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Ethan Laidlaw

Ethan Laidlaw appeared in The Rifleman quite a few times unaccredited ― The Indian as a townsfolk The Mind Reader as a townsman in the audience Legacy as the man at the funeral The Coward as a Diner Patron Heller as a townsfolk The Grasshopper as a passenger on the train Strange Town as a townsfolk at Droshek Town The Silent Knife as a townsfolk Short Rope for a Tall Man as one of Crown's Henchmen Honest Abe as a townsman   Two Ounces of Tin as a townsfolk ― The Day the Town Slept as a townsman.

Before working in motion pictures Ethan worked as a copper miner, mechanic, bus driver, steam fitter, and policeman. He has appeared in countless westerns and also was a stuntman in some of the older movies. He appeared in over 350 films between 1923 and 1962. He has four-hundred and eighty-three credits to his name.

Born: November 25, 1899 in Butte, Montana
Died: May 25, 1963 (age 63) in Los Angeles, California

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*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this character his credit due!

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