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Enid Jaynes / Enid Janes

Perils of a Producer's wife..... 1960 Press Photo/Summary
Jules Levy & Enid Janes/Jaynes
in The Wyoming Story

Perils of a Producer's wife.....The so-called "advantages" of being a producer' s wife can have very definite disadvantages.  Just ask attractive Enid Janes, wife of Rifleman co-producer Jules Levy (left photo).  Enid had appeared in a number of TV's top series but never with Chuck Connors in The Rifleman.  Levy's co-producers Arthur Gardner & Arnold Laven agree that Enid's acting ability definitely put her in line for role in their series.  But the right role was the problem.  Finally, along came the script of "The Wyoming Story," two-parter to be aired February 7 and 14.  The feminine lead in it was a challenging role.  It was agreed that Enid would be perfect for the part.  She was overjoyed.  Then she read the script.  One scene called for her to be badly beaten by the villain (see right photo, a film clip from the show).  But Enid was game.--she was out to prove a point.  And she did.  Her portrayal of a dance hall girl who struggled to make something of herself is one of the finest performances offered by an address in the ABC-TV western series this season.  The Rifleman airs on Tuesday nights (8:00 - 8:30 pm in most cities).

Enid Janes leads Chuck Connors into a different danger in a scene from "Wyoming Story", a two-part ABC-TV Series concluding on Tuesday night's 'Rifleman'.

Enid Jaynes/Janes did appear in 6 episodes of The Rifleman. Three of them she did not have a speaking role - The pregnant woman in Waste 1 & 2 and Abby Striker in Quiet Fear.

Enid also appeared with Chuck in Geronimo (1962) as Huera. 
Jules V. Levy, also produced Geronimo.

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