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Fritz Ford
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Fritz Ford - Fredrick 'Fritz' Apking - The Rifleman
Fritz Ford - Fredrick 'Fritz' Apking - The Rifleman

Fritz Ford appeared in many episodes of The Rifleman and still counting.....  


Here is a list of episodes that I've seen Fritz  in.....

8.  The Safe Guard as one of the townsmen, Mr. Jones
He was the man talking to Lucas in the bank.

He also was a stunt double for Chuck Connors

9.  The Sister as a Townsman sitting outside the stage depot
He also was a stunt double for Chuck Connors

11. The Apprentice Sheriff as a cowhand

15. The Pet as the stuntman

16. The Sheridan Story as Lieutenant McClaran

22. The Boarding House
as the cowboy reading the newspaper in the Barber Shop

23. The Second Witness as Deputy Carl

27. The Wrong Man - stuntman

31. The Angry Man as the cowboy stringing barb wire

33. The Money Gun - stuntman

35. Blood Brother as one of the townsmen

44. Obituary as a stunt double for Chuck Connors

48. Ordeal as the cowboy

74. Meeting at Midnight - stuntman

82. Baranca as Chuck's double, a cowboy in the crowd
and a cowboy in the restaurant

98. Closer than a Brother - rider

122. The High Country as the stuntman

127. Quiet Fear - Is this stuntman Fritz?

148. I Take this Woman as Chuck's double

151. The Most Amazing Man as a cowboy in town
and in the restaurant

 *and still counting


He was also a stunt double for Chuck Connors on The Rifleman along with many other TV Series/movies as Branded Arrest and Trial 99 and 44/100% Dead Soylent Green Tomahawk Trail Captain Nemo and the Underwater City  Target: Embassy The Legend of Sea Wolf.

 He started films in the early 1950's as a bit player, stand-in, and double for such tall actors as John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Charlton Heston, Sterling Hayden, and Vincent Price.  He was still going by the name Fritz Apking when he doubled for actor Phil Carey during the football scenes in The Long Gray Line.

Because his hair was darker than Chuck's, Fritz wore a hat wired tightly to his head so viewers wouldn't catch on.  He told Enquirer reporter John Erardi in a 2001 interview that when he doffed his hat, he had a red line where the metal pressed into his forehead.

In honor of John Ford, who got him the role in Mr. Roberts, Fritz decided that he would now be known as Fritz Ford.

He was sometimes credited as Fritz Apking.  He played football for the University of Washington.

Fritz Ford - The Rifleman
Fritz & Chuck met while filming Tomahawk Trail in 1957.  Chuck requested that Ford double for him on The Rifleman which led to a working relationship that lasted more than twenty-five years. 

Fritz Ford was born on November 12, 1927 in Reading, Ohio
He died August 25, 2006 in Amberley Village, Cincinnati, Ohio
Birth name: Fredrick 'Fritz' Apking

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for his help in giving Fritz Ford his credit due.

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