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Jack N. Young
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'Blackjack' Young - The Rifleman - Stintman
Thanks for the picture Blackjack!

Jack Young aka 'Blackjack' Young - The Rifleman
This is Jack from the 60s when he worked at Old Tucson

Jack N. Young - Stuntman - The Rifleman
Jack was born September 25, 1926 in Fincastle, Virginia

Thanks to Phillip Arnold & Lou for giving this cowboy his credit due!

Runaway Productions — After a career as a stuntman in Hollywood, he worked at Old Tucson Studios for 12 years performing many tasks including Public Relations, Marketing, Operations, Administrative Assistant to the President, and Executive Production Manager in charge of film and TV. Through this and Young Film Productions, Inc., Jack was instrumental in bringing the Industry to the Tucson area. Jack furthered his experience with extras casting, became a well known Location Manager, joined the Directors Guild of America working as an Assistant Director/Production Manager, and later became a Producer. Look for more details on Jack on IMDB

Home Ranch  — stunts by Jack Young - unaccredited
Who did Sam Montgomery really drag through the field?
Since it wasn't Lucas who got hit in the tummy, who was it?

Eight Hours to Die — stunts by Jack Young - unaccredited
Who was Ephraim, the son of Judge Zephaniah Burton, the man who was hung in the beginning of Eight Hours to Die?
Who is riding for the Judge when he stumbles?  Both the horse and the judge fell.
Who doubled for Chuck Connors in his long distance ride to get to Mark & the judge?

After the war he decided he wanted to work in movies so he moved to Los Angeles, CA. He became a stuntman and his career lasted 15 years. However, after bring hurt badly on The Alamo (1960), he was searching for a way to get out of the stunt business.

In 1962-3 he landed a job at Old Tucson Studio's in Tucson, AZ. After a 3 year stint on the street running the street shows he started up the ladder performing Public Relations, Marketing, etc. After 12 years he decided to venture out on his own and this time work behind the camera in many capacities such as, Extra Handling, Location Management, Production Management, Assistant Director, etc.

Jack will be 92 in September of 2018.

Jack & I have corresponded thanks to Phillip Arnold.  Here is what Jack had to say.....

Hello Margie:
My email friend, Phillip Arnold, told me about your site and sent it to me. I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed it. I want to thank you for that. I certainly didn't know there was someone out there doing such a thing. It makes an old stunt guy happy to know there are people out there that remember them.

I had a great career and since memories are all I have left, I love to talk about my times in the biz. Although I only worked in a couple episodes, I became fast friends with Chuck and remained so for many years. I was saddened when he passed in 1992.

We did have some softball games on the set sometimes when they were doing new set ups. Mostly, I hung with the stunt guys and we practiced gun handling, etc.

Many of my old friends are going fast, much like my buddy's from WWII. Sometimes it's hard to believe I'll be 85 in September.

Again, thanks for your site.
Jack N. Young

I might be an old fart….but I ain’t dead! Take a look at this little video we put together, all home grown, local folks, Everything is original, even the music by Ron LaCaria. Todd Cuson shot and edited the pieice and Rick Harker allowed us to shoot at his little western museum. I’ll be 88 in September….ain’t life grand!!!! I’m lovin’ it. Still playin’ cowboys…..Hahaha. Jack Young

Thanks Blackjack for sharing all this great information with us!

You're Going to Die; Someday

Be sure and checkout Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures by Joe Jordan.
Robert Earl Wise (September 10, 1914 – September 14, 2005) was an American film director, producer and editor.
What a great book about Robert Wise's movies career and the legacy he left behind.
Also included in this book is Jack Young and many other great interviews.

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