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James Westerfield

James Westerfield - The Rifleman
James Westerfield appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman The Woman as Pa Healy, he was the boss/Pa of this 'very different' clan The Fourflusher as Jake Preston, he was the man who wanted Gabe Fenway to lose the horse race so he could get control of his ranch.

He starred in a made for TV movie - Set This Town on Fire with Chuck Connors and Paul Fix.

He also appeared in The Human Jungle with Chuck.

American motion picture and television character actor of the 1940s thru 1970s.  Appeared in many classic TV series, as well as scores of popular films such as The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) On the Waterfront 1954) The Absent Minded Professor (1961) True Grit (1969).

Westerfield had many roles on television, including seven episodes as John Murrel from 1963 to 1964 on ABC's The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters Perry Mason The Lone Ranger The Californians Richard Diamond Private Detective The Alaskans The Rebel Straightaway Going My Way The Asphalt Jungle Hazel The Andy Griffith Show Daniel BooneThe Beverly Hillbillies Gunsmoke.

His Disney roles included Officer Hanson in The Shaggy Dog The Absent-Minded Professor and its sequel Texas John Slaughter: Range War at Tombstone The Further Adventures of Gallegher: The Daily Press vs. City Hall The Boy Who Stole the Elephant.

James Westerfield was born March 22, 1913 in Nashville, Tennessee
He died September 20, 1971 Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California of a heart attack 

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