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George Bruggeman

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George Bruggeman appeared five episodes of The RiflemanThe Coward as one of Ben Smith's cowhand
Seven as one of the seven prisoners ― The '7' Prisoners.

The Promoter as a spectator at the shooting match ― Miss Bertie as a Barfly ― The Mescalero Curse as the Hangman.

He appeared with Chuck Connors in Branded The Mission - part 1 and the 1957 movie Designing Woman.

Bruggeman was born in Antwerp, Belgium. He immigrated with his family to the US in l918 at the conclusion of World War I. After starving for four years during the war, he pledged that he and his family would never be hungry again.

Beside being an actor George was also a stuntman/stunt double known for athletic and strong-man roles in Hollywood movies.

 He began a workout regimen that earned him the California AAU title Most Perfectly Developed Body of 1928, the forerunner of the Mr. California contest. Attempting to break into the movie industry, he climbed the wall of a major studio to win a plumb role in a major film. His natural athletic ability led him to prefer the stunt business. He doubled for many of the major stars over the next 36 years, among them Buster Crab, Johnny Weissmuller, Clark Gable, Gig Young and Richard Green. He made the transition into bit work when he no longer felt the confidence in himself to perform stunts. His last film appearance was in the 1967 release The Graduate, where he can be seen warding off the cross wielding and swinging Dustin Hoffman at the church wedding.  His career spanned almost forty years.

Georges Bruggeman in Antwerp, Belgium (age 62) in North Hollywood, California

George Bruggeman ― Find A Grave

*Thanks to Phillip Arnold for giving this Cowboy his credit due!

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