Hope Summers

aka Hattie Denton ~ owner of the General Store

Hope Summers started in films in 1950 and remained before the cameras until the 1978.  She has starred in everything imaginable.....Drama, Crime, Comedy, Thrillers, Action, Romance, Westerns, Mystery, Horror and Family. 
She has played every type of character imaginable able. Biology Teacher, Bank Employee, Nurse, Maid, Customer, Motel Attendant, to Aunt Bees neighbor and classmate, Clair Edwards, Bertha Edwards, Clara Johnson on  The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry R. F. D. - Clara.  The producers finally settled on Clara Edwards.
She also guest starred in The Untouchables. 
She provided the voice for Mrs. Butterworth the famous talking maple syrup bottle. I remember this, how about you?
I found it rather strange out of all the things Hope Summers did, she never starred with Chuck before or after "The Rifleman."

Los Angeles. Her father, Dr. John W. Summers, was a U.S. Representative from the state of Washington.

Hope Summers as Hattie Denton - The Rifleman

Hattie was a mother to both Lucas and Mark.  Whether it be with her chicken broth, telling them to eat more greens, delivering medicine or giving Mark candy.  Oh, I can't forget, part-time babysitter.
She was first introduced on The Rifleman in the episode Eight Hours to Die.

She appeared in The Rifleman as Hattie Denton in sixteen episodes.....Eight Hours to Die The Safe Guard The Sister New Orleans Menace Second Witness The Challenge The Woman The Raid Boomerang Panic Heller A Time for Singing The Vision The Prodigal The Fourflushers Seven.

Hope Summers was born June 7, 1896 in Mattoon, Illinois
Birth Name: Sarah Hope Summers
She died June 22, 1979 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California of heart failure

Hope Summers died at the Motion Picture and Television Actor's Hospital in Los Angles, California.

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