.

The only thing about the location I could figure out from their emails was this is somewhere around Old Agoura Ca. and that Dean lived across the street from this location.

Neither Dean nor Richard ever said exactly where the ranch sets just that

[quote]Cowgirl, have you ever been to the Malibu Creek SP McCain Ranch location, as pictured in the top photo on the "McCain Ranch- Gone But Not Forgotten" Page 1 of 3 webpage? [/quote]

Yes I have been there. Loved it! There is no structure standing anymore. That was torn down years and years ago. I would say about in the 60's but I honestly don't remember anymore.

Sam Peckinpah Dunlap ranch


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