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Gigi Perreau
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Gigi Perreau appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman Heller as Heller Chase, she almost killed her evil step-father ― Death Trap as Carrie (Vicki) Battle, she was the daughter of an ex-gunslinger turned doctor.

Starting out as a baby in the MGM film Madame Curie and one of the first to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Gigi has over 50 years of acting experience, 20 years as a director and most recently a teacher and coach. She has performed in more than 40 films and hundreds of TV shows.

As the "top child movie actress for 1951", the then ten-year-old was given the keys to the city of Pittsburgh by its mayor, David L. Lawrence, the youngest to be so honored.

She was a regular on Follow the sun (1961 - 1962) ― The Betty Hutton Show (1959 - 1960).

Johnny Crawford & Gigi appeared together in The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (Johnny played the Italian boy with groceries - unaccredited), this was before The Rifleman.

Gigi has continued on as a stage director and college prep drama teacher.

Here is an article from Look Magazine June 21, 1960. 
The Star Stands In — from Heller

Gigi Perreau on the set of The Rifleman
Was there talk of Heller being a spin-off?
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Gigi Perreau was born February 6, 1941 in Los Angeles, California
Birth Name: Ghislaine Elizabeth Marie Thérèse Perreau-Saussine
Her father was French and her mother American.

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