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George Macready

George Macready appeared twice in The Rifleman ― Eight Hours to Die as Judge Zephaniah Burton who was out for revenge ― Lariat as Colonel Craig who was the owner of the crooked gambling house.

George Macready--the name probably doesn't ring any bells for most but the voice would be unmistakable. He attended and graduated from Brown University and had a short stint as a New York newspaperman.

The scar on Macready's right cheek was the result of a car accident during his college days. George and some fraternity brothers were riding in a Model T Ford when they hit an icy patch on the road. They struck a telephone pole, and George went through the windshield. His friends could find only one doctor in the vicinity, who happened to be a veterinarian.

He was drawn to theater acting and appeared on Broadway in many plays before making his screen debut in Commandos Strike at Dawn (1942), followed by Follow the Boys (1944). Often cast in authority, military or villain roles.

Though specializing in playing truly evil villains, he was actually a cultured and expert art collector, as was his good friend Vincent Price, with whom Macready was partners in a Los Angeles art gallery.

Birth Name: George Peabody Macready Jr.
George Macready was born August 29, 1899 Providence, Rhode Island

He died July 2, 1973, Los Angeles, California of emphysema

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