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Jim Flood, Connors' press agent during The Rifleman days noted that, "This set is a Mecca for visiting athletes. Connors seems to know them all from his baseball days. It's getting so nobody pays any attention to it." Some of the famous ballplayers who visited the set in those days included future Hall of Famers Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Duke Snider, Stan Musial and Sid Gilman, an American football coach and innovator. Other celebrities to drop in on Connors were Gene Autry, director William Wyler, Maurice Chevalier, Dodgers president Walter O'Malley, and Charlton Heston and his son Fraser.

Today Fraser Heston is an American film writer, producer, and director.
These pictures are from Cowgirl's personal collection.

Fraser was born around the time of production of his father's breakthrough film The Ten Commandments (1956), he was used to portray the infant Moses while his father, star Charlton Heston, portrayed the adult Moses.

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