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Harry Carey Jr.
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Harry Carey Jr. appeared twice in The Rifleman ― The Deserter as Lt. Paul Rolfe ― The Journey Back as Lt. Vaughn.  
In both episodes he played a Lieutenant and in both episodes his orders were to bring back a deserter.

He later appeared with Chuck in Branded. He played Lt. John Pritchett in the episode The Vindicator.  He also appeared with Chuck in Once upon a Texas Train.
He has appeared in many a great TV shows and movies and quite a bit of movies with John Wayne.....Cahill U.S. Marshal ― Big Jake ― The Undefeated ― The Searchers ― The Undefeated ― Rio Grande ― She Wore A Yellow Ribbon ― Red River ― Sheppard's of the Hills.  He also played Tom Selleck's and Sam Elliott's father in The Shadow Riders, too many things to mentions. I tip my cowgirl hat to you!!!!!

*His father was Harry Carey Sr., the silent film star and later B-movie cowboy and A-list character actor and his mother was Olive Carey who also appeared in The Rifleman in Shivaree as Ma Wilson.
He was the son-in-law of ours truly, Paul Fix. He was married to Paul's daughter Marilyn.

Harry G. Carey Jr. was born May 16, 1921 in Saugus, California
He passed away on December 27, 2012 (age 91) in Santa Barbara, California
His father gave him the nickname Dobe shortly after his birth because the baby's red hair reminded him of the adobe soil at the ranch.

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