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A friend of mine, Lucasboy, who lives in Florida had taken his father to "The World Golf Hall of Game" for an early Father's Day gift.  While browsing thru the Arnold Palmer section, there it was! 
"The Rifle!!!!!"  "One of the 'real' Rifleman's Rifles!" 
Lucasboy sent me these picture of the exhibit to share with you.

This is the rifle Chuck Connors gave to Arnold Palmer is displayed in the World Golf Hall of Fame.
This Rifle was used on
The Rifleman

Here you will find a small article about the rife ~
Hall of Fame to reveal new Arnold Palmer exhibit April 2005

Palmer’s interests beyond golf are featured in “The Man You May Not Know” area of the exhibit. It includes his ‘Flight Around the World’ Lear Jet model airplane and commemorative plaque marking his record-setting journey, a Navy flight jacket and helmet worn during flights with the Blue Angels and guest books signed by the many friends and celebrities he took up in the nine airplanes he has owned thus far. The oil painting by Dwight D. Eisenhower that the former president gave him in person just before his surprise 37th birthday party is on display, as is his five honorary degrees and 26 keys he has received to various cities. Cowboy boots, a Remington bronze sculpture and a rifle given as a gift by Chuck Connors who used it in the TV series “The Rifleman” is on display to show his interest in Western films.

In Chuck's book "The Man Behind the Rifle" it states ~ Bob Costas asked Chuck whatever became of the rifles he used while filming his weekly series.  "I gave one of the two rifles we used on the show to Arnold Palmer," said Chuck, and it hangs over his fireplace in Latrobe.  And the other one, along with approximately eighty weapons that I gathered over the years, I sold to the former Secretary of the Treasury, Bill Simon.  There were two matching rifles that we used in the show, so those two guns are reposed in those two particular places."  In December of 1994 this was verified through Arnold Palmer's administration Assistant, Doc Griffin. 

Now available on Kindle..... Chuck Connors.....The Man Behind the Rifle by David Fury
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Rifleman Rifle's up for sale in past auctions.....

Chuck Connors Last Modified Winchester "Rifleman" Style Rifle (w/Connors Family Letter and Original Case)  Auction closed July 17, 2008 - The rifle sold for $8,346
This Winchester gun belonged to Chuck Connors and was inherited by his son, Steve. The family heirloom was owned by Steve until July 17, 2008.

Profiles in History..... Auction closed July 30, 2013 sold for $40,000.00.

There was a rumor out - now mind ya' I don't know if it's true or not, but Sammy Davis Jr., a big fan of "The Rifleman", agreed to appear in two episodes of "The Rifleman" for a rifle????? 
Check out "The Producer's Corner" by Arnold Laven, one of the producers of
"The Rifleman"

Thanks Lucasboy for this great find!  You did good!

Check out Lucasboy's flipspecial rifle page!

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