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Jack N. Young
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Jack was in two episodes of The Rifleman — Home Ranch and Eight Hours to Die

In Eight Hours to Die Jack was hired as a Utility Stuntman and he also doubled for Chuck Connors in some of his long distance riding, etc.

Jack Young - Eight Hours to Die - The Rifleman

Jack was the man who was hung.  That would make him Ephraim, the son of Judge Zephaniah Burton. 
The time frame for this scene is 0:35

Jack Young - Eight Hours to Die - The Rifleman

In this scene Jack is riding for the Judge when he stumbles.  Both the horse and the judge fell.
The time frame for this scene is around 20:24

I asked Jack about the stunt horse falling in Eight Hours to Die. How does he do that stunt without hurting himself or the horse?

Jack: The horse is trained to go down when your boot touches it’s nose. Also, hauling the reigns quickly to one side helps. These are not just ‘any’ animals. They are all trained for different stunts.

Jack Young - Eight Hours to Die - The Rifleman

Here you see Jack doubling for Chuck Connors in his long distance ride to get to Mark & the Judge.

Home Ranch — stunts by Jack Young - unaccredited
Who did Sam Montgomery really drag through the field?
Since it wasn't Lucas who got hit in the tummy, who was it?

 Thanks to Jack N. Young & Phillip Arnold for all this information on this page!

Bobby Somers also had a hand in some of the stunts in this episode.

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Robert Earl Wise (September 10, 1914 – September 14, 2005) was an American film director, producer and editor.
What a great book about Robert Wise's movies career and the legacy he left behind.
Also included in this book is Jack Young and many other great interviews.

Jack N. Young ― Stuntman

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