“The McCain Ranch – Gone But Not Forgotten” 
1958 vs. 2006
 “Time Can Stand Still”
These pictures were taken by Steve G.
Thanks Steve!
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The Rifleman - Gone But Not Forgotten - Malibu Creek State Park  

Both pictures on the right are from The Woman

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Gone But Not Forgotten — The Rifleman filming locations

The Rifleman
Malibu Creek State Park
Trail to The McCain Ranch/Map

Does the Dunlap Ranch/McCain Ranch still stand?
This message was left by a fan/member of "The McCain Ranch"/messageboard.....
  I live on the original McCain Ranch. Refer to episodes (1) & (2) filmed in Old Agoura Ca. My home is a "stones throw" from that cabin. And to freak you out even more (and me for that sake when I first discovered it) that cabin "the McCain Ranch house "is still there! Abandoned, but still there! Fully intact!

How far did you say it was to the
McCain Ranch/North Fork?

Chuck's real ranch.....
Medicine Hat Oaks
Now Glory Ranch — pictures
This was originally Chuck's ranch

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