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James Drury

James Drury appeared twice in The Rifleman The Marshal as Lloyd Carpenter, he's the cowboy who shot & killed Marshal Thomlinson ― Death Trap as Spicer, the cowboy who wanted Stark dead.

 I'm sure most of you know him as The Virginian. Chuck appeared in The Virginian in the episode The Animal and they also appeared together in The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw.

Thanks Keith Swearingen for this tidbit..... I'm sure you know of James Drury. His biggest role was in the TV series The Virginian. I met him at a gun show in the Houston area in February of 2005. We had an interesting conversation about one of my guns, during which I asked him the following question. I asked "Mr. Drury, weren't you an episode of The Rifleman?" Mr. Drury didn't even have to stop to think about it. He just smiled and said "No, young man. I was in three episodes." He went on to tell me that he always played the "heavy" specifically recalling an episode where he sat on a rock and played a harmonica. He laughed when he continued, "Well, I wasn't really playing the harmonica, they just made it look like I was." 
James Drury was talking about The Marshal that aired in the first season. It was a real treat to get to visit with
someone who had actually been on the show, and just chat about it. Thanks Keith!

Birth: April 18, 1934 New York City, New York
Death: April, 2020 Houston Texas

Birth Name: James Child Drury

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